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Government Overreach in what is Becoming a Nanny State: State of Ohio Takes 200-Pound Child Away From Mother

From the Associated Press:

An Ohio third-grader who weighs more than 200 pounds has been taken from his family and placed into foster care after county social workers said his mother wasn't doing enough to control his weight.
The Plain Dealer reports ( ) that theCleveland 8-year-old is considered severely obese and at risk for such diseases as diabetes and hypertension.
The case is the first state officials can recall of a child being put in foster care strictly for a weight-related issue.
Lawyers for the mother say the county overreached when authorities took the boy last week. They say the medical problems he is at risk for do not yet pose an imminent danger.
A spokeswoman says the county removed the child because caseworkers saw his mother's inability to reduce his weight as medical neglect.

The mother was working with the State to reduce her child's weight.  The foster family is having similar problems the mother was having, with others sneaking him food.  But beyond all this how is being overweight considered neglect or medical neglect?  Was "medical neglect" recently added so as to give the State another excuse reason to intervene where the State has no business doing so?  And who decides what qualifies as "medical neglect"?  Both the mother and her child obviously need some type of assistance and/or counseling but IMO taking away the child harms the child more than keeping the child with his mother.  This is government interventionism run amok.  We need to put the kabosh on the government overreaching into our private lives.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eagle Freedom Links - Christmas Movies Edition: 11-29-11

Eagle Freedom Links

This week was a very interesting week.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope everyone else did too. There was some Black Friday mayhem across the country.  The past few weeks I had started to feel better but that didn't last for long.  Thankfully, my dizziness is down to a minimum. But sometimes it really hurts me to breathe along with some other abdominal pain which as increased at times. I know the Lord is watching out for me. Hopefully, when I have some procedures done on Dec. 7 the doctor will figure out what is going on.  Oh, then, I had an Islamofascist nutjob who threatened to kill me since I support Pamela Geller.  In some ironic twist of logic he claimed Pamela and I are hateful, bigots while he's not, even though he threatened me.  These dhimmis and Islamofascists  are certainly pieces of work.  On the political front my top three choices from the candidates for President are: Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul. 

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Fun: Kittens, Mario Kart, and Rudolph

During my teenage and young adult years I used to babysit quite a bit and many of the children played video games. Whenever I babysat I attempted to play Mario. It was fun. Here is a racing real life Mario which I think looks pretty cool.

Mario Kart (Rémi Gaillard) by nqtv

Here are 10 facts about those adorable bunch of felines.

Kittens - 10 Facts About Me by GeoBeats

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer continues to be one of my favorite songs since I was a child.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Interview With Judge Napolitano: Why Taxation is Theft, Abortion is Murder & Why It's Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong

This is a good interview.  I disagree with some of Judge Napolitano's positions, though.  I disagree that taxation is theft.  I think that progressive or excessive taxation is theft.  I don't understand why the Judge wouldn't necessarily be happy that the government was involved in ending slavery and in advancing women's suffrage. I disagree with him about President Bush. I do agree with him when he says that the Patriot Act needs to be repealed.  I agree with him about abortion.

H/T Reasontv 

Rule 5 - Shakira

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Pro-Life Sarah Palin: Not Just Talking the Talk but Actually Walking The Walk

Here a personal Thanksgiving Reflection by Sarah Palin which she dedicates to Trig. It is beautiful and awesome.

