Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back from a stay at the hospital

Ya know how life can throw a curve ball every now and then, well.... I just returned home from the hospital. Yesterday I started having chest pains, some severe intermittent shooting pains and other pain that was a bad ache that stayed there all the time.  Needless to say I knew that this was something that I couldn't ignore so my hubby picked me up from work and we headed to the emergency room.  Since the docs weren't sure whether the pain was caused by my heart or something else they ran some tests. Thankfully by the early evening they were pretty sure it didn't have anything to do with my heart but they decided to admit to the hospital to make sure.  All the doctors and nurses were superb and treated me extremely well during my stay.  This morning the doctor told me that I have something called costochondritis which can cause a similar type of pain to the chest like the pain associated with a heart attack. I am exhausted so I will be relaxing today. Hopefully I will be back to visiting everyone's blogs by tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

American Muslims Stone Christians; Dearborn MI Police Officers are Islamic Supremacy Sympathizers

The Dearborn, MI police officers are useless pieces of garbage IMO.  They aid and abet in the Islamic supremacy, intolerance and persecution of anyone who isn't a Muslim.  They are a bunch of freaking dhimmis that are trading our Constitution for Islamic sharia law.  All of the police in Dearborn should be fired for refusing to do their job, not allowing free speech or freedom for Christians to express their religious beliefs, and complete incompetence and malfeasance for allowing mob rule by Muslims, being prejudicial in their application of laws, and ignoring instituting the rule of law when it comes to Muslims in Dearborn.  .

Gruesome photos of forced abortion puts spotlight on China's one child policy

"At 3 a.m. on June 4, three days after being illegally locked up by the local government, Feng Jianmei, a 7-month pregnant woman in a small town in Northwest China, saw the body of her unborn baby dragged out of her uterus."    The unborn baby died by lethal injection. 

Feng's sister was so outraged by the barbarism committed against her sister at the hands of the Chinese government that she took some photos and uploaded them to the internet. 

My heart goes out to this woman and her family.  This is horrific.  We must keep on exposing the horrors which are occurring in China today.  We need to keep on speaking out for women and the babies' right to live. 

I got the pics off of a site called Ministry of Tofu from an article called Gruesome photos of forced late-term abortion appall China, challenge one-child policy      

Did you get that title?  China is appalled that the gruesome photos went viral after being posted to the internet.  The Chinese government is ticked that their brutality of women is being showcased around the world.  But China is totally okay with the fact that they forced Feng to have an abortion via lethal injection, forcibly removed the baby from her uterus, removed her uterus, and murdered an innocent human being.   This was all done because the couple was unable to pay the $40, 000 fine for their violation of the one-child policy, which in part is due to Deng's  (the husband) mother having cancer. The birth control police made their extortion for murder intentions quite clear with this text message, “40,000, not a penny less" which Deng showed a reporter.   

And this is the road progressives want to send us down with the HHS mandate and the federal government's overreach of numerous programs which effectively says to heck with your freedom?  

Jing Gao the writer of Ministry of Tofu said this: "The 7-month-old fetus appeared to have already taken good shape."   Taken good shape? What?!?  Have some people become so desensitized that they cannot admit that what they see in that photo is a fully formed baby human being?  The baby was at 7 months gestation in the womb when it was forcibly removed from the mother and killed.  

Here is a picture of a 7 month old preborn baby in the womb: 

From 10 weeks old the unborn baby has a heartbeat. Yes, progressives, that means that the baby has a heart at that point in time also.  At month 2 organs are forming. At 3 months the baby's eyelids, earlobes, limbs, and digits begin to form.  At this same time the baby begins: thumb-sucking, head-nodding, and balling the tiny fingers into fists. During month 4 all organs have been formed. The baby is able to hear the mother's heartbeat and voice, as well as other outside noises. The unborn baby even has good reflexes by the time having the ability to swallow, kick, and even perform a somersault. By the end of month 4 doctors are able to identify the baby's gender.  As month 5 rolls around the baby starts really kicking, has hair, and has both eyelashes and eyebrows.  By month 6 all the babies essential organs - kidneys, heart, lungs - are fully formed. The baby is able to hiccup now.  At 6 months the baby even reacts to outside noise by blinking, kicking, or shifting. Now we have come up to the month seven, the same point of development that Feng and Deng's baby was murdered by the Chinese government. 

