Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rapper Jason Hamza Perez's Journey - Former Drug Dealer Converted to Islam

Jason Hamza Perez, a former drug dealer who converted to Islam, says Muslims in the US have suffered more harassment since Obama took office than during the Bush era.


Ron Russell said...

Jason has it right in one way change must come from the individual from the bottom up and certainly not from the top. I doubt I would agree with him on many things, but on this I can.

Christopher said...

Teresa, A couple of points here; This is from 'Russia Today' and the sight is chaulk full of communist propaganda.

Then there is a drug-dealer turned to Islam,,not really a step-up.

Teresa said...

I agree. I am sure I disagree with him on many points too.

Teresa said...

I know there are peaceful Muslims, because I have met some. So, if he practices the Muslim faith peacefully without perverting it as terrorists do, I believe that him leaving drugs for Islam could be a step up.

Christopher said...

Teresa, You may want to study-up on the Quaran and the history of Islam a little.

It really does not take much to see that it is based on a lie so therefor a cult and it actually preaches violence against those who are not part of their cult.

Do not ever forget that Satan works by deception.

Teresa said...

I have started studying the Quaran recently, but need to do so more in depth.

My husband has read it though. My understanding of it is that it calls on a "jihad" which is an inner struggle that extends to the outer world.

The book has two parts: The first half is peaceful, and the second half calls on violence. But, I have also heard that it is on the whole a peaceful book that the Muslim extremists pervert for their own means or justifications to kill anyone who isn't Muslim or Muslim enough for them.

So, it may be in fact depend on how a particular Muslim interprets the Quaran.

Just some thoughts.

Christopher said...

Do yourself a a favor and get a copy of 'Satanic Verses' by Salmon Rushdie and you will see that Islam is based on lies and their so called god is falible.

Ask yourself what God can be falible? Not mine to be sure.

I believe that Satan has that trait.