From On Thanksgiving, my family’s traditions will reflect the loyal, active, robust, big family life that shaped me. We’re so fortunate to be together to share the making of another year’s memory. In these late autumn days with temperatures dipping to 20-degrees below zero, we’ll brave Alaska’s biting cold to run and skate and ride – just because we can, and for that I am so thankful. Life in America’s Last Frontier is not an easy living, but it’s a good living. Here in Alaska, where I’m never without inspiration, an optimistic pioneering spirit still permeates, and harsh conditions force us out of self-centeredness and towards community – often in order to survive.
This need for selflessness – and the blessings that come with it – sharpened for me almost four years ago when I was given the gift of broader horizons, clarified priorities, and more commitment to justice and compassion for my fellow man who faces challenges and fears. I was granted this through a gift that arrived in a tiny, six-pound, awe-inspiring bundle. We named him Trig.
I know America’s potential for goodness, thus greatness, because I see it every day through my son. Nothing makes me happier or prouder than to see America’s good heart when someone smiles at my Trig. I notice it happens often in airports. Often a traveler passing by does a double-take when they see him, perhaps curious about the curious look on his face; perhaps my son momentarily exercises an uncontrollable motion that takes the passerby by surprise. Perhaps, as an innocent and candid child announced when she first met Trig, they think “he’s awkward.” But when that traveler pauses to look again and smile, and maybe tells me what a handsome boy I have, I swell with American pride. I am so thankful for their good heart. They represent the best in our country and their kindness shows the real hope we need today.
I am thankful that, as in so many areas of life, the bitter people who say bitter things about someone facing challenges are so outnumbered. There have been stinging criticisms, even from people still screaming that Trig should never have been born, but we know those critics may be the loudest and most malicious, but they’re not the majority.
To me, when individuals reflect the greater societal acceptance of someone facing challenges, they show the best of humanity – even by offering a simple pat on Trig’s head or a knowing smile shot our way. Conversely, when a society works to eliminate the “weakest links” (as some would callously consider the disabled) or “the unproductive” (as some would callously consider the very young and the very old), it eliminates the very best of itself. When a society seeks to destroy them, it also destroys any ability or need for sincere compassion, empathy, improvement, and even goodwill. And those are the very best qualities of humanity! Those are the characteristics of a country that understands and embraces true hope! America can be compassionate and strong enough as a nation to be entrusted with those who some see as an “inconvenience,” but who are really our greatest blessings. Through Trig, I see firsthand that there is man’s standard of perfection, and then there is God’s. Man’s standard is flawed, temporary, and shallow. God’s standard lasts an eternity. At the end of the day, His is what matters.
So, this Thanksgiving my family will bundle Trig up and grin while we watch him through ice-frosted eyelashes as he curiously takes in all that is around him in the crisp open air. I hope your Thanksgiving gives you the opportunity to find that reminder of what really matters, too. For me, my perfect picture of thankfulness is my perfectly awesome son. With him, all is well with my soul and I know I am blessed.

An Islamofascist Threatened Me - I Continue To Support Pamela Geller in the Face of Threats

Apparently I hit a nerve in the post, I Support and Stand With Pamela Geller, which exposes antisemitism, intolerance, Islamic extremism, and Muslim violence against others.  

Anonypussy left this set of threats: 

Meanwhile Anon proves Pamela's point about Muslim extremists and why people fear and loathe those who are the most intolerant of all - Islamofascists.

Tim Hawkins: The Government Can

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Super Committee: Both Sides Seriously Committed - Republicans To Finding Solutions, Democrats To Failure

First of all I think the whole idea of a "Super Committee" was one of the dumbest ideas since Keynes came up with the progressive economic ideology.

The top assistant whiner to the President, Harry Reid, is complaining "That Hobbit Norquist Stole My Preciuosnesssss".  Smitty at The Other McCain reveals what Gollum Reid had to say:

He suggested Norquist’s lobbying on the issue is at least one reason why the 12-member super committee hasn’t been able to achieve its goal: trillions of dollars in debt reduction stemming from some combination of spending cuts and new revenues. Several Republicans are wrestling with the fact that they signed Norquist’s no-tax-hike pledge amid debt talks.
“It’s obvious that Grover Norquist has a lot of pull in the Republican caucus and I think that’s an understatement,” Reid said. “So far, I haven’t seen any indication that Republicans are willing to agree to this balanced approach.”
Asked what the public should take away from the state of talks, Reid said, “maybe they should impeach Grover Norquist.”
Norquist later tweeted a response to Reid: “Dear Harry Reid: have a nice day. Think nice thoughts. Calm. Breath slowly. Keep hand in own pocket.”

What's not balanced Harry, is the fact that you and the rest of the Democrats want to raise taxes solely on those job creators who already pay 70% of the federal income taxes in our country.  The Democratic Party is singling out one specific class which already pays their fair share while 47% of Americans don't pay one red cent to the federal government via federal income taxes.  That is anything but a balanced approach.  I don't think Reid would recognize the meaning of balanced if a frying pan with its definition engraved on the bottom turned him into Pancake Harry.

