Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Syrian Refugees

The governors are correct in demanding suspending importing Syrian refugees, temporarily.  Anyone with common sense would know this is the right thing to do in light of the terrorist attacks in Paris.  This is a matter of national security.  Keeping citizens safe in the United States.  This is not a matter of religious bigotry as Obama has assumed.  How dare us care about the persecuted Christians.  Obama surely doesn't act like he cares about the barbarism being committed against Christians by Muslims. By Islamic extremists.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Who actually is Donald Trump?

Is Donald Trump the man good or bad for the Republican Party?  What qualities of his do you think would make Trump a good president? What qualities of his do you think are negative and are reasons why he should not be president?

Do you think we should separate his business dealings with shady progressive political figures from his running as a political figure for president of the US?

Donald Trump has flip flopped on a number of issues.  Do you think this is genuine?  Or him just saying it to get elected?

Do you agree with Penn Jilette that Donald Trump is a whackjob?

Do we, does America, need a Trumpinator like Ron Russell says?

We may need a person with brass balls who doesn't care what others think of him and isn't bought off by interest groups.

But I think someone can be brass ballsy without having a lack of self control and without using ad hominem attacks against his rivals.

It looks like Trump has consistently donated to Republicans since 2010.  This is a good sign.

I will continue to search into who actually is Donald Trump the man.

I do support some of Donald Trump's political positions especially how he is speaking out about immigration to our country.  I just am not sure I know enough about him to pull the lever for him to be president of the USA.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I'm Working Current Events Links Edition

I hope everyone has had a wonderful time celebrating this Independence Day weekend.  I had a good time watching fireworks last night.  I have been working as a home health aide for close to 2 months.  Even though I am still dealing with quite a few health issues - bad pain - I know my faith has given the grace to be able to work. I really like helping people who can't do for themselves.  I have been pretty busy lately.

Both the Obamacare and gay marriage Supreme Court rulings weren't much of a surprise to me.  I was hoping and praying for a different outcome but with the makeup of the Supreme Court I had a feeling the outcome was going to be as it is.  To me it is sad that the persons who makeup the Supreme Court determine the outcome with their opinions or beliefs and not the constitution, which is the bedrock of our country.  I agree with Louie Gohmert when he said that Justices Kagan and Ginsberg did not follow the law due to the impossibility of their impartiality in the gay marriage case when they have performed same-sex marriages.  It should have been a no brainer for those two justices to have seen the obligation according to law for them to recuse themselves from the gay marriage case.

Now amidst the GOP we are having an immigration debate.  We have presidential contender Donald Trump's immigration comments.  Plus we have other presidential candidates like Jeb Bush denouncing Trump's comments.  As of this weekend Trump stands by his comments. It is my belief that we need to secure our border. I would say most who come across the border without the proper paperwork are looking for a better life.

At Conservative Hideout Matt has commented on human history and progressives and cognitive dissonance.

Motor City Times has some good information on immigration and education funding.

Bunkerville informs us a pastor in Ireland faces prison for "grossly offending" Islam and 42 million plus support ISIS.

At The Astute Bloggers Avi Green posted on the how the U.N. human rights council minimizes rocket attacks.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Patient with Drug Resistant Form of Tuberculosis Waited Seven Weeks to Seek Medical Help

A female patient with a drug resistant form of active Tuberculosis(TB) waited seven weeks to see a medical professional.  She traveled to Missouri and may have infected people.  She traveled to Tennessee and put people at risk of contracting TB.  If she had any of the symptoms of active TB, to name a few such as fever, coughing, hurting to breathe, and chest pains for a few weeks it doesn't make sense for the female patient to wait past three weeks to see a physician. An extra month of infecting people!!!  What the hell is wrong with people today?  The CDC now has to search for those people who may be infected.  Geesh!  People think please think before you act or don't act.  Think about the consequences for both others and yourself. She is now getting treatment at the National Institutes of Health near Washington D.C.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Celebrating Memorial Day: 'Arlington' by Trace Adkins

A big thank you goes out to those in the military who have sacrificed so much and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we may be free.  God Bless them and their families. God Bless America!!

I hope everyone had a great time celebrating with family and friends over the holiday weekend.

Friday, May 8, 2015

I support free speech; I support @PamelaGeller

 Pamela Geller has every right to hold a draw Mohammed cartoon contest.  That is the beauty of the United States of America.  Our country has freedom of speech, in the very first amendment.  There were two jihadist Islamists who decided to try and shoot up the draw Mohammed event.  Those two extremist Islamists were totally in the wrong.  Some progressives are blaming Pamela Geller for two radical
Islamists attempting to shoot up her event.  Pamela Geller is NOT in the wrong!!  Not one iota!!!  If Christians can act peacefully when there was anti-Christian "art" piss Christ and Virgin Mary in dung then so should Muslims with the draw Mohammed cartoon contest. As much as a Catholic Christian I am offended, outraged, and appalled by the piss Christ and the Virgin Mary in dung I still believe that the so called art is covered under the first amendment. Yes, cartoon drawings that makes fun of or dishonors Mohammed and disrespects Islam is free speech.  Under the first amendment any person is permitted to draw cartoons of Mohammed and hold a draw Mohammed contest.  We must not let violence committed by criminals determine what is considered free speech and what isn't free speech.  I support Pamela Geller and right to freedom of expression under the first amendment.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hillary Announces Run for President

