Friday, February 26, 2010

James Traficant on Israel -- He Said, "They're Controlling Our Foreign Policy"

Is James Traficant an Anti-Semite?  Is Israel controlling U.S. Foreign Policy?  This was an heated exchange between Hannity and Traficant.  Well, Israel is an ally as opposed to Hamas and Hezbollah being terrorist organizations working against us.  So, yeah, duh!  We support Israel. Well, sortof since Obama has been in office.


Liberty said...

Supporting Israel is fine. But do we really want them controlling our policies?

I fail to understand how saying Israel controls our foreign policy is "anti-semitic"...frankly, I find that most often, when foreign policy is being discussed, especially about Middle Eastern matters, the question always comes up- "what will this do for Israel? Will Israel like this?" Sorry, but that sounds an awful lot like they have way too much power over our policy decisions.

Yet I am not antisemitic. I just think our elected officials worry too much about what Israel will think/do/say, and don't pay enough attention to the rest of the world's thoughts on the matter.

LL said...

Israel is our only reliable ally in the Levant and in that part of the world. What is wrong with supporting that ally against the people who clearly wish to do us harm?

Liberty said...

LL- there is nothing 'wrong' with that, per se, but there is something wrong when we let that single country dictate what we do in their area of the world. We are not Israel's nanny, and they are not ours. We cannot dictate policy to them (though we often do), and they can't do the same to us (though they seem to, as well).

The world is a big place. And we may not like it, but Palestine and Lebanon are peoples, and we have to live with them in this world, too. If we aren't at least amicable with them, and able to talk to them without bombing them, how do you expect to ever have peace?

Teresa said...

I am heading to class and will be back to comment later.

Carl Wicklander said...

I wouldn't say that Israel controls American foreign policy, but I would agree that they exert undue influence.

Like Liberty said, just about anytime foreign policy comes up the effect on Israel is discussed. I can't imagine that would be the case unless they already had some influence. After all, Israel is a sovereign nation, not the 51st state, and is ultimately responsible for their own defense. Their recent wars against Hamas and Hezbollah should demonstrate that Israel is also not weak.

It's not anti-Semitic to question our partnership with Israel, certainly not any moreso than it is racist for conservatives to question what Obama is doing with the country.

Opus #6 said...

The majority of Americans support Israel.

Obama, not so much.

Teresa said...

I agree. Israel is our only reliable ally in the Middle East so we should consider Israel with relation to our foreign policy in the Middle East.

Teresa said...

I agree. Obama sitting on the fence, and you never know who he is going to support.

Teresa said...

@Liberty and @Carl
I put out the anti-semite question as pure provocation for thought. I threw it out more as a way to ponder what makes a person an anti-Semite?

I don't necessarily think that just from those particular words that makes Traficant an Anti-Semite. And, I don't know much about him, but if that statement was coupled with other responses or actions that would clearly identify him as an Anti-Semite than he would be an Anti-Semite. But, I don't know if that is true or not.

IMO, I do think that Traficant overstated how much influence Israel has over the United States's foreign policy as a whole. Since Israel is our primary and most reliable ally in the Middle East the U.S. should consult Israel to some degree, and consider their position to some degree with regards to our foreign policy in the Middle East.

It would kind of be like if Israel was considering going to war or dealing with foreign policy related issues in Mexico or Canada. Do you think that Israel should consult the U.S. if there was ever a time that Israel had strained relations with either Canada or Mexico? or considering having some type of military engagment with those countries?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

James Traficant was an idiot before he went to prison and he is still is. He wears that wig to cover the hole in his head where his brain fell out.

To all those who feel that we care too much about Israel, how about we turn our backs on them and suck up to all the countries that want to wipe Israel off the face of earth. After Israel is gone, do you think those other countries will love us any more then they do now?

Don't forget, it was a European Jew who got other European Jews to don't money to help finance the American Revolution. Without their help, I doubt we would have won.

Ron Russell said...

You may not be old enough to remember Teresa, but there was a time when the american left was a very stong supporter of the Jewish state as was the right in this country. That began to change in the mid to late '60's and has gone downhill since that time. As the new progressives have gained power in the democratic party it has moved farther and farther away from Israel and closer to the muslims. The progressives absolutely hate the old colonialism and view Israel as a child of that old system and the Arabs are seen as victims of the same old system. James Traficant and the progressive are anti-Semite, but will never admit to that in so many words, but when one looks at their actions it becomes quite clear.

Liberty said...

I wouldn't say it's so terribly off-base. Especially when we have people like this in office.

"Do you think that Israel should consult the U.S. if there was ever a time that Israel had strained relations with either Canada or Mexico? or considering having some type of military engagment with those countries?"

Unless they want our help, why? Of course, this also brings up the topic of- should we be pursuing wars in those regions at all? And it's not just wars that we consult Israel about- it's pretty much anything to do with Middle Eastern policy. Should we give aid to the Palestinians? Well, what would Israel think? Should we pursue peace with the Lebanese/Syrians/Iranians/Pakistanis? Well, what would Israel think?

This kind of devotion to what one country would think/say/do is a bit disturbing. We are not Israel, and Israel is not us. It's fine to support Israel and all, but let's not pursue a policy of warmongering and fear just to "support" Israel.

America is a sovereign country. We are not Israel. There is a middle ground there- right smack in between Israel and the Middle Eastern countries. And we really need to find that middle ground and stay there. It would be better for our economy, our people, and our own peace of mind if we did.

There is only one world. Only one we can live on. And it's our job to live with the people on said world. And I don't think killing them really fits the tab there.

So I think we need to not "turn our back on" Israel, but we also need to not "turn our back" on the other countries over there. They have grievances too; Israel isn't exactly the nicest country when it comes to human rights violations. We need to get our minds around the fact that Israel can do bad things too, and then find our middle ground, and stay there. In other words- not take sides. Because really, the Middle east doesn't concern us all that much. (or it didn't, and it shouldn't...)

Liberty said...

Traficant could hardly be called a "progressive"...
Voted with the Republicans on abortion. Supports the death penalty. Is for the "War on Drugs". Is "pro God" (wants kids to pray in school; in God we trust...). Supports drilling in ANWR, is against alternative fuels. Pro gun. Nationalist. Is Catholic. Voted for letting us invade Kosovo.

Not exactly a progressive, there.