As you will see below even Grover Norquist is losing his power-grip over Washington Republicans, just like Saruman lost his over Theoden.  Sen. Pat Toomey and the rest of the GOP dared to put forth a proposal which started to tackle our budget woes head on with serious compromises or concessions coming from the GOP.  One of the solutions that the GOP on the Super Committee proposed is closing tax loopholes.  I thought everyone wanted this? So, why oh why did those Democrats on the Super Committee fail to compromise and accept this worthy idea to fix the budget?  Failure was the end game for the Democrats.  Obama and the Democrats needed failure from the Super Committee so they could continue with their mantra claiming the GOP to be "obstructionists, uncompromising, and extremists" when in actuality the Democrats fit into those categories to a T.  

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

GOP Presidential Candidates:Thanksgiving Family Forum

For those of you who were unable to view the Thanksgiving Forum which the GOP Presidential candidates participated in last week I have posted the entire forum for you to see. This was an outstanding forum. If you had to see only one of the forums/debates this would be the one I would recommend for you to see. I was extremely impressed with all of the candidates and their answers. At the beginning of the video there is a moving and powerful movie video. Then, the forum starts at about the 36 minute mark. It is a very long video but well-worth the viewing. Frank Luntz and his assistants asked some great questions of the candidates.

H/T Ron Paul 2012 

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Mysterious and Beautiful: Natalie Wood -- Rule 5

The Sherriff's office has reopened the investigation into Natalie Wood's death. Do you think that her death was an accident or that foul play was involved? Her death sure is mysterious. She was beautiful. 

Here are some scenes from movies which have Natalie Wood playing in them.

Here is a slideshow of pictures and videos of Natalie Wood.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Does Technological progress equal moral regress?

Why do many citizens in our society today need a law to dictate to them what is the morally correct thing to do?

It seems that as America has progressed technologically individuals have regressed morally. People today have not been instilled with the values or moral fiber that were present in earlier generations. It seems that folks back then would, for the most part, forgo selfishness in favor of the greater good. Morality was black and white and not muddied with shades of gray. People were taught to have a sense of personal responsibility. Whereas today, moral relativism is taught with a normal acceptability in our society and people are more selfish than in prior generations. Now individuals are taught tha whatever happens it's not their fault, but to place blame on some other person instead of their accepting responsibility for their mistakes or bad decision making.

Senator Bob Casey (D, Pa) has intorduced a bill which would require all individuals to report child sexual abuse or alleged child sexual abuse. There already are laws on the books which require professionals such as nurses, doctors, and teachers to report these alleged crimes.

It is really sad that people need a law to tell them to do this when it is so obviously the morally right thing to do. This, in addition to abortion, is yet one more example of just how morally bankrupt our society has become.

The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Quick News Update - Why I am online a lot less for little while

Kevin & I are between ISPs right now.  We are no longer using Verizon FIOS, decidng to go with their main competitor, but Comcast has not shown itself to be competent to make and keep an appointment to hook us up yet, so we are exploring other options.  Pray for us or wish us luck!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Belmont Abbey Sues Federal Government Over Obamacare Contraception Mandate

Due to medical bills from all my health issues and my finances taking a huge hit due my inability to work my husband and I had to change internet service providers to meet our needs so until Friday when my internet access is hooked up I will have limited access to blogging.  Friday I will visit all your great blogs. 

I don't usually copy and paste entire articles but since I'm under time constraint here is a good article.

McDonald's & teachers' unions get exemptions but Catholic and all religious colleges do not

"A monk at Belmont Abbey may preach on Sunday that pre-marital sex, contraception, and abortions are immoral, but on Monday, the government would force the same monk to pay for students to receive the very drugs and procedures he denounces," said Hannah Smith, Senior Legal Counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. "This is much worse than an un-funded mandate; it is a monk-funded mandate."

WASHINGTON,DC (Becket Fund for Religious Liberty) - On November 10, 2011, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty filed a lawsuit against the federal government on behalf of Belmont Abbey College over the "Affordable Care Act" (aka "Obamacare"), that forces the College to violate its deeply-held religious beliefs or pay a severe fine.