Information on unborn baby via Virginia Society for Human Life 

To those progressives who are outraged over this but who are pro-abortion I have a couple questions:  Do you believe that that is a baby in the picture?  That has the right to live?  If you believe that the baby you see is human in that picture - a baby at 7 months gestation - when does that baby in the development cycle cease to be a human baby? At 6 months? 5 months? 4 months? 3 months? 2 months? 1 month? 1 day?  If that baby is genetically human at 7 months that baby was also genetically human at the moment of conception for you and every other human living on this planet could not have been formed unless conception occurred.  So that means the the beginnings of every person's humanity begins at conception.  So progressives by being pro-abortion, for the right of women to choose to kill other human beings,  you are against the human race, the human race's existence.  

Due to public outrage the Chinese government has apologized to Feng for the abortion.  But the apology and public outrage has not been without consequences for her and her family - she and her family have been hounded by the government, and she has been labeled a "traitor".   If I was in Feng's position and labeled a "traitor" by the government I would consider that a badge of honor.  

Another woman named Zhang Wen Fang has come forward and is talking about the atrocities which were committed against her at the hands of the Chinese government four years ago.  She is risking retribution from the government to tell how she lost her baby and lost her livelihood.  More Here

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is the HHS Targeting Babies With Down Syndrome? Link Between Prenatal Testing & an Increase in Abortions?

While many of us have been focused on the HHS mandate if we take another look behind the curtain there is something else that Sebelius, the HHS secretary, has adopted in its entirety which is at the least as troublesome if not more so than the mandating of contraception, abortion, and sterilization coverage. Sebelius has adopted a recommendation from the Institute of Medicine’s report on “Clinical Preventive Services for Women,” which funds prenatal testing, which could lead to more abortions.  

“Buried in the IOM report is the recommendation for no-cost, well-woman visits; these visits include prenatal care — and thus prenatal testing for ‘genetic or developmental conditions,’” according to attorney and bioethicist Mark Leach in Public Discourse. “This prompts the question: How does prenatal testing prevent Down syndrome?” 
The report states: “Another type of well-woman, preventative-care visit is in the routine prenatal care for pregnant women. ... The recommended content of the visit includes specific tests and procedures (e.g., blood pressure, weight, urine test, uterine size and fetal heart-rate assessment, glucose-tolerance testing, and screening for specific sexually transmitted infections and genetic or developmental conditions).” 
Since Down syndrome is present from conception and cannot be treated in utero, it would appear that the birth of babies with Down syndrome is prevented by making certain that all women receive prenatal screening, which in 90% of cases leads to abortion. Congress just passed legislation prohibiting the abortion of babies because of their race or sex with no provisions against abortions for genetic anomalies. Targeting a child for elimination based upon an irregular number of genes is not only legal in America — it may be paid for by our tax dollars. 

When Rick Santorum made the claim that prenatal testing led to abortion in 90% of cases where the baby has been diagnosed with Down syndrome a number of people made the assertion that Rick Santorum didn't have his facts straight - that he was wrong. But was he really?  The proof is in the pudding - or the research shall I say.  A 2004 study published in the Journal of Fetal Medicine supports Santorum's supposedly false claims.  Ironically the facts refute the denouncers of Santorum, those who claim to *know* the truth but are proven wrong yet again.  

A 2004 study published in the journal Fetal Medicine explored the connection between prenatal-screening policies in Europe and termination for neural-tube defects and Down syndrome. Excluding data from Ireland and Malta, where abortion is illegal, results showed that more than 90% of women terminated following a prenatal diagnosis. So, having a screening policy results in more prenatal detection, and almost all babies with Down syndrome are terminated.

I do think that prenatal testing can be a good thing.  But as with all things it is always possible to use a good thing to do evil.  In this case there certainly is evidence to suggest that there is a connection between prenatal testing, the diagnosis of babies with down syndrome, and those babies' deaths.  

Could it be the intent of the Obama administration to prevent children with Down syndrome from being born? If so, it would not be the first time a eugenic agenda has darkened American public policy. Tucker Carlson pointed out in a 1996 Weekly Standard article that Joycelyn Elders, in 1990, when she was Arkansas state health director, testified before Congress that “abortion has had an important, and positive, public-health effect,” in that it has reduced “the number of children afflicted with severe defects.”

