Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah Palin Unleashed -- National Tea Party Convention Speech

Sarah Palin was the keynote speaker at The National Tea Party Convention. This is a fabulous speech. She slams Obama and the Obama administration for their nonsensical policies.  This is the Palin NO SPIN ZONE.  She espouses American values and promotes America's greatness and the American way of life in her speech.  Enjoy!


The Right Guy said...

Gave H/T on video. I linked the NYT article.

Opus #6 said...

She was SO GOOD! Even better than her RNC speech, which was amazing!

Christopher said...

Teresa, I watched the speech live and od course agree with what she said.

However I believe she totally missed an oppertunity to show real leadership at an important event. Everyone there already knows of what this administration is doing so that was a waste of time.

People there were seeking ideas on exactly how to see their agenda,that of Americas to come to fruition not a rehash of the past year nor a repeat of the RNC speech.

I like Sarah very much but time for cheerleading is over, action is what is needed now.

Lovin Ma Soldier said...

Thanks for this! I missed it last night and was going to search for it today! Can't wait to watch it!

Soloman said...

Cliff at ABC said it best.. it was more like a conversation than a speech.

She nailed it on every point, and all the lefties can do is cry because she had a few words written in the palm of her hand.

Harvard "law professor" confused by a stopped teleprompter, anyone? ROTFLMAO!!!!