Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sick.... So here's some snippets of articles

Oh my! Polar Bears not endangered?  Global warming ecofascists must be highly disappointed about that reality.
From American Thinker:
One of the iconic images of global warming that is supposed to make us feel guilty enough to bankrupt our economy by giving in to various carbon schemes is that of the pathetic polar bear alone in the middle of the ocean on a rapidly shrinking ice floe. We are told that the poor creature is going extinct because the ice is melting and his usual feeding on seals is no longer possible. Continued

Does race matter? Is America colorblind or not?  It doesn't seem to be colorblind under Obama. 

From: American Thinker:

The fanciful idea of living in a colorblind society is one of the greatest impediments to sophisticated discussions about race in America.  If there is going to be a soothing of racial tensions in American society, there first has to be an understanding that race -- albeit a social construct based on some biological realities --exists and matters, and it is not just a vestigial figment of centuries-old white racism.
   It is axiomatic that race is a part of our social reality; however, where we need more discussion is on precisely where race matters.  The fundamental problem with race in America today is that we have a band of profiteering, country-trotting black liberals claiming that race matters in all the areas where it clearly does not. 

Pope Benedict's address was on Catherine of Bologna: Spiritual Weapons Against Evil. 

From DFW Catholic: The Holy Father dedicated his catechesis during today’s general audience, held in the Paul VI Hall in the presence of 8,000 people, to St. Catherine of Bologna (1413-1463).

Born to a noble family in the Italian city of Bologna, at the age of ten she moved to Ferrara where she entered the court of Niccolo III d’Este as a maid of honour. There she received a very careful education which would later serve her during her monastic life when “she used the cultural and artistic knowledge acquired over those years to great advantage”, the Pope said.
In 1427, at the age of fourteen, she left the court to dedicate herself to religious life in a community of young women. Two years later the leader of this group founded an Augustinian convent, but Catherine and a number of others preferred Franciscan spirituality and transformed the community into Poor Clares. Continued
It is quite obvious nowadays that public schools and common sense just don't mix.  Here is one more example of a school overreacting big time and where the so called protection is much worse than the "crime".   Do mistakes, mix ups, or accidents happen anymore?  This is ludicrous! 
From Hot Air: 
Suspended for the school year and charged with misdemeanor possession of a weapon on school grounds. And by “weapon,” I of course mean … a paring knife.
Just one question: Is it true?
Smithwick said personnel found the knife while searching the belongings of several students, possibly looking for drugs. She said the lunchbox really belonged to her father, Joe Smithwick, who packs a paring knife to slice his apple. He and his daughter have matching lunchboxes…
Lee County Schools Superintendent Jeff Moss said in a statement on Wednesday that the 3-inch-long knife was found in the teen’s purse, not her lunchbox. The search was conducted on Oct. 20 after a faculty member at the school discovered a student on campus with marijuana…
“She is currently enrolled as a student at the school,” Moss said.
The teen told WRAL News that she was initially given a 10-day suspension, then received notice that she was suspended the rest of the school year.
“Over two months after the event it is a mystery to us that the Smithwick’s concerns were not brought to our attention by the family through normal appeal procedures prior to going to the press,” Moss said.



Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gandolfini & 50 Cent Come to Travelers' Aid After East Coast Blizzard

From Fox News:

The wicked snowstorm that pounded the East Coast earlier this week managed to bring out the best in a few Good Samaritan celebs this week. This is great! What nice, good-hearted people. 

“Sopranos” star James Gandolfini came to the rescue of a stricken motorist in his New York City neighborhood Monday night, the New York Post reports.

The actor, who lives in the neighborhood, spent 45 minutes helping to dig and push out the stranger’s car.

Gandolfini kept the holiday spirit going by popping into a local bar to break change of a $100 bill. He then passed out $20 bills to the other people who helped him to dig out the motorist.

According to the bar owner Phil Casaceli, Gandolfini was a “real gentleman.”

But he wasn’t the only star shedding his tough guy image to help folks out.