“As evidence, the future (U.S.) surgeon general cited this statistic: ‘The number of Down syndrome infants in Washington state in 1976 was 64% lower than it would have been without legal abortion,’” Carlson wrote. 

Why is it that when it comes to progressives and their "compassionate" killing of babies with disabilities the bottom line is about money, saving money so society won't have to deal with "blighted" children but when it comes to all the social programs they act like money comes out of some bottomless pit and waste it on lots on needless government programs like their is going to be no tomorrow?  That is some screwed up and truly demented thinking.  Thanks to them countless numbers of babies with disabilities have had no future and will have no tomorrow to look forward to.  

Leticia continues in the article to talk about the bottom-line benefits and Jerome Lejune, who discovered Trisomy 21, the cause of Down syndrome who was greatly distressed that his discovery was being used for
eugenics, for the extermination of the disabled around the world.  CONTINUED

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Most Corrupt States in America

The Center for Public Integrity has released the scores of a their report which investigated the risk of corruption and lack of accountability in our 50 states.  The report shows that almost every state in the nation received at least one terrible grade that should give each of us pause for concern.

From Fox Business:

The Center for Public Integrity’s report examined issues concerning accountability and ethics in each state government. States were graded on 330 separate metrics, which were grouped into 14 major categories. Overall grades are based on the average grades in the major categories, which included lobbying disclosure, political financing, internal auditing, ethics enforcement agencies and redistricting.

Apparently the difference between those states which scored an F and those that scored a B- or better, those that have integrity and those that don't, is whether the state had regular reports on the government from watchdog groups, citizens, and public employees. Randy Barrett said the main problem is the lack of public access to information.  How is there supposed to be transparency and accountability if the states refuse to make information public so citizens have access to that information?

For some reason those states that have been dealing with corruption for a long period of time, such as California and New Jersey, received high marks because they have measures in place to stop the corruption since they have dealt with corruption in the past.

According to Barrett, states with stagnant political environments often encourage corruption. Governments with high levels of corruption tend to have a political party — either the Democrats or Republicans — in power for a long time. The states that have had a “machine” in place for a long time often tend to be the most corrupt. Machines tend to want to protect themselves.

The states with the worst records on corruption and lack of accountability are Michigan, North Dakota, South Carolina, Maine, Virginia, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Georgia.

8. Michigan> Overall grade: F (58%)
> Public access to information: D
> Legislative accountability: F
> Political financing: F
> Ethics enforcement agencies: F
Michigan received a grade of F in 10 of the 14 categories measured, including accountability in all three branches of government as well as in redistricting, lobbying and political financing. Michigan is one of just three states that still lacks financial disclosure rules for lawmakers and governors. According to Chris Andrews, author of the State Integrity Investigation report on Michigan, the state does not fall prey to much of the widespread corruption that has been seen in Detroit. The report’s findings indicate, however, that the state has no system in place to monitor state lobbying, which is among the most corrupt in the country. This, according to Andrews, “has allowed wealthy individuals and powerful PACs to funnel huge amounts of money into campaigns.” The state also has a “gift loophole” for lobbyists, which allows gifts from interested parties to elected officials like sports tickets or meals. 
7. North Dakota> Overall grade: F (58%)
> Public access to information: C
> Legislative accountability: F
> Political financing: F
> Ethics enforcement agencies: F
North Dakota got an F in eight of the 14 categories, including redistricting, ethics enforcement agencies, lobbying disclosure and political financing. According to the report, these problems with accountability can lead to conflicts of interest. For example, there are no laws in place preventing civil servants from entering any part of the private sector after leaving office. The state has had a Republican governor in place since Ed Shafer took office in December, 1992. With Republicans holding 75% of legislature seats and philosophically opposing more regulation, as State Integrity Investigation reporter Terry Finneman explains, they tend to “protect the machine.” Last year, they overwhelmingly voted against a bill to create an ethics commission.