The heart of the lawsuit involves the recently issued Health and Human Services' mandate that requires thousands of religious organizations to provide, against their conscience, contraceptives they consider to be abortifacients-namely Plan B and Ella-and sterilization.

Although the government has already provided thousands of waivers for a variety of special interest groups including McDonald's and teachers' unions, often for reasons of commercial convenience, it refused to accommodate religious organizations. Instead, the government permitted a religious exemption so narrowly defined that it prompted the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to note that even Jesus' ministry would not qualify.

"A monk at Belmont Abbey may preach on Sunday that pre-marital sex, contraception, and abortions are immoral, but on Monday, the government would force the same monk to pay for students to receive the very drugs and procedures he denounces," said Hannah Smith, Senior Legal Counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. "This is much worse than an un-funded mandate; it is a monk-funded mandate."

The current exemption from the mandate excludes only certain religious employers whose purpose is to instill religious values and that employ and serve only individuals of their same faith. Accordingly, many religious colleges and universities will not qualify for the exemption.

Belmont Abbey, as a small Catholic liberal arts college, teaches that contraception, sterilization, and abortion are all against God's law. The government mandate forces Belmont Abbey and others to make the Hobson's choice of either violating their deeply-held religious beliefs or paying a heavy fine and terminating their health insurance plans for employees and students.

"The mandate is nothing other than a deliberate attack by the government on the religious beliefs of millions of Americans," added Hannah Smith. "In the end, the government is forcing religious orders and believers to pay for services they find immoral or pay a stiff fine."
The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is a non-profit, public-interest law firm dedicated to protecting the free expression of all religious traditions. The Becket Fund has a 17-year history of defending religious liberty for people of all faiths. Its attorneys are recognized as experts in the field of church-state law.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is a non-profit, public-interest legal and educational institute that protects the free expression of all faiths.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Study Finds Patients in "Vegetative State" Often Misdiagnosed

From A study published today in the British medical journal The Lancet found patients are often misdiagnosed as in a “vegetative state” when they are not. The study has ramifications for patients like Terri Schiavo who are abandoned by doctors or family members as supposedly “too far gone.”
The Lancet study noted that “a population of patients exists who meet all the behavioural criteria for the vegetative state, but nevertheless retain a level of covert awareness that cannot be detected by thorough behavioural assessment.”
Using a bedside electroencephalography (EEG) technique to assess patients, researchers studied 16 patients diagnosed as “vegetative” and 12 healthy “controls.” These patients were directed to imagine that they were making a fist and wiggling toes.  A fifth of the patients “could repeatedly and reliably generate appropriate EEG responses” similar to those of the conscious controls.
“Bedside detection of awareness in the vegetative state” raises significant questions about the countless patients who may have been misdiagnosed as being in a so-called “vegetative state,’” the study continued.
Suzanne Schindler, Terry Schiavo's sister, spoke out on the findings. 
“Science has known for years that many patients diagnosed to be in a “vegetative state” were, in reality misdiagnosed,” she said. “The real question is why these understandings haven’t caused us to rethink the morality of removing food and water from such persons.”
“Regrettably, Terri never was afforded these types of examines,” Schindler continued. “This was despite the fact that upwards of 40 medical professionals, some being the most prominent neurologists in the nation, believed that Terri was not in a PVS or could have been helped with proper diagnosis/treatment if given the opportunity. We begged Judge Greer to permit further testing and therapy during the time Terri’s case was awaiting appellate court hearings. Such testing could not have hurt Terri but could have helped her. And yet, Judge Greer consistently refused. Not even the autopsy was able to confirm whether or not Terri was in a PVS.”
“These findings, along with many others similar findings since Terri’s barbaric death, only reinforce our family’s contention that the PVS diagnosis needs to be eliminated. Particularly given the fact that it not only dehumanizes the cognitively disabled, but it is being used in some instances to decide whether or not a person should live or die, as it was used in Terri’s case. None of us deserves to be deprived of food and water,” Schindler added.
The director of National Right to Life’s Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics speaks out on the misdiagnosis of patients.  
Burke Balch, J.D., the director of National Right to Life’s Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics told LifeNews that an untold number of patients have lost food and water or medical treatment as a result of a wrong persistent vegetative state diagnosis.
“Many patients, probably thousands, have had their food and fluids cut off and died, based on what we now know may well have been mistaken assumptions that they had lost all capacity for consciousness,” he said.
“The Lancet EEG study, together with earlier functional MRI studies, holds out the hope that we may develop ways to communicate with aware patients who have routinely been diagnosed as “vegetative,” much as today eye movements and blinks are used to communicate with some patients with paraplegia.  That would certainly be a positive alternative to starving them to death,” Balch added.
The Lancet study comes on top of previously published studies using more complex and less readily available fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) technology that demonstrated some patients in a “vegetative” state, when instructed to imagine they were playing tennis, generated brain waves comparable to those of healthy “controls.”
I think we can all agree that food and water is not an extraordinary measures to keep a person alive.  Food and water is in fact an ordinary means used to sustain a person's bodily life.  Even those in a vegetative state should be treated with dignity and allowed to die.  Removing a person's necessary sustenance such as food as water is never morally permissible. 
Here are a couple of videos of Terri Schiavo. 

