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Rep. Luis Gutierrez Gets Arrested at Pro-illegal Immigration Protest

From BreitbartRep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois) was arrested outside of the White House after refusing to move when asked by authorities.Gutierrez, who sat in front of a sign that read "Stop Separating Our Families" with a line of protesters, refused to leave when asked by the police. Gutierrez was in attendance at a rally urging President Obama to do more to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants.

First, for the most part I don't buy Rep. Luis Gutierrez' claim that sending illegal immigrants back to their home countries after their having illegally crossed our border would lead to the separation of families.  I think that claim is exaggerated.  It may happen in some cases but there are a great number of illegal immigrants who leave their families back in their home countries and send money that they earn here in the U.S. back to their families.  Second, these people are violating the law by entering the country illegally.  There are consequences for not following the law.  Third, our immigration policies do need to be reformed but not with the broad stroke that the Dream Act would do.  Fourth, a good number of these illegal immigrants are refusing to assimilate into our culture and instead have this conquer America mentality.  Plus, the immigrants need to learn English and be employed.  Rep. Gutierrez is calling on the President to use his executive powers and grant amnesty to the illegal immigrants.  He has a history of engaging in publicity stunts to promote amnesty for illegal immigrants.  This man is in favor of rewarding those who have broken the law.  The logic of Democrats is unbelievable.  I am all for legal immigration and IMO we do need to increase the number of legal immigrants allowed to immigrate here per year. 

This is a Great Way To Help The Flood Devastated Minot

This is a repost via Conservative Hideout:

King Shamus has a post with an opportunity to help the town of  Minot, North Dakota.  As regulars here know, Minot is  the home of  CH2.0 contributor, John Carey.
As many of you know, John Carey over at the great Sentry Journal has been documenting how brutal floods have devastated the town of Minot, North Dakota.  This spring and summer have been pretty rough on a lot of folks, but Minot has really gotten hammered.  But there could be a way for us to help out.  Let John explain:
I have one last favor to ask in regards to Minot’s flood One of our city parks (Oak Park) was inundated by the flood waters and was destroyed. Coco-Cola is sponsoring an event where you can vote for your favorite park. Coco-Cola will provide a $100,000 grant to the park that receives the most votes.
I’ve never been anywhere near Oak Park, but I am sure it’s my favorite park in America.
Clickie this linkie.  All you have to do is type in ”Oak Park” in the map’s search engine and it’ll get you to the voting page.  Our friends in Minot could use a win here.  It’s easy, it’s free and it’ll provide a nice boost in morale to a great American town.

I found this information on the recovery in Minot and the government's efforts to avoid flooding in the future.  I am not sure whether the cause of the massive flooding has been identified as of yet. It does look like both local and federal government officials are trying to figure out how to avoid this type of flooding from happening in the future. 


North Dakota Senators Kent Conrad and John Hoeven have drafted a letter to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton asking her to consider re-working the agreement between the United States and Canada and how the two nations manage the Souris River.

Local and state officials hope to improve the way the river is controlled and monitored north of the border. In their letter, Conrad and Hoeven mention that the lack of adequate and timely data about rainfall in Canada only made flood preparation more difficult here. Minot Mayor Curt Zimbelman said closer monitoring of reservoir levels is needed when flood danger is highest, like it was this year.

"Certainly, what we would want to talk to the Canadians, as well as the folks at Lake Darling, about is bringing the level of those dams down lower as we see this water coming. That would be part of what we`d be visiting with the Canadians about, " said Zimbelman during a press conference Friday afternoon.

The river damaged more than 4,000 homes in Minot and now the city is looking at some potential changes along the river to prevent catastrophic flooding again.

But to prevent that flooding, some plans may call for homes and structures to be removed in order to make way for flood control structures.

The State Department of Emergency Services said calling this a "buyout process" is misleading.

"There`s an impression or sometimes an expectation that the government may show up and offer you a check for your home and you can move on with your life. That`s not the case," said department spokesman Ray Morrell.

What will happen takes months. The city must come up with a plan and then that plan must be approved on the state and federal level after being finalized. Minot cannot make any official headway on acquiring property before they secure grant funding to do so. Any homes, structures, or land that the city buys with federal Hazard Mitigation money comes with major strings attached.

"Which means open space requirements in accordance with federal law; it can never be built on again," added Morrell.
That includes permanent dikes and levees, which means local government will have to use money separate from Federal Hazard Mitigation funds to buy properties where future levees will stand. The most likely option to fund those acquisitions is a Community Development Block Grant, like the city of Grand Forks did after flooding in 1997.