6. South Carolina> Overall grade: F (57%)
> Public access to information: F
> Legislative accountability: F
> Political financing: D-
> Ethics enforcement agencies: F
South Carolina received nine failing grades in areas including executive, judicial and legislative accountability. State Integrity Investigation notes that the budget of South Carolina’s State Ethics Commission has been cut a total of six times in the past three years. In September 2010, all regulations on limiting contributions to political parties were eliminated. Additionally, many contributors to individual candidates abuse loopholes to avoid limitations on donations. There is also an antagonistic relationship between office-holding politicians and the press. Specifically, the report says, Governor Nikki Haley’s administration has used a policy of deleting important emails. 
5. Maine> Overall grade: F (56%)
> Public access to information: F
> Legislative accountability: F
> Political financing: D+
> Ethics enforcement agencies: F
Maine received F grades in nine of the 14 measured categories, including legislative accountability, lobbying disclosure and public access to information. The State Integrity Investigation identifies the existence of possible conflicts of interest and corruption. According to the report, there is no law in place, for example, to force Democratic State Senator Jim Brannigan to disclose that the organization that he was a director of received $98 million in Maine government contracts. On February 1, Republican State Representative David Burns was arrested for violating campaign finance laws such as falsifying records and misusing funds.
4. Virginia> Overall grade: F (55%)
> Public access to information: F
> Legislative accountability: F
> Political financing: F
> Ethics enforcement agencies: F
Among Virginia’s ethical failings are poor government oversight, weak consumer protections and poor separation between politicians and big business. Overall, it receives nine Fs. One of the state’s greatest offenses is its exemption of its State Corporation Commission — a regulatory agency that is responsible for overseeing all businesses, utilities, financial institutions and railroads in the state — from its Freedom of Information Act. While Virginia has a General Assembly Conflict of Interests Act, the law has proven incredibly inefficient. Only one legislator has ever been prosecuted for violating it — 26 years ago. The state is also weak on enforcing disclosure laws. In 2004, it was discovered that former Democratic Governor L. Douglas Wilder failed to file disclosure reports for his gubernatorial election campaign. Worst still, approximately $169,000 from his campaign account was unaccounted for. Consequently, L. Douglas Wilder, Jr., the former governor’s son and one-time campaign treasurer, pleaded guilty to two election law misdemeanors in 2007, resulting in a $1,000 fine and a suspended one-year sentence.

3. Wyoming> Overall grade: F (52%)
> Public access to information: F
> Legislative accountability: D-
> Political financing: F
> Ethics enforcement agencies: F
The state of Wyoming received a grade of F in nine of the 14 categories measured by the State Integrity Investigation. The state’s mechanism for self-governance is extremely poor. According to the report, there is no hotline, website or other method for state employees to report corruption. The state also has had the same political machine in place for some time. Wyoming’s two U.S. senators both have been Republicans since 1977. In 2006, the state legislature, which is primarily Republican, overrode a veto from the governor and ruled themselves exempt from open records laws. This means bills in draft can be kept secret, as can all communications with staff, until a bill is proposed. 
2. South Dakota> Overall grade: (50%)
> Public access to information: D+
> Legislative accountability: F
> Political financing: F
> Ethics enforcement agencies: F
South Dakota, which has the second-highest corruption risk score, has nine failing grades out of 14 categories, and three Ds. The state, which has among the lowest population density in the country, does not have “comprehensive state ethics laws,” an ethics commission or satisfactory transparency laws, as Denise Ross writes for the State Integrity Investigation. The state does little to require public officials, other than judges, to disclose their income and assets. State law features a loophole that makes it possible for individuals to make unlimited political donations. The state has made major improvements in its integrity by making many state records available online in recent years.
1. Georgia> Overall grade: F (49%)
> Public access to information: F
> Legislative accountability: F
> Political financing: F
> Ethics enforcement agencies: F
Georgia has the worst levels of corruption risk and lack of accountability of any state in the country. The state scored a D or worse in 12 of the 14 categories. The state’s biggest problem is the absence of a strong ethics enforcement agency. Republican governor Sonny Perdue managed to get an ethics bill through the legislature, but by the time it passed, his proposals to ban gifts to state workers and clearly define appropriate campaign spending had been stripped out. According to State Integrity reporter Jim Walls, while Georgia has provisions to prevent certain kinds of corruption in campaign finance and lobbying, the state is full of unaddressed loopholes and lax enforcement. “About 2,000 Georgia officials, including one in five sitting legislators, have failed to pay penalties for filing their disclosures late, or not at all.”