Rapper 50 Cent Tweeted his plans to earn an extra few bucks Monday.

“I’m going out to shovel snow and see if I can make me a few extra dollars today. I’m charging more if they want to take pictures,” he wrote.

50 said he wanted $100 per house and managed to convince four neighbors to pay it. He also enlisted the help of some neighborhood kids for $30 an hour.

"One is a cute kid he has on a snow suit. So I'm sending him to ring the door bell to ask if we can shovel there snow… When you look at his eyes its hard to tell him no." he Tweeted.

"Then I come to tell them how much they have to pay us. Lol," he Tweeted.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Van Jones Admits Left is "Pretending" Need for Regulation in ...

Well, we knew that liberals were and are lying to people about global warming, Cap & Trade, and Green energy  jobs.

Monday, December 27, 2010

On Homosexuality and the Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell: Tolerance or Subversion?

This morning I read an article by Star Parker called Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal a Mistake and this spurred some thoughts of mine on the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell  and homosexuality in general also. With the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell our moral compass reaches a new low,  the Left has succeeded in accelerating the moral decay of this country, with removing religious moral absolutes from our culture as to say that there is no right way to engage in sexual relations.  What’s next?  Is Congress going to declare that children having sexual relations with adults is okay?  Or that persons engaging in sexual relations with animals because it makes them feel good is acceptable also?  Well, the “main stream” of America would have us believe that if something feels good to a person that it is acceptable.  Does the same go for a person who went on a robbing spree because this makes them feel good and they have mommy or daddy issues society should accept this as the norm?  This is how the slippery slope starts.  Where does this slippery slope end with these immoral liberals?  This Congress has given its brand of approval to a socially disordered act - homosexual acts.   These people can’t seem to grasp the concept of separating the person from the act.  Leftists think that if you label the act as disordered or bad that you are labeling the person as disordered or bad.   Do these people think the same of alcoholics?  Are we supposed to accept the lifestyle of alcoholics just to avoid offending their insensitivities?  Do some life circumstances make some individuals more susceptible to become alcoholics than others?  Is it possible that some life circumstances could cause some individuals to me more susceptible to engaging in homosexual acts than others?   If an  individual is around a drunk and abused by a drunk aren’t they more apt to become an alcoholic also?   If a person is molested by his/her father there could be two reactions depending on the gender of the child who is molested.  If a male is molested by his father the son could think that it was his fault and feel bad because he enjoyed it so later in life because of his being predisposed to homosexual activity he turns to homosexual activity and thinks it to be acceptable.  Remember that the female and male body have different chemical make ups so they will react to this type of trauma differently.  A female child who is molested by her father may feel unclean and  blame herself for what happened against her will and since she feels unclean may perceive all sexual relations between men as wrong or disordered.  This stigmatizes both the female and male.  The woman turns to women for love and guidance the type she should have received from her father,  experiences acceptance and love from other women, chooses to experiment sexually with those women and enjoys it.   It was her choice. She wasn’t forced.  She perceives that to be love because her father engaging in sexual activity with her wasn’t love and she probably thinks its going to be this way for her with all men.  Who could blame her for thinking this after the trauma she experienced?   Instead of giving her/him therapy for healing the mind, body, and soul we are told by our society that these persons’ disordered actions which are in response to other disordered behavior are “acceptable” instead of treating the whole problem.  According to the Left “mainstream” America should treat the subversive as normal.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Animals Singing Christmas Carols

My good friend Bunni has a couple cute videos of cats being all wrapped up so please visit her place.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ben Johnson Discusses Special Treatment for Islam and Al "racial ambulance chaser" Sharpton on Speech

Hawkins of Big Journalism points out that Rush Limbaugh was correct when he stated that Pelosi and Hoyer were moving Rep. Clyburn, a black democrat, to the back of the bus in order to guarantee that they, two white folks, would hold the key positions on the Democrat side of the House. Hawkins also points out the hypocrisy of Al "racial ambulance chaser" Sharpton accusing Limbaugh of "race-baiting".   Sharpton is the person who is guilty of race-baiting.