Here are a couple of videos I found on the net. 

This is a good cause so please do click on the link and vote for Oak Park in Minot. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bill O'Reilly On The Set With Detective Jane Rizzoli - Rule 5 sorta

Bill O'Reilly spent time on Friday filming a guest spot on TNT's show, 'Rizzoli & Isles'.

From Media Bistro:

O’Reilly is a suspect in a mysterious murder… on the set of the TNT series “Rizzoli & Isles.”
It was last Summer that we told you that  O’Reilly paid a visit to the set of the TNT drama “Rizzoli & Isles,” (he is friends with co-star Angie Harmon) and earlier this year, we noted that O’Reilly had been tapped to play himself in an upcoming episode. Today, word comes from two production sources and a source at Turner that O’Reilly is currently on the set to film his role as a murder suspect.
Is he guilty? You will have to wait until the new season starts to find out.

Here are more pics of Angie Harmon. 

celebrity profile

celebrity profile

celebrity profile

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Operation Fast and Furious: Report Shows that ATF 'Stonewalled' Agents on Gun "Walking" Scandal Probe

To be honest I haven't posted much on "Operation Fast & Furious".  I posted something when the whistleblower  broke the story wide open but other than that I've been watching from the sidelines as this whole fiasco has become unveiled and as revelations from the investigation being conducted by Rep. Issa have come to light.  This whole operation was nonsensical.  What kind of rejects would jeopardize lives both here in America and in Mexico with a policy where you don't follow the guns but let them "walk"?  I guess having an agenda to push - gun control - was more important to this administration than caring about peoples' lives.  I feel so sorry for Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's family.  My continued thoughts and prayers go out to his family. They deserve answers, they deserve to know the truth.  The persons who authorized this operation need to be held accountable for their actions. Now the report shows that the ATF has 'stonewalled' agents on this gun "walking" scandal probe.  That's not too surprising since this administration either lies, misinforms or covers up anything that doesn't favor this administration's policies.

I found this article via Roger Hedgecock.

Washington (CNN) -- U.S. officials kept their Mexican counterparts in the dark about a widely criticized gun-trafficking probe even as rising numbers of weapons reached the hands of Mexico's drug cartels, a congressional committee reported Tuesday.
The Justice Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also held back key details about "Operation Fast and Furious" from agents based in Mexico City when they raised alarms, according to the report.
"Not only were they stonewalled by their colleagues, they were actively thwarted in their attempts to find out what was happening," the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee concluded.
"Fast and Furious" has been the subject of congressional investigations since December, when two weapons traced to the operation were found at the scene of a U.S. Border Patrol agent's killing in Arizona. More than 2,000 guns may have reached the hands of the cartels as a result of the probe, in which ATF agents allowed weapons bought in the United States to "walk" into Mexico.
"ATF senior leadership allegedly feared that any such disclosure would compromise their investigation," states the report, written by the joint staff of the committee. "Instead, ATF and DOJ leaderships' reluctance to share information may have only prolonged the flow of weapons from this straw purchasing ring into Mexico."
Carlos Canino, the ATF's acting attache in Mexico City, informed the country's attorney general of the probe only after learning that guns monitored by the investigation were involved in the killing of the brother of a top prosecutor in Mexico's Chihuahua state. Canino said he disclosed the operation despite the absence of clear direction from Washington "because I did not want her to find out through media reports where these guns had come from."
"If I hadn't told the attorney general this, and this had come out in the news media, I would never be able to work with her ever again, and we would be done in Mexico," the report quotes Canino. "We just might as well pack up the office and go home."
Even then, ATF officials in Mexico City did not learn the full extent of the "Fast and Furious" probe until after it was shut down, following the December killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.
The operation began in late 2009 and concluded in January. Investigators say the ATF allowed more than 2,000 weapons to be purchased illegally and transported in to Mexico, where heavily armed drug gangs have been battling Mexican authorities for control of the streets for several years.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Speaks Out Critically on John Boehner and Debt-Ceiling Debate

Mark Meckler, Co-Founder of the Tea Party Patriots, answers some questions from Patricia Murphy of The Daily Beast on John Boehner and the GOP, the debt-ceiling debate, and the August 2nd default on our debt obligations meme.

In the president’s speech Monday night, he blamed the breakdown in the debt negotiations on House members, who were obviously people who have been supported by various Tea Party groups.  Should the Tea Party groups get the blame for all of this?