Whether Republican or Democrat the "machine" is partial to cronyism and this is bad for the cause of liberty.  The crony "machine" needs to be disbanded and made into smaller entities or replaced with people who will represent the citizens and put what is best for the state and it's citizens above their own interests.  For integrity to occur we must get rid of the cronyism, at least as much as possible.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Charlie Brown Presents...The Birth of the Constitution

On this date in 1788 The United States Constitution was ratified.  New Hampshire was the ninth state and the last state necessary to ratify the U.S. Constitution and it did so on this date. This made the U.S. Constitution the law of the land. The Peanuts gang presents The Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stop, Ask, Think: 5 Questions Before You Leave The Catholic Church

Jennifer Fulwiler has written a great article, 5 Questions Before You Leave The Catholic Church, to both fallen-away Catholics and those thinking about leaving the Church. This is not posted to criticize those who have left the Church or are thinking about leaving.  Jennifer is explaining away some misconceptions about the Catholic Church and beautifully defends how special the Catholic Church has been, is now, and will always be.  God Bless.

From Jennifer: 
As someone whose faith journey has gone in the opposite direction, I would encourage Quindlen, as well anyone else who has followed her path or is thinking of following it, to consider the following five questions before abandoning the Catholic faith:

1. Are you sure members of the Church hierarchy are worse than anyone else?

When people cite the pedophilia scandals as a key reason for abandoning the Church, I worry that they're setting themselves up for deep disappointment. The fact that priests abused children is an idea so horrific that one can hardly bear to think about it, and the fact that some bishops didn't take action to stop it is almost worse. But the chilling fact -- perhaps so chilling that we don't can't accept it -- is that this is not a problem with Catholic priests and bishops; it's a problem with human nature. A priest is no more likely to abuse a child than a male schoolteacher, and a bishop is no more likely to cover it up than a school administrator.
The problems may have seemed worse within the Church because it is a single, worldwide organization, so it's easy to link all the bad occurrences under one umbrella. But if, for example, all the nondenominational churches on the earth were part of a cohesive worldwide system, you would almost certainly see the same issues at the same rates. Instead of each instance being lost in the anonymity of disconnected communities, when they were all considered together it would seem epidemic.
Other organizations are no more safe for children than the Church -- in fact, based on personal experience, I believe they are now less safe. Thanks to the pervasive stereotypes about Catholicism, people are lured into a false sense of security when dealing with other organizations, and end up adopting the dangerous mentality that "it couldn't happen here."

2. Are you sure your faith life would be better outside of the Church?

Keep in mind that leaving the Catholic Church means leaving the sacraments -- sacraments with real power, which are not available outside of the Church that Jesus founded. If it brings you joy to commune with Jesus spiritually, how much better is it to commune with him physically as well? And how lucky are we to have the sacrament of confession, where you can unload all your burdens, hear the words "you are forgiven," and receive special grace to help you to be the morally upright person you strive to be?
Now, those who are considering leaving the Church may struggle with believing in the supernatural power of the sacraments (in which case I'd recommend checking out these resources). But even if that's the case, within the two-thousand-year-old Church is an unfathomable treasure chest of spiritual wisdom. We have the Rosary as well as all the other time-tested prayers of the Church. Then there are the lives of the saints, countless stories that offer an inexhaustible supply of information and inspiration about how to have a rich spiritual life. And of course we have a worldwide network of monasteries and convents, and all the great religious orders. I suppose it's possible to utilize some of these spiritual resources without being a practicing Catholic, but if you believe that they're good and helpful, why sever them from the source of their wisdom?

Continued here 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Adidas 'JS Roundhouse Mids' Promoting Slavery?

First I want to say that other than the shoes having my favorite color purple on them I think that these shoes look ridiculous.

What do you think? Do you think that these shoes look ridiculous?  

Adidas is being accused of promoting slavery with its new JS Roundhouse Mids, which are orange shackles that are worn around a runner's ankles, reports theDaily Mail.
However, some critics have compared the apparel to actual steel shackles worn by black slaves centuries ago. 
On top of that, the JS Roundhouse Mid won't even be released until August.
Dr. Boyce Watkins, of Syracuse University, wrote inYour Black World that "Shackles" were "the stuff that our ancestors wore for 400 years while experiencing the most horrific atrocities imaginable." 
"Most of which were never documented in the history books and kept away from you in the educational system, all so you'd be willing to put shackles on your ankles today and not be so sensitive about it." 
"There is always a group of negroes who are more than happy to resubmit themselves to slavery. I'm offended by these shoes as there is nothing funny about the prison industrial complex, which is the most genocidal thing to happen to the black family since slavery itself." 
Adidas was contacted by the Daily Mail, but has not issued a statement.