So Hillary Clinton has announced a run for president, again.  There wasn't much of Hillary in her video announcement.  To me it seemed kinda lame.  Is Hillary the next one in line to be the Democrat nominee, again?  Or will there be another diamond in the rough or anointed one like Barack Obama to derail her plans to be the nominee?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Out of Touch President

There have been quite a few events which have happened since my last post.  Our President got on his high horse at the prayer breakfast in defense of Islam while saying to Christians what comes around goes around - all those beheadings, crucifixions, shootings, and barbarous acts being committed by Muslim extremists in the Middle East, Africa, and in Europe are just events to brush off your sleeve.  No big deal.  Since over 1000 years ago Muslims were killed by Christians in the Crusades.  The president didn't even get the Crusades correct.  Christians were defending the Holy Land and Europe from Muslim domination and their takeover of Christian lands in Europe and elsewhere.  The prayer breakfast is meant to be a celebration of faith, all faiths coming together, not the advancement of ideological beliefs lashing out in a bizarre way against one religion.

In Paris, France persons who just happened to be Muslims targeted people of a satire magazine called Charlie Hebdo killing twelve for the publishing of an offensive Mohammed cartoon. Not long afterward, in Paris there was a hostage situation at a kosher deli. The four victims just happened to be Jewish and the hostage taker just happened to be Muslim. In Copenhagen persons who just happened to be Muslims targeted persons who just happened to be Jews outside of a synagogue and killed one, hurt two at a free speech event.

Around three weeks ago the parents of humanitarian aid worker Kayla Mueller received word from ISIS that their daughter had been killed.  Did the U.S. government's trade for Bowe Bergdahl make the heartbreaking reality of Kayla's death inevitable?  This week ISIS raided villages and is believed to have kidnapped hundreds of Christians.  In the middle of February 21 a video was released showing Egyptian Coptic Christians being beheaded by ISIS.

Our government refuses to identify these ISIS jihadists as Islamic extremists.  If so called proclaimed Christians were doing these same barbaric practices I doubt that this administration would struggle with labeling them Christian extremists.

The Obama administration is so out of touch and their failed national security policies are endangering we the people further on our homeland.  I believe this presidents connection to his past roots and present Muslim half-brother(s) is influencing Obama and that is greatly affecting his decision making on foreign affairs. Obama has a duty to protect and defend America against enemies and I am not seeing him do all that he could possibly do to protect Americans. President Obama has chosen ideology over his constitutional responsibilities to the American people. President Obama is out of touch.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On American Sniper

Chris Kyle who is portrayed in the movie American Sniper is a hero.  He paid the ultimate price to keep us safe.  These sorry fools who think otherwise of Chris Kyle have no concept of what it means to be a hero, what it means to sacrifice for something or someone you love.  They have a twisted notion of what it means to be a victim and a hero.  The movie American Sniper honors Chris Kyle as he should be.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Multiculturalism and Open borders

Did multiculturalism and open borders lay the groundwork for the recent terror attacks and mayhem in Paris, France?

Multiculturalism accepted muslims without question.  Didn't care about Muslims ideology?  Or Muslims beliefs at there core?  Acceptance of everything is a bad thing.  Inclusion of everything and everyone is a bad thing.  Believe it or not there are bad people in our society so looking the other way is not an option, or would be a detrimental one.  With open borders the terrorists could come and go as they pleased. Now there is a woman terrorist on the loose and open borders of Europe may just help her in getting away from police.

Muslim terrorists are not just criminals.  They are waging a war on everyone in the world who doesn't believe as they do.  They don't believe in any freedoms.  They don't want to coexist with others. It is not a matter of us not understanding Muslims!!  It is impossible to understand people who want to kill in the name of Allah.

How do we stop more attacks from happening in the West?  Keeping our southern border porous is not the answer.  This has made it easier for Muslim jihadists to cross our border.

The West needs to wake up!!!  We are in a fight for freedom against Muslim Jihadists.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I'm Back!

It has been over two months since I posted here.  It has been really tough living apart from my husband. It is looking like that situation will change soon.  Praying so we will be together soon.  I have still been dealing with fibromyalgia and other pain.  I have started reading books on remedies to help the pain.  I think I am going to write shorter posts and that way I hopefully will post regularly.

I have been making various beaded jewelry.  I am trying to start a business.  I love creating different necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  I am not going to limit my business to beaded jewelry.  I have other ideas brewing in that head of mine.

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year's celebration.  I had a busy Christmas. I was able to see my niece and nephew plus my great nieces and nephew which was truly awesome. Ah! The beginning of a new year.  Each of us has the opportunity to make this year better than the last.

There is so much to talk about that has happened over the past couple of months.  I will leave that to my next post.

God Bless and wishing everyone a good night!