Monday, May 25, 2015

Celebrating Memorial Day: 'Arlington' by Trace Adkins

A big thank you goes out to those in the military who have sacrificed so much and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we may be free.  God Bless them and their families. God Bless America!!

I hope everyone had a great time celebrating with family and friends over the holiday weekend.

Friday, May 8, 2015

I support free speech; I support @PamelaGeller

 Pamela Geller has every right to hold a draw Mohammed cartoon contest.  That is the beauty of the United States of America.  Our country has freedom of speech, in the very first amendment.  There were two jihadist Islamists who decided to try and shoot up the draw Mohammed event.  Those two extremist Islamists were totally in the wrong.  Some progressives are blaming Pamela Geller for two radical
Islamists attempting to shoot up her event.  Pamela Geller is NOT in the wrong!!  Not one iota!!!  If Christians can act peacefully when there was anti-Christian "art" piss Christ and Virgin Mary in dung then so should Muslims with the draw Mohammed cartoon contest. As much as a Catholic Christian I am offended, outraged, and appalled by the piss Christ and the Virgin Mary in dung I still believe that the so called art is covered under the first amendment. Yes, cartoon drawings that makes fun of or dishonors Mohammed and disrespects Islam is free speech.  Under the first amendment any person is permitted to draw cartoons of Mohammed and hold a draw Mohammed contest.  We must not let violence committed by criminals determine what is considered free speech and what isn't free speech.  I support Pamela Geller and right to freedom of expression under the first amendment.