The orange shackles remind me of prison shackles. I can also see how blacks could view the shackles as promoting slavery.  I don't think that it was Adidas's plan to promote either slavery or the jailhouse look.  As far as I'm concerned I think this is one of the dumbest ideas produced by Adidas.  I am still trying to figure out how the shackles on the shoes are supposed to help a person run. To me this is a little bizarre, like Adidas is trying to stir up controversy to boost up sales for their business.  Controversy for some reason usually does sell. They're supposed to be released for sale in August. Let's wait and see whether that happens or whether Adidas is going to dump the shoes due to this controversy. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Remembering all dads who have passed away

John at Sentry Journal reminded me of this song with his post where he remembers his father, describes how much that he misses him on this Father's Day, and how much that he impacted his life.  I dedicate this song to all the people whose dads have passed away, but especially to my husband in honor of his father who died in the line of duty when he was just eight years old.  To each every one of you I wish you a blessed and wonderful week.

Mini Eagle Freedom Links - Odds and Ends Edition

I want to wish all dads and grandfathers a Happy Father's Day!  

Somehow on May 5 I missed my 3rd blogaversary.  In some ways I can believe that its been three year since I started this blog and other ways have me thinking oh my goodness its been three years since I started this adventure known as blogging.  I am so glad to have met some very fine patriots and wonderful friends via this blog.  

Should we be funding China's one-child policy?  The U.S. just helped the Chinese pro-life activist, Chen Guangcheng, who was being persecuted for fighting against the one-child policy come to America but we are funding that policy via UNFPA - a U.N. organization. Now, does that make sense?  How many of you think the U.N. needs to be disbanded? Or at least that the U.S. needs to say adios to the U.N.?  I see absolutely no reason to belong to a world organization that thrives on anti-Americanism and isn't worth a damn when it comes to bringing peace to the world.  They just placate Russia and China. And have Iran one of the worst human rights violators on the Human Rights Council.  That makes no sense.  

Here are some great links from some dedicated patriots who are trying to save America from tyranny. Enjoy! 

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The cartoons are courtesy of 

Face of Pro-Life: Religious Liberty

Fr. Angelo Geiger and Corinn Dahm discuss the Religious Liberty issue surrounding the HHS Contraception Mandate. They relate this to other issues and how it influences our daily lives as Catholics, how the Bishops have come together to fight against this and what this means for the Church. 

Face of Pro-Life #179: Religious Liberty by AirMaria

Thursday, June 14, 2012

MIni Eagle Freedom Links -- Obamacare is Bad for America Edition

I will posting more links within a couple days but I at least wanted to post some links even though I have been feeling under the weather due to a medical issue.  It is mid-June and we should be hearing a ruling from the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of Obamacare so I thought that I would post some videos on why Obamacare is bad for America and Americans.  Hopefully the Supreme Court will do the right thing and rule that Obamacare is unconstitutional. Now here are some links by great conservative bloggers.

Sentry Journal - When Conservatives don't embrace liberty 

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Reaganite Republican - CBO: If debt continues US could enter 'permanent recession' within a decade  

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Atlas Shrugs - Pamela Geller, WND Weekly column: Mega-Mosque leaders defy US law

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Adrienne's Corner - For Greater Glory... 

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The Libertarian Patriot - Meet individualist Emily, The Freedom Movement's alternative to Obama's Julia 

Stop Marxism - Members of Congress call for "Swat" investigation

Sancte Pater - Pope says being baptized means always saying "no" to Satan, falsehood  

Liberty At Stake - Democrat Circular Firing Squad ( June 2012 Edition) 

Don't Tread On Us - States Rights 101 

America's Chronicle - Jeb Bush doesn't get it 

Maggie's Notebook - Where is the outrage? 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This Day in 1987... Ronald Reagan: Mr. Gorbachev Tear Down This Wall

Let us all follow in Ronald Reagan's footsteps and stand up for freedom against the Communists - those living inside the United States - in this election and afterwards.