Bob Hope Christmas Special 1968

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Royal Wedding China Unveiled

The three china pieces, a plate, a cup and a pill box were all personally approved by the prince and his fiancée.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Is Christmas a dirty word?

According to the far Leftist NPR it is.  I found this story over at Gateway Pundit. NPR is now apologizing for using the word Christmas.  These people are anti-Christian bigots. The fact that they feel the need to apologize to their listening public for them using the word Christmas is ludicrous and means that they are ashamed of Christ, who is the reason for CHRISTmas.  Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season.  Gee... NPR doesn't want to offend any other sect of our society but oh sure, go ahead and offend Christians by disrespecting Christ and his birth.  These leftist Christian bigots don't mind bending over backwards for every other religion out there but don't care one iota about offending Christians time after time.  This is so sickening! This is yet one more example of Christian persecution in our society.  Here is Nina Totenberg apologizing for recognizing Christ and saying the word Christmas.  You bet your sweet bippy that she wouldn't be apologizing for saying Happy Ramadan.  Our tax dollars should not be funding anti-Christian bigotry. If NPR thinks their programming is so wonderful then they should be able to find the necessary funding to keep afloat. If not, then oh well. There would be no great loss in losing far Leftist channels who are by far out to the left of main stream America.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

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Friday, December 17, 2010

"The Christmas Shoes"

Rush Goes RINO Hunting!

I couldn't find a pic of Rush RINO hunting but I thought this toon showing Nugent Rino hunting looked good.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wounded Marines Say Afghanistan is Worth The Price

God Bless our brave men and women who have served and continue to serve overseas.

H/T CBS News

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Ronald Reagan Stamp Unveiling

Here is the video of the Ronald Reagan stamp unveiling:

The Gipper's commemorative stamp will officially be released on Feb. 10 on the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth. According to The Washington Times, "Texas artist Bart Forbes created the portrait, based on a 1985 photograph of Reagan taken at Rancho del Cielo, near Santa Barbara, Calif."

This is a wonderful commemoration for a man who was truly one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States.

Here is a picture of the stamp:

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Ruling Elites Wage War on Morality Via Homosexualization

By: Robert Knight:
As the nation lurches back toward well-founded suspicion of big government, the ruling elites are putting the pedal to the metal against the moral foundations.

In a matter of months, three liberal federal judges struck down California's constitutional marriage amendment, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and the military's law barring homosexuality. Why mess around with legislators when federal judges can create havoc with the stroke of a pen?

Sometimes just the threat of a wacko liberal ruling is enough to drive policy. That seems to be the reasoning behind Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates warning Congress to homosexualize the military before the courts do it. He said it would be disruptive if a court acts, so Congress should order up the lavender tanks instead.

I don't recall a single reporter asking Mr. Gates why, if ending the policy by court order would harm the military, it would be less disruptive if done by the lame-duck Congress. Mr. Gates himself hinted at the answer: Training (i.e. brainwashing) could begin earlier. Think about that. Troops drawn from America's heartland will be "trained" to appreciate sodomy - or else. Wonder if they'll break out those little Maoist dunce caps while they're at it?


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rule 5 Posting - Christina Applegate

Here is Christina Applegate when she starred in Married With Children

While surfing the internet I found the movie "Surviving Christmas" which Christina Applegate played in also.  Now, that I've seen some of the scenes from the movie and it looks like it could be a good movie I am gonna have to see the whole movie now.

