Saturday, February 13, 2010

Was Obama a Marxist in College? John C. Drew Reveals Obama's Beliefs During College

A H/T goes to BBCW for this video.  Dr. John C. Drew used to be an avowed Communist who knew Obama in college and is shedding some light into Obama's secretive past.  While Obama was in college, Drew had an encounter with Obama where they discussed Marxism. 

H/T goes to Breitbarttv


Ron Russell said...

I just finished reading this article also and it is quite revealing and confirms what I've been thinking for sometime. I would love to see Obama's records from his early college days---think what his electives must have been, "Life and Time of Karl Marx", and the "Childhood of Fidel Castro". Think we will ever see those records?

Teresa said...

Probably not, unless some person sues Obama for records for some reason. There has to be something he's hiding from his past. Although, maybe next election there will be an outcry for him to release some of his records?

Chris W said...

This is why the Chosen One is gutless and a liar. To disown one's true beliefs for personal gain is being dishonest to himself and makes him the worst type of person.

This is just another reason why I have no respect for him.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa, I'm glad you posted this.
Where was this guy BEFORE the elections.
but the MSM is so in love with him, they would have
covered it up anyway.

Lord, I can't stand that lying marxist bum.
He makes me sick! I have cute kitties up, if
you want to get the jerk out of your mind.
Happy Valentines Day Kitteh's ;-)

cube said...

I, too, wish this professor had spoken up before the election, but we all know there was a concerted effort to keep many facts about BO secret. The MSM will pay for that one day.

BTW those photos of BO made me throw up a little in the back of my throat when I saw them. Yikes! A warning should've been posted.

Teresa said...

Chris W,
Yes, he is a gutless liar.

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni and Cube,
Actually Drew tried to get his story out during the election but even Fox News ignored this story. *UGH* Well, hopefully getting this info out now will help boot BO out come next election.

cube said...

BO should never have been election-worthy. NEVER!