Here is the full speech:

Monday, June 11, 2012

Navy Drone Crashed Near Salisbury, MD

I just found out via Reaganite Republican that a drone aircraft crashed earlier today near my hometown of Salisbury, Md. The Navy is now investigating the cause of the crash.

From WBOC: 

NANTICOKE, Md. (WBOC/AP)- A U.S. Navy drone crashed early Monday afternoon in a marshy area on Maryland's Eastern Shore, military officials said. There were no reported injuries on the ground and no damage to property.
The Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Demonstrator unmanned aircraft being tested by the Navy went down at around 12:11 p.m. near Bloodsworth Island in southern Dorchester County, the Navy said in a release.
The 44-foot-long aircraft is one of five aircraft acquired from the Air Force Global Hawk program. The Navy said the BAMS-D program has been developing tactics and doctrine for the employment of high-altitude unmanned patrol aircraft since November 2006.

The Navy is investigating the cause of the crash.
The Coast Guard set up a safety zone around the area where the crash occurred.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Open-Minded" -- Brain Cells Where Art Thou?

Being open-minded does not mean that you're supposed to let your brain cells pour out through a sieve and ignore reality, truth, and facts. Being open-minded does not mean being tolerant of those things which are harmful to our health and others' health.  

Today the term "open-minded" as it is used by progressives really means only being tolerant of the points of view that they agree with as well as tolerating opinions which run contrary to logic, fact, and truth while displaying intolerance of any views different than their own, e.g., those that conform to logic, fact, and eternal truth.  Being open-minded means making up your version of the truth to fit your own feelings and opinions.  

If being open-minded means rejecting reality, truth, facts, and logic and exchnaging those things for truth-denying opinions based on fantasy, an alternate reality, then I can gleefully accept not being labeled open-minded" by those who are open-minded like a sieve.  

People who are okay with gay marriage, abortion, contraception, and euthanasia in the name of tolerance, compassion, privacy, and open-mindedness are going against the grain, rejecting God's lawful authority over all creation and the divine prerogative to decide who lives and who dies, while believing in man-made laws born from opinions which are based on emotions are acting irrationally. 

These people who claim to be open-minded and tolerant believe they know best as far as morality goes.  The so called open-minded believe that their morality supersedes God's laws. 

According to those who claim to be open-minded anything goes all in the name of privacy because to them the choices they make only affect the person(s) involved in the decision-making process which tends to normally be primarily based on their feelings.  

Is that true? Or simply an opinion based on emotion? 

Let's first start with homosexualty. Homosexuals claim to be all about privacy and for the right to do whatever they want in their bedrooms. There is no bedroom police coming after homosexuals in their homes. At least not that I know of.  Homosexuals are free to be hip having fun playing cornhole - sex - oooh love making - with each other. That is their perogative if they wish to do so.  Homosexuals are free to engage in any sexual escapades they want to in their bedrooms.  

But now homosexuals don't merely want privacy.  They want to live out their homosexuality openly in public. 

Somehow according to liberal logic privacy equals living out their homosexual lifestyle publicly. Doesn't that defy logic? Opposites attract? 

Homosexuals who at one time were calling for bedroom privacy are now demanding that they be permitted to marry not only demanding tolerance but full fledged approval from society for their openly homosexual lifestyle. 

What happened to homosexuals being for privacy, left alone? 

Homosexuals along with other open-minded individuals perception of reality gets a bit cloudy when they claim homosexual marriage is equal to that of traditional marriage - you know the meaning of marriage which has been around since the time of Adam and Eve, between one man and one woman.  Their claim is fallacious.

Is there even the remotest possibility that two lesbians or two homosexual men are able to procreate without the facilitation of the man made up technological science of in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination? NO. 

With 100 percent certainty I can say that there is no possibility that two homosexuals can be open to natural procreation.  God did not make it possible for that to occur.  Then we get the arguments from the Left what about the elderly or those who are inferile? In both cases each were able to be open to procreation naturally.  In the case of infertility it is still possible that God could make a way for the sperm and egg to meet and form a zygote so that an embryo could come into existence.  The elderly couple has experienced the natural cycle of life and while no longer able to achieve pregnancy when she was younger she had the ability to achieve pregnancy naturally so therefore she had the capability to procreate naturally.  

Let's go on to tackle both abortion and euthanasia at the same time.  