TSA Grope version of "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer"

H/T YankeePhil

Michigan Wolverines Feast on Paper Buckeye

Friday, December 10, 2010

Catholic Colleges Very Identity Threatened by Obama Administration

So much for religious freedom at Catholic colleges.  The Obama administration is now targeting them. This has me fuming mad!  The Obama administration has issued new federal regulations which threaten Catholic colleges right to religious freedom and also threatens their right to be able to teach according to the Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  This attack on our religious freedom must stop!!  In Chicago Obama was very chummy with Cardinal Bernardin who was the person who developed the seamless garment of life philosophy which "holds that issues such as abortion, capital punishment, militarism, euthanasia, social injustice and economic injustice all demand a consistent application of moral principles that value the sacredness of human life (as defined by the Catholic Church)."  This philosophy has done a great injustice to the pro-life community and is false when equating abortion with that of a public execution since the Church has officially declared Dogma declaring abortion to be intrinsically evil but not in the case of capital punishment, which, according to longstanding Church tradition, the state may justly apply when bloodless means will not protect society as effectively.  So, this "seamless garment" philosophy was a perversion of Church Teachings IMO. Obama was good friends with Cardinal Berdardin and I am going to speculate that that is when he and other Marxists started infiltrating the Church and using their community organizing efforts to teach Church members their Marxist ways while perverting the true meaning of social justice and making into some political philosophy of zealotry.  I am positive that this type of thing didn't just happen in Chicago where I am sure Obama had a hand in it.  It was and is widespread, and others like Obama did their part.  That is at least in part how I believe that the whole perversion of social justice got out of hand within the Church and why church members today feel that it is okay to dissent from certain Church Teachings such as abortion and contraception.  The Catholic colleges need to fight this and take the Obama administration to court for violating their religious freedom.

Here is the article from The Cowl:

"New federal regulations issued by the Obama administration a few weeks ago threaten not only recruitment for Catholic colleges, but more importantly, their very identity. The new regulations increase oversight for colleges through either state chartering or licensing, which are necessary for colleges to obtain federal aid. While states have always had to approve colleges that receive aid, the new law mandates that states approve colleges by name. States will also have greater power to act on complaints pertaining to colleges.

So why is this a problem? New regulations represent a federal encroachment on the independence of private institutions and especially religious schools. Even the Department of Education itself admitted that "a state's role may extend into defining, for example, curriculum, teaching methods, subject matter content, faculty qualifications, and learning outcomes." Catholic colleges that incorporate religious teaching in their curriculum may risk losing federal funding if state governments don't approve of the content.

All sorts of controversial issues come to mind that could be forced into the curricula of Catholic colleges by state governments as a condition of federal aid. Schools like Providence College might have to teach that it's acceptable to get an abortion or that creationism is a myth propagated by religious wackos.

We're not safe from a repeat of what happened at Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina. At this Catholic school, the administration issued a statement that employee health insurance would not fund contraceptives and abortions because it violated Catholic teaching on the dignity of human life. However, eight dissenting faculty members appealed to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which responded by accusing the college of discriminating against women.

Unfortunately, federal regulation is already trying to undermine key precepts of the Catholic faith, which should be actively promoted by Catholic schools across the country. The scary thing is that even federal officials admit these new regulations do "not limit a State's oversight of institutions." In other words, states have total authority to rule against a school whose curriculum it deems "discriminatory" for promoting life.

Catholic schools that aren't approved by state governments will lose funding, which will hurt enrollment. Although enrollment obviously matters, what's at stake is greater. These new federal regulations threaten the responsibility of Catholic schools to spread their missions unimpeded by politically correct legislation, aimed at enforcing secularism—or even atheism."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Narcissistic Personality Disorder on the Endangered Species List?

The NY Times posted an article revealing that the new manual - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) - which is due out in 2013 has eliminated five of the ten personality disorders which are currently listed in DSM-4, including narcissistic personality disorder.  Aw... Come on!  Can these professionals on the DSM committee honestly say with a straight face that there are absolutely no more individuals who qualify as being diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder?  Or the other disorders?  Do you think that this is political?  Mmmm... Who constantly focuses on me, me, me?  They wouldn't want you-know-who to look bad and be labeled as a narcissist in our society.  And, yes there have been disorders removed from the DSM in the past, purely for political reasons.   There are many psychiatrists and other experts in the field who are fuming mad about the DSM committee's decision to give the axe to five of the ten personality disorders.  The DSM committee says that our everyday picture of a narcissist is too broad. 

