Monday, November 3, 2014

Life,Changing and More

Life for me today is more than politics.  To me life is more than voting for the right candidate or Republicans vs. Democrats.  Life for me has been spending time with family, becoming closer to Jesus, deeper in faith, healing and dealing with fibromyalgia and other health problems, plus rebuilding my life while separated from my husband(hopefully not too long) due to financial circumstances.  Life for me is about being happy, making jewelry and other crafts.  Politics is one part of my life it just doesn't take up a huge chunk of my life like it did before.  My principles and beliefs are very important to me and that won't change but dealing with chronic pain is enough of a job by itself.  I miss blogging often and visiting everyone's blogs.

The militant, terrorist group known as ISIS must be defeated.  How the International community goes about defeating them is up for debate.  Iraqi Kurdish Fighters Arrive in Syria Town Fighting ISIS 

Pastors stand strong and defy IRS as they endorse candidates.  Go Pastors!!!

Do you think wisdom is hard to come by nowadays?  Seems like it when so many bad choices have been made for our country in recent years.  Becoming wise requires change.  Unfortunately most people are reticent to change.  Here is an article on wisdom.

Take a look at this adorable Halloween picture.  How was your Halloween?  Did your kids or grandchildren dress up and go trick or treating?  Here are 10 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries that Happened on Halloween. 

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