Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Did The Fiscal Groundhog See His Shadow? (Video)


Amusing Bunni said...

That was the cutest video, Teresa, it is scary too! I'd like to run away and hide in a hole somewhere too!
This is adorable, I'll tweet it. Hope you have a lovely evening.

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni,
Cute and scary at the same time. Didn't know that was possible,LOL! Hiding in a whole sounds good to me. Thanks for the tweet. Have a wonderful and relaxing night!

cube said...

When BO got elected I joked that if it weren't for my family, I would want to be put into cryogenic stasis until 2012. Hiding in the nearest hole is much cheaper ;-)

Teresa said...

Hiding in a hole sounds like a good option to get away from this horror of an administration. But, there also needs to be patriots like us keeping vigilant and fighting back against this nonsensical administration.