Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Political Correctness: The Chains On Our Brains

Political correctness has thrust the "need" to micromanage others thoughts and introduced us to the thought police in our society. Political correctness has become like an infectious disease that has spread throughout society and has now invaded and infiltrated our military. Political correctness has made it nearly impossible to distinguish between fake abuse and real abuse. Political correctness blurs the lines between right and wrong and spreads lies about what is actually right and what is actually wrong. Liberals have advocated for this political correctness in an effort to keep the chains on your brains. Now the military's upper echelon all in the name of political correctness has decided to aid our enemy in the persecution of our Navy Seals. The military is aiding our enemy in proving what is most likely, false accusations by Muslim Jihadists who murdered four Blackwater workers and then hung them over a bridge. The military is helping our enemy who committed this heinous crime. Even if the Navy Seals did give our enemy a fat lip, so what? This Navy Seals are not policemen. They are fighting a war. War is hell. These sissyfied liberals and peacenicks need to accept what it takes to win a war or military action. The United States is in this to win and we are not supposed to make it fair for the terrorists. We are not supposed to accommodating the Muslim Jihadists - our enemies every whim. This is about our soldiers being given the necessary tools to have the capacity to fight and win the wars. Political correctness is barring our military from having the necessary tools to win the war against Muslim Jihadists. Political correctness has led to a sissified version of fighting wars or military actions. Places like facebook have sided with political correctness, allowing Muslim Jihadists to have facebook groups while banning groups that are against Muslim extremists. This is ludicrous!! The thought police on Facebook must be stopped. I will not let political correctness or liberalism keep chains on my brain.

A big H/T goes to both TOTUS and Patriots Corner for this letter & article on the Facebook issue:

Recently Facebook removed the accounts of the following counter jihadists in a move that reflects the mindset of dhimmitude and allowing one side to continue(Islam and Islamofacists) while censoring the counter jihadists. Here are the groups, individuals who had their accounts cancelled: Anders Gravers, Stephen Gash, and Harald Andersen of SIOE and SIAD (Denmark), Organizers of Stop Islamization of Bulgaria (Pavel Chernov), and Stop Islamization of America (Kendra) also had their personal Facebook accounts removed. I will post any and every article that these individuals publish, on Facebook. This is nothing more than caving in to political correctness, possibile 'subtle' pressure from the trolls within the Obama administration, fear of allowing anything being critical of Islam, Muslims or shariah law. Please feel free to repost this or go to SIOA site and support them. I have posted the entire article here by D.L. Adams. We are at war with Islam, their march to force their brand of perverse ideology and shariah law upon the upon the free world.

As I post alot of links to articles, editorials about Islam and islamofacism on Facebook, it would not surprise me to have my account get the boot, and that of many others as well. This is a long post but I hope you will read all of it and support SIOA and those of us standing up to Islam, shariah law and jihadist.

A Facebook Controversary

D.L. Adams


In the internet world of social networking Facebook is the premier platform. Its reach is global and its user community numbers in the hundreds of millions. According to statistics about Facebook posted on Facebook’s own site there are 350 million users, 50% of whom log in on “any given day”. This means that at any given time there are likely at least 150 million people logged in on the site. Facebook has deeply affected the way that individuals and groups communicate and interact with one another.

Facebook’s rules are extensive and clearly listed on their “Statement of Rights” page. However there are terms used that are open to interpretation. Most specifically the nature of content posted on personal and group pages is open to scrutiny and judgment by Facebook staff; action taken by Facebook against its users sometimes appears arbitrary and harsh. Accounts are disabled or removed generally with no warning or explanation. Returning to the site and recovering one’s content can be difficult or impossible. For people with large “friends lists” or who use Facebook for professional purposes loss of their Facebook account can have unpleasant consequences. For many users especially those who access their accounts throughout the day via mobile device (blackberry, etc.) Facebook is an almost ubiquitous communications tool.

Many Facebook users express political views and opinions – often challenging and unpopular views. There are millions of pages dedicated to discussion of issues across the political and cultural spectrum. SIOA, SIOE and other like-minded groups as well as those holding opposing views use Facebook extensively to get their messages out. With a potential audience in the hundreds of millions the significance of Facebook to those who wish to spread knowledge and engage in direct discussion with interested people, often in real-time, the loss of a Facebook presence can be significant.

Several days ago, without warning or explanation, and in an apparently simultaneous action Facebook removed the personal accounts of Anders Gravers, Stephen Gash, and Harald Andersen of SIOE and SIAD (Denmark). Organizers of Stop Islamization of Bulgaria (Pavel Chernov), and Stop Islamization of America (Kendra) also had their personal Facebook accounts removed. As no explanation for these actions has been provided, one can only speculate as to the cause and purpose of these account removals.

While it is understood that Facebook is privately held and is not required to provide access the removal of SIOA/SIOE organizers’ personal accounts appears to demonstrate a particular opinion on the part of Facebook management, a certain bias against the message if the not the individuals themselves. Notably, the organizer of the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) has long been banned from Facebook.

Facebook’s user guidelines regarding content can be interpreted in any number of ways. Simultaneous account removal of multiple users having a common viewpoint appears to demonstrate a negative bias relating to the philosophical and political positions espoused by the individuals mentioned above. Because almost every user of Facebook could be said to be in violation of one or more guidelines at any given time the removal of accounts of users with the same political positions must therefore be specific and targeted rather than arbitrary.

There are many controversial individuals and groups on Facebook including Islamists, supporters of terrorism, Nazis, and even terrorists themselves, etc. People having these views and worse remain on Facebook but those having anti-jihad perspectives apparently are now targets for account removal. How can this be explained?  FULL STORY HERE


R. Sherman said...

Greetings from Missouri.

Sorry for the off-topic comment. No need to publish it.

I popped over from Bill Gnade's and your comment on the Tebow ad.

Your remarks about the deafening silence surrounding the tackling of Betty White were spot-on. The absence of criticism of the Snickers ad, indicates how philosophically bereft the those complaining of "subliminal sanction of gender violence" are. One example is the harmless plug for chocolate, peanuts and nougat. The other is an insidious reasserting of the "Patriarchal Repression," which must be fought at all costs.

Truly delicious absurdity.

BTW, nice post on PC thought. It's truly destroying us. As a dad getting ready to send my daughter off to her first year in college, I've been spending a lot of time discussing such things, of late.


Snarky Basterd said...

And yet there are many, many Muslim groups on Facebook where people are free to spew invective and hatred toward us "infidels." Muslims use Facebook to recruit terrorists and to plot terrorism. And they don't get pulled down.

Free speech on Facebook has always been one-sided. I refuse to "hang out" there. It has no value to me as a community. I just post my links or blog posts there and leave. It's not that I don't like the people there; on the contrary I've found many people I would like to know in real life.

It's the place, and how they treat people. So, since it's free, I just use it, like they use me.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

My definition of "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" is the stifling of the TRUTH so as NOT to offend the sinners of the world by calling them what they really are.

The_Kid said...

PC is the main cancer upon free society.

It causes people to yank their pants down and bend over for the vermin of the Earth. Truly mind-boggling.


The military is the perfect place for PC. Every day I have do at least five things that make no sense. I stopped trying to figure things out a long time ago.

But PC is having a very negative effect on our society.