After searching the internet I came to find out that the DSM committee's new standard of diangnosis for these five personality disorders is based on "a combination of core impairment in personality functioning and specific pathological personality traits, rather than as a specific type.” 
From PsychCentral: "The intended hybrid replacement model has not been extensively tested in clinical practice or in practical research. A handful of studies are used to suggest this model is ready for primetime, yet it appears that the Workgroup used a mish-mash of various theories to justify the change."

See how incoherent this is?       

The DSM committee seems like they're experimenting with peoples' lives like Frankenstein.

The NY Times points out the requirements for being diagnosed with narcissistic personaility disorder:

"The central requirement for N.P.D. is a special kind of self-absorption: a grandiose sense of self, a serious miscalculation of one’s abilities and potential that is often accompanied by fantasies of greatness. It is the difference between two high school baseball players of moderate ability: one is absolutely convinced he’ll be a major-league player, the other is hoping for a college scholarship.

Of course, it would be premature to call the major-league hopeful a narcissist at such an early age, but imagine that same kind of unstoppable, unrealistic attitude 10 or 20 years later.

The second requirement for N.P.D.: since the narcissist is so convinced of his high station (most are men), he automatically expects that others will recognize his superior qualities and will tell him so. This is often referred to as “mirroring.” It’s not enough that he knows he’s great. Others must confirm it as well, and they must do so in the spirit of “vote early, and vote often.”

Finally, the narcissist, who longs for the approval and admiration of others, is often clueless about how things look from someone else’s perspective. Narcissists are very sensitive to being overlooked or slighted in the smallest fashion, but they often fail to recognize when they are doing it to others.

Most of us would agree that this is an easily recognizable profile, and it is a puzzle why the manual’s committee on personality disorders has decided to throw N.P.D. off the bus. Many experts in the field are not happy about it."
One of the unhappy campers and a sharp critic of the DSM commmittee's decision, named Dr. John Gunderson, who is in the professional psyco babble camp said this showed how “unenlightened” the DSM committee is.  He continued:

“They have little appreciation for the damage they could be doing.” He said the diagnosis is important in terms of organizing and planning treatment.

“It’s draconian,” he said of the decision, “and the first of its kind, I think, that half of a group of disorders are eliminated by committee.”
He favors the prototype approach over what he called the dimensional appraoch. 

He also blamed a so-called dimensional approach, which is a method of diagnosing personality disorders that is new to the DSM. It consists of making an overall, general diagnosis of personality disorder for a given patient, and then selecting particular traits from a long list in order to best describe that specific patient.

This is in contrast to the prototype approach that has been used for the past 30 years: "the narcissistic syndrome is defined by a cluster of related traits, and the clinician matches patients to that profile."

The dimensional approach has the appeal of ordering à la carte — you get what you want, no more and no less. But it is precisely because of this narrow focus that it has never gained much traction with clinicians.
It is one thing to call someone a neat and careful dresser. It is another to call that person a dandy, or a clotheshorse, or a boulevardier. Each of these terms has slightly different meanings and conjures up a type.
And clinicians like types. The idea of replacing the prototypic diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder with a dimensional diagnosis like “personality disorder with narcissistic and manipulative traits” just doesn’t cut it.
Jonathan Shedler, a psychologist at the University of Colorado Medical School, said: “Clinicians are accustomed to thinking in terms of syndromes, not deconstructed trait ratings. Researchers think in terms of variables, and there’s just a huge schism.” He said the committee was stacked “with a lot of academic researchers who really don’t do a lot of clinical work. We’re seeing yet another manifestation of what’s called in psychology the science-practice schism.”
Schism is probably not an overstatement. For 30 years the DSM has been the undisputed standard that clinicians consult when diagnosing mental disorders. When a new diagnosis is introduced, or an established diagnosis is substantially modified or deleted, it is not a small deal. As Dr. Gunderson said, it will affect the way professionals think about and treat patients.

Narcissism personality disorder - you can't live with it and you can't live without it.

I officially say even professional psycho babble doesn't make sense.