Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scott Brown Joins Dems and Crosses the Aisle- Conservatives Surprised? Really???

Conservatives took a gamble- we gambled on Scott Brown- out of desperation for any way to stop Obamacare, and because of his stance of being against Obamacare. But, deep down in our hearts, in our guts, we all knew that Scott Brown was a RINO. Yesterday, Scott Brown proved us right by voting "Yes" to send the Jobs Bill to the floor for a vote. We really shouldn't be surprised, but, yet we are.  How could he turn on conservatives so fast? HELLO!!!! Conservatives, wake up!! Scott Brown was NEVER, and I repeat was never a conservative. He is a RINO and from Massachusetts, so we shouldn't be surprised that he is a compromiser, a politician who crosses the aisle, and is a progressive by today's standards. All we can do now is hope that Scott Brown will keep his word on Obamacare and foreign policy issues.


Liberty said...

And so we discover that the "best hope" for Republicrats, the almighty Scott Brown, the true Republican, has switched sides. Although he was only on one side- the Partisan Establishment- from the beginning. I'm not shocked, not surprised, and I predicted it.

I'm going to make another prediction: he is probably not going to vote with Republicans on healthcare or foreign policy. He is not a Republican, he never was a Republican, and he never will be a Republican, despite the overwhelming response of "Thank God" from so many Republicans.

Teresa said...

I would say he may or may not vote with Republicans depending on how the debate or nondebate continues. It will also depend on what is actually in the bill, and that will decide whether he votes for the bill or not.


Who knows... We'll see...

The Conservative Lady said...

The disappointing thing is that he campaigned on fiscal responsibility and then voted for a big spending bill. A bit hypocritical.
I, too, hope he keeps to his campaign promise of voting against ObamaCare.

Liberty said...

I'd say that his vote will come down to whether he wants to adhere to his Demoblican/Republicrat 'values', or vote in the way that will get him reelected. So, it could go against the reform.

Teresa said...

I agree.

Teresa said...

The Conservative Lady,
Yes, It does seem as though he's a hypocrite.

bluepitbull said...

Doesn't shock me in the least. If you think about it, this was a safe (r) candidate for MA voters.

jadedfellow said...

Political minded folks never change, they just take it off.


The guy got into college and took it all off for Cosmo.

The guy got into Congres and took it all off for _____?

Stay tuned, I betcha Cosmo now comes out with a new mag dedicated to the over 40 fellas who have no sence of decency.

[Sorry, I'm back ;-)]

Fuzzy Slippers said...


And don't hold your breath for him to stop ObamaCare, either. He never said he opposed it, only that it didn't make sense for Massachusetts, where we have RomneyCare (ObamaCare lite).

I didn't really expect him to stand firm on HCR, but I did expect him to be a fiscal conservative. More fool me.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

There is no such thing as a Conservative from MA ... silly folk.

Malcolm said...

When I found out last night that Scott Brown crossed the aisle (how dare he?!), I knew he was going to get beat up in the conservative blogosphere. When conservatives were in the midst of their Scott Brown lovefest, I had a suspicion that he might be playing you guys like a fiddle. That remains to be seen though. After all, this is only one vote.

Lone Wolf said...

Not surprised in the least.

BOTH parties (republiCON and democRAT) are in the pockets of elites and do not represent the interests of the people.

For example, how can you explain why Bush was proposing amnesty for illegals and grew the size and spending of government exponentially?

And how can you explain why Obama is going back on his campaign "promises" to "end the Iraq War" and "stop torture", etc? Why is he acting like a neo-conservative and now gung-ho pro-war?

Why? Because both parties are just puppets of higher powers (promoting the "New World Order" globalist agenda) that controls both parties. And these higher powers want the Iraq War, want illegal immigration, want big government, etc.

Lynne said...

Definition of a Conservative = an annoying little shit who thinks he's bigger and better than everybody, when in all actuality he's the worst.

Teresa said...

Gee.. You just displayed how most liberals/Democrats are the epitome of arrogance and nonsensical notions.

keep up the hatred and proving conservatives points about liberals.

Greg Bacon said...

I don't recall the words 'conservative' or 'liberal' being in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence.

But "We the People" is and unless we shun those labels and come together as one, the liars, thieves, crooks, con artists and mass murderers that have taken over the government will continue on their sadistic ways.

Teresa said...

The ones attacking our government both from within and from the sidelines are the progressives, the corrupt in both parties, but especially the leftist radicals. Obama and his minions are trying to shred the Constitution. This is not a jobs bill. It is a goodies for Democrats bill and a waste of money just like the last Stimulus or Jobs Bill.

Teresa said...

I agree. His only saving grace is he ran on being against Obamacare.

Teresa said...

His bod couldn't have changed that much. I say, go for it, go on the cover of mid-life men LOL!

Seriously, I know what your saying.

Teresa said...

Fuzzy Slippers,
Well, we see Brown is a compromiser. Obviously, he's just like the rest of them, lying and suckering people to vote for him, just to get elected.

Teresa said...

It would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Teresa said...

It does remain to be seen. But, if this bill wasn't a waste of money just like the last stimulus/jobs bill was, I would support it. There needs to be a lifeline sent to small businesses and that hasn't happened in this administration. They may have saved a very minimal amount of government jobs, but that doesn't create sustainable private job growth.

Teresa said...

Lone Wolf,
"For example, how can you explain why Bush was proposing amnesty for illegals and grew the size."

I didn't agree with this either.

But, to say that the two parties are the same takes an act of willful ignorance and is wrong. We need to kick the progressives out of both parties.