The government ordered murder of Terri Schiavo should have never been allowed to happen.  The day she died due to being starved and dehydrated to death was indeed a sad day for America. May we as a society never allow this type of travesty to happen again. 

Please Check Out This New Blog - "My Blog Doesn't Matter"

I came upon this good blog via twitter.  It is called "My Blog Doesn't Matter" even though it does matter.  As a person working in education Mr. Potillor has a different and most insightful take on the Penn State scandal.  His blog offers some good thoughts on various goings on in our society today. Please do check out his blog here.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rule 5 - Victoria Secret Fashion Show Beauties

These pics are from the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in NYC.

Adriana Lima 

Alessandra Ambrosio 

                                                                        Liu Wen

                                                                 Izabel Goulart

                                                                     Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr 

Candice Swanepoel 

Adriana Lima 

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Ain't That The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

From the mouth of the Opportunist-in-Chief:

Congress. . .must not shirk its responsibilities,” according to a White House readout of the conversation.

Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black?  When the heck has this opportunistic narcissist focused on jobs instead of himself and his re-election campaign?  Obama has shirked his duties as President since he took the oath of office.  This presidency has been one big extravaganza of concerts, ballgames, golf outings, vacations, visits to cities selling his image to the public but no, not ever truly focusing on what is important in America - jobs and our economy.  His administration has not been promoting economic and business policies which encourages economic growth in the private sector but rather policies which discourages and demonizes growth and success.   The only time he has spoken the word jobs (which has 4 letters Joe Biden - Kindergarten?) is when it is accompanied by his sanctimonious rhetoric castigating the GOP for their solutions to the economic disaster, a lingering economic disaster which his policies are responsible for perpetuating.  
Smitty over at The Other McCain points out the level of the dishonorable  brinksmanship and dastardly tactics that the White House and Obama are willing to play during this scrimmage. 

Seriously. If the intent all along was to punish the Administration’s political foes in particular, and America in general, then the Administration’s actions make sense:
  1. Play the brinksmanship game in the Spring of 2011,
  2. load the poison pill into the Super Committee, and then
  3. make the GOP eat more brinksmanship and the poison pill when the Super Committee, necessarily, fails.
Brilliant! If I wasn’t so thoroughly disgusted at the Machiavellian evil that is this Administration, I would be tempted to admire the perverse talent involved. As with the collapse of the Euro, there doesn’t seem to be much to do in the case of the Super Committee except sound the collision alarm and grab onto something solid.

Over at HotAir, Allahpundit wonders aloud:
Is The One seriously threatening to block a bill that would lift those cuts in the event of a Super Committee deadlock, knowing full well that the GOP will use Panetta’s soundbite to destroy him for it next year? Remember: This guy does not take political risks, and he certainly doesn’t take them in the name of cutting spending. Could be that the fear of another downgrade is weighing on him if the triggers are rescinded, which will pose a threat to his reelection if the market reacts badly, but what are the odds that investors will flee the safety of Treasuries under any circumstance given the chaos in Europe?
Is it possible that Obama & Co want draconian cuts to defense?  His threatening to block a bill which would lift those cuts sure is in America's national security interests. Or not?  This is yet more gutter politics coming from the Democrats.