Thursday, February 25, 2010

Half Time Reflections on the Health Care Summit

I have been watching the bipartisan health care summit on and off, and I have made a few observations. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated, "Health Care reform is an entitlement reform." Well, that has become self-evident in this health care "debate", that Democrats think that health care is an entitlement. Well, who has paid for the Democrats' other entitlement programs over the years? Hard-working tax payers. The tax payers in America have had enough, and are not willing to dole out their hard-earned money for another entitlement program which will only massively increase in size in future years. There actually hasn't been much transparency during the Obama presidency, as Obama promised during the campaign. In fact, I feel like he and Democrats threw their cars into reverse and hit the accelator, had more corrupt backdoor deals than has ever been done in American history, ignored the American people, and has been bull headed in trying to shove this bill down our throats. Sen. Harry Reid tried to pin his facts versus Sen. Lamar Alexander's facts like he has the moral high ground, when he doesn't. Reid was clearly playing the compassion card instead of of facts and reality. Its lovely (sarcasm) how he likes to extend compassion to others with other tax payers' money. Rep. Steney Hoyer looked like he was bored and wanted to slap the f**k out of Reid when he was shooting his mouth off.

It is clear that Republicans have their A-Team at the summit. They sent physicians that really know their stuff. Obama and the Democrats are trying to distort reality by making it appear that the Republicans are in agreement on most issues with the Democrats, when that couldn't be further from the truth. There are major fundamental philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans on how to solve the affordability and accessibility issues within health care today. The Democrats believe that government should control our lives, make our health care decisions, and the government makes better health care decisons, or decisons period, than the individual person. On the other hand, the Republicans believe in the intelligence of the individual, keeping and promoting individual freedoms that are in line with our Constitution, and that the individual makes much better decisions with his own money than our government has or ever will.

President Obama said that the CBO stated that the Democratic health reform bills will reduce costs. Sen. Lamar Alexander replied that the CBO stated that the bill will increase costs to consumers or patients. Who was right? Sen. Lamar Alexander was correct. Fox News political correspondent Jim Angle did research and found out that the CBO did in fact state that health insurance premiums would increase by 10 to 13 percent, and that was with having the same type of coverage that you have now. Well, we'll see what happens in the third and fourth quarters.


cube said...

I didn't watch the summit, but from what I'm reading, it didn't do the dems much good. Of course, let's wait and see how the MSM spins BO's big win!

Ron Russell said...

I watched some of this spectacle and it was just that with Obama showing us his usually arrogance and aloftness. He did have to remind us again today that he was the president--he never misses a chance to do just that. Yep, he is the president, but a president in name only--oops, I forgot do we really know what his name is!!!!

Stop Marxism said...

Another great post Teresa. One of the main problems is "We, the People, do not want the corrupt, inept Government, especially run by a Radical, to control Health Care"!

Opus #6 said...


I am not a socialist.

This is not a government takeover.

Like saying:
I am not a felon.

If you have to say it, you have lost the argument.

Christinewjc said...

Great points Teresa!

Obama looked so annoyed and arrogant when Lamar Alexander laid the Republican position right on the line. Notice that Obama refused to take the "nuclear" reconciliation option off of the table.

My question: what was the point of this summit then? If Obama, Reid and Pelosi - the Three Stooges - are going to ram that America-destroying Hellcare bill through anyway, why have the Republicans give their input at a summit meeting?

Answer: Obama was doing what he does best - political posturing and as O'Reilly stated today - BLOVIATING. He has absolutely NO INTENTION of giving in to any of the Republican ideas shared. He just wanted the Republicans to fall in line with his ideas and support the mammoth bill THAT MOST AMERICANS DO NOT WANT! What is wrong with this picture?


As Frank Luntz's focus group on Hannity today showed (half Dems, half Repubs), ALL BUT TWO AGREED that the reconciliation option SHOULD NOT BE DONE! Will Washington listen?


I can't wait till the November 2010 elections get here. The new Republican majority in both houses will repeal this disaster of a bill if it is rammed through.

Loretta - Tax preparation expert said...

We cannot just blame everything to the president on what's happening in the country. We should also take our part.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The Dems. think the money can never run out as long as they control the printing presses.

Amusing Bunni said...

Thanks for torturing yourself Teresa. I didn't watch the "show" I knew it would be a farce. I saw all I needed to, the YouTube video of obummer picking his nose. That sums it up for me, he's a classless nose picker who doesn't have a brain in his empty skull.

Juan Fauchn Iota said...

I love that the deluded have now officially changed from: “The mess Bush left”, and " How can you blame it all on Obama, it's all Bush's & the Republicans fault, they did it. To; "How can you blame what happens on a president".

Pure "Sarony”.

Bushtards: I tried to warn ya's

Obamazombies: I tried to warn you too.

Hasnt anyone become hip to the "Hegelian Dialectic"? While we are squabbling like a bunch of chickens, these guys are running away with whats left of this couintry.

~ Suckers~

Teresa said...

I think you might be preaching to the choir here. I disagree with some of Bush's policies and thoroughly can't stand any or 99% of Obama's policies.

Juan Fauchn Iota said...

Yes Tre, I realize.... Just shouting loud enough so they can hear it. How the hell the Bill passed, stinks. Cant wait until they start telling us what we can and cant eat, and how much..... Its going to be like a bad cartoon.