I think the Tea Party movement should get the credit for elevating the debate about the debt limit to the national stage. We’ve raised the debt limit 10 times in the last nine years. In the last five years, we’ve almost tripled the amount of debt this country is holding. This has all been done relatively quietly while politicians have mortgaged our futures. So the fact that we’re having a spirited debate about this now is good for the nation and I think the Tea Party can take credit for it.
Do you think that the most recent election is the reason Congress is not just quietly raising the debt ceiling, as has happened scores of times before?
Yes, the fundamental difference is that the entire political dynamic has been changed by the Tea Party movement.  The core values of the Tea Party Patriots—fiscal responsibility, the Constitution, limited government and free-market capitalism—are now defining the debate around virtually every issue in the nation.
What do you think is the ideal solution to this impasse right now?
The ideal solution is to cut spending so that we stop spending beyond our means. The ideal solution is what you would have to do if you were in the same situation personally that the country is in. The ideal solution is what each of us as citizens have to do when we get in financial trouble personally or what companies have to do, or what states have to do or what cities have to do. Frankly, the only entity in our nation that continues to defy reality is the federal government. It’s just time to pay the piper.
Is there any scenario where you think it would be OK to raise the debt ceiling?

What do you think about the proposal that Speaker Boehner has put out?
It’s an embarrassment. He proposes $1.4 trillion in cuts over the next 10 years. Legally, no Congress can bind a future Congress. Anything he promises about what future Congresses will do, they simply can’t make that promise. In the real world, we call that a lie. If you promise something that you have no control over, that’s called a lie. In Congress, it’s called a promise. We don’t understand how the American people don’t get that. Number two, no Congress has ever been able, by wish or by promise, to bind future Congresses to spending cuts. When past Congresses cut spending under their own budgets, those spending cuts will never and have never materialized. It’s smoke and mirrors and the American people understand this.

The interview is continued here

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back From Vacation

Some of you may have noticed that I have been MIA for the past few days. I just did return from a short vacation.  It was wonderful to spend some time with my family.  I will be hitting everyone's blogs over the next day or so.  I will also be finishing my Eagle links posting over the next couple of days.  I haven't been feeling well due to my endometriosis so it was really good to get away and take a break.

First here is a prayer for those who are out of work or underemployed and seeking employment:

Here are a couple of songs I hope you enjoy:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Senator Pat Toomey On The Debt Debate

I am proud to say that my senator, Senator Pat Toomey, has been outspoken and at the forefront of these debt talks. He is one of the co-sponsors of "Cut, Cap, and Balance" and has strongly criticized both the Democrats and the President on how they have handled the debt talks. Here is a speech which Sen. Pat Toomey gave on the Senate floor a few days ago. In the second video he talks with Sean Hannity on the whole debt debate drama.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The "Breast Milk Baby" Doll: An Example of Sexualization of Girls Or Appropriate?

The "Breast Milk Baby" is a doll meant to encourage little girls to learn about breastfeeding babies.  Why do young girls need to learn about breastfeeding babies?  The only way a woman would need to learn about breastfeeding is if she were pregnant.  So, is the "Breast Milk Baby" doll encouraging little girls to become familiar with all things sexual?  Some people may think that this doll is cute but in my opinion this doll has crossed the line and oversexualizes young girls. ABC asks (sorry but the video is not able to be embedded) Does Doll for Little Girls Go Too Far? 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

So, What's The Big Deal About Migraines? Liberals Making a Mountain Out of A Molehill

On Wednesday Michele Bachmann acknowledged to the press that she does in fact take medication to treat her migraine headaches. She said,"[l]ike nearly 30 million other Americans."  

 Bachmann released a letter from the attending physician of Congress to vouch for her health and ability.

Chris Heller of the National Journal posted some pictures of famous Americans with Migraines.  Here are a few examples:  

The liberals are making a mountain out of a molehill out of this.  She deals with migraine headaches which doesn't affect her work.  She answered the reporter's questions.  She provided a letter by her doctor which states that she is in overall good health and only gets the migraines infrequently.  Case closed.  This is a heck of a lot more than we know about Obama's health.  Liberals get over the fact that Bachmann is fit for command, to lead this country.  

Liberals stop making a mountain out of a molehill

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hump Day Rule 5 Bikini Heaven - Whitney Port

Since I missed the rule 5 on Saturday I thought I would makeup with doing a rule 5 posting today. 

Last week Whitney Port was in Miami for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week SWIM 2012.

Photos: courtesy of Mail Online