The open-minded clamor for privacy over their own bodies. In the case of abortion pro-abortion women claim to have the right to kill another human being that's living inside of them in the name of privacy.  These people need to murder an innocent human being to fulfill their so-called right to privacy? Wait... But I thought these people only wanted to have the right to privacy for themselves? I know I know, that liberal logic again. Somehow they consider having the right to kill another living human being equal to having their own privacy rights even though what they call their privacy is not limited to theirselves but in fact includes another living human being. 

Then we have those who claim it is compassionate to kill the unborn baby especially when the baby has some sort of disability, disease, or genetic defect. These same individuals also claim that killing those persons who are sick, dying, or elderly is compassionate.  In that open-minded sieve-like brain of theirs somehow progressives believe that murdering a person equals compassion. I know another case of liberal logic defying reality. 

I guess these same people believe that individuals who either physically or mentally handicapped should have never been born.  They demand for a purified humanity in a society without who they deem to be "undesirables." Gee... That sounds familiar. 

Progressives don't believe that it is possible for individuals experiencing old age, illness, or disabilities to live meaningful lives.  Those who claim to be open-minded believe it is okay and even a better alternative for these people to be put down like a dog instead of truly showing them compassion by assisting these people in their time of need, treating them with dignity, as they go through the stages of life. 

I suppose those individuals on the Left who claim to be open-minded but are either agnostic or atheists who reject God also don't believe that there is the possibilty that God's healing touch will come upon those individuals who are experiencing old age, sickness, or a disability.  

God is the author of life and He is the only one who has the authority to create new life and to take life. We must not act like pagan gods making up our own rules as we go along rejecting the One True God's authority over all of creation. We are called to be faithful followers of God who believe in his rightful authority and who follow laws which are in accordance with God's will, not man's laws which run contrary to God's laws.  

“Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.”  - G.K. Chesterton  

Cory Feldman "the number one problem in Hollywood was, and is, and always will be pedophilia"

I have started to do a bit of house cleaning of my blog and for some reason this post was never published which surprised me since I thought that I did. Even though this story is from almost a year ago I think it is important enough to post it today.

Cory Feldman is speaking out and is dishing the dirt on Hollywood, exposing just how immoral Hollywood is with regards to adults in the industry taking advantage of child stars sexually.

The 1980's child star says:
“I can tell you that the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry. … It’s the big secret.”

When we have a celebrity like Whoopi Goldberg who was willing to defend Roman Polanski and said that "It wasn't rape rape" when as part of a plea bargain Roman Polanski plead guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse (rape?) against a 13-year old girl it is not much of a stretch to think that there could be a problem with pedophilia in Hollywood. 

His co-star and friend Cory Haim died in 2010 from pneumonia. During his life Haim struggled with drug addiction.   This is what Cory Feldman has to say on Cory Haim's death. 

“There’s one person to blame in the death of Corey Haim. And that person happens to be a Hollywood mogul. And that person needs to be exposed, but, unfortunately, I can’t be the one to do it.”

Here is a picture of the two Coreys. 

I enjoyed watching both of the Coreys in The Lost Boys. As I think back to my growing up during the 80's I can remember watching The Goonies and seeing Corey Feldman in that film.  The Goonies is a great classic film. It is sad that only one Corey is alive today. I wonder how many other child stars have had to endure some type of sexual misconduct due to the hush hush see no evil hear no evil policy with regards to the powerful taking advantage of child actors in the land of liberal Hollywood?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bill Press called our National Anthem an 'abomination'

Progressive radio host Bill Press called our National Anthem an 'abomination' and said that he hates it on his radio show on June 5. And progressives/liberals/Marxists wonder why we call them unpatriotic?

Then liberals whine and complain when you call them unpatriotic. Waaa Waaa Waaa. The truth hurts. When liberals say these types of things such as calling the National Anthem an "abomination" they are being unpatriotic.

Praising the military? Nah... I guess that's one thought that never crossed Bill Press's mind without him rejecting it. Thinking this country is exceptional. Nah... That's another thought that he has obviously rejected like a good little progressive.

Our National Anthem was written by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812. God Bless our brave men and women who are serving in the military today and a big thank you to those who have served in the military in the past.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A powerful must see movie - For Greater Glory

I am looking forward to seeing this movie in the theater. This week is a busy week so hopefully the hubby and I will have the time to see it next week.