Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!

A Video Tour of the Reagan Library with Host Gary Sinise

A tribute to Ronald Reagan

The Humor of Ronald Reagan


Amusing Bunni said...

This is a beautiful commerative post, Teresa.
Ronald Reagan was our greatest President. I can't believe he is 99 today (well, would have been).
Thanks for your great tribute, I'm going to Tweet and FB around. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. God Bless, and God Rest the Soul Of Mr. Reagan.

Bungalow Bill said...

We need a Ronald Reagan more than ever!

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Eman said...

God I love this man. Every room in my home has a picture of him. God Bless Nancy and his family. Happy Birthday Gipper!!

Ron Russell said...

Thanks for the tribute---I was a fan of Reagan from the moment he came on the scene. My mother many years before that was a movie fan of his, hence my name Ronald. Yes, I'm named after the great man!!!

Joe said...

My favorite contemporary president! Happy birthday, Mr. President and please watch what is happening on some other planet, you won't like what's going on here.

Velcro said...

Thanks for a great post about memorable times. People criticized "Reaganomics", but never made the connection that the rise of "Yuppies", or young urban professionals was the prosperous result.

The Conservative Lady said...

Hi Teresa,
This is a beautiful tribute to President Reagan on his birthday.
We were lucky enough to visit the Reagan Library a few years ago. What a wonderful experience. The video you included brought back memories of our visit.
Have a nice weekend.


We have two Presidents that stand above them all; George Washington and Ronald Reagan.

I remember one Saturday going on a horse ride with my grandpa. President Reagan was on the radio, and my grandpa told how lucky we were to have such a great President. Being young I thought all Presidents were great, he was the only one I knew.

Over twenty years later, I long for those days. I cry inside when I realize how far we have fallen. I just hope that the seeds he sowed in our hearts will take root, and bring this country back.

VoteNovember2008 said...

I did a Happy Birthday blog for the greatest President also! Great post! Thank you, VN8

mark lawrence said...

He was an inspiration! My husband shares the same birth date, but I guess he is completely opposite. We celebrated his birthday in one of the rental spaces for parties because our house was under renovation that time. It was a fun party though!