Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Matt Kennon - Rising Country Star, Debut Song Promotes a Wholesome Pro-Life Message

A new country music star has been born.  His debut song has an awesome pro-life message, and an all around good, moral, and wholesome message.  Matt Kennon's debut hit single is called,  "the Call." As days go by, I am becoming more and more a fan of country music.  These country music stars espouse my same set of core values and beliefs.  A big H/T goes to A Catholic View for finding this video.


Maggie M. Thornton said...

Wow! Two calls that make all the difference to life.

A friend of mine had a friend walk behind a liquor store a week ago, and pull the trigger.

Two days later they were to meet for dinner and she didn't show. Very traumatic.

I like Matt Kennon. I'll be watching for his star to rise.

Anonymous said...

The Call is a very powerful song! Matt Kennon is an amazing artist! Please support him & spread the word! EVERY SINGLE song he does, most people can relate to!

Anonymous said...

His lyrics are from the heart.
He almost was an aborted child.
His music is VERY real and down to earth. I really don't go for country music but I like this guy.
Lyrics from other songs on the CD are equally as down to earth. This is a CD worth buying. His debut CD was released May 11th.