Monday, August 31, 2009

Jon Voight Speaks Out in Support of Those Who Oppose Obamacare on Huckabee

Jon Voight speaks out on the Huckabee show on August 30, in support of all those who oppose Obama's health care bill. I just love this man!!! He's a straight talker!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Poem: On Airways-My Defense of Limbaugh Vs. Stimulus

Here is a poem that I created while the Porkulus, better known as the Stimulus, was being debated in Congress. Only Ten Percent of funds from the Stimulus have entered into our economic universe and so far it has shown to have been a complete crock, and a total waste of money for increasing jobs in both the recent past and at the present time. Where are the shovel ready jobs that Democrats said were ready and waiting for money? How's that hopey and changey happening for all you Obambi supporters? Well, so far only a few and far between number of jobs have been created, and how many actually came from the Stimulus is in question. I hope you enjoy this video and poem, that I created to defend Rush Limbaugh, and is a rant against the Porkulus.

On Airways

Rush Limbaugh stands for freedom on the airwaves

We are always glad when he's on the air

Saying no to failed policies

And the lefts hypocrosies

Free speech for all on the airwaves is fair

GOP needs to follow Rush"s example

Rush wants America to succeed

Setting libs straight with the truth

Obama wants to shut Rush up

Wishing voters had sense at the booth

Obama's just a pup

Liberals, don't keep free speech from the airwaves

Listen to Rush, and do not be Oprahbots

Say no to liberal giveaways

We need to follow the Reagan way

Say no to Government controlling us like robots

Rush keep on taking a stand for you and me

This Stimulus needs a miracle from God

Saying no to a prok filled bill

Dems on the hill, take a chill pill

There's so much pork in this bill I can smell

the bacon all the way from here

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cop Vs. Obama Poster: Displays Fascism

Here is the picture the cop in the video below would not allow to be shown at the town hall meeting. That is a clear violation of freedom of speech. The cop was probably afraid of the truth being revealed to the public. I make you a bet, if there was a similar George Bush sign this fascist police officer would have had absolutely no problem with the poster. The cop is apparently a supporter of the fake messiah, known as Obama. This is yet another example of how the left has trampled on our right to free speech, and continues to do so. This shows just how the left are a bunch of hypocrites.

This is one example of fascism under the totalitarian dictator, Obama.

"This used to be America," argued a protester outside a health-care town hall meeting in Reston, Va., after a security officer threatened him with arrest for holding up a sign with a picture critical of Barack Obama.

The officer's response?

"It ain't no more, OK?"

Hmmmm...... How outrageous a comment!!

According to WorldNetDaily, A video of the town hall held earlier this week by Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., shows an unnamed protester standing on school grounds carrying a sign that read "Organizing for National Socialist Health Care

– The Final Solution" and depicted Barack Obama in the Joker's makeup.

Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr. then told the protester that even though others were holding signs, his sign was unacceptable because of the depiction of Obama.

"But you got this with a picture," Cheeks said, explaining why the protester was being singled out from the others. "That's the difference. This has got a picture on it. That don't have a picture on it.

"Sir, leave the picture down," the officer said. "If you put the picture back up, you'll be charged with trespassing."

The protester continued the argument, wondering how his presence among hundreds of others at the town hall meeting could be deemed trespassing.

The officer answered, "If I told you once to take it down and you put it back up, I can charge you with whatever I want to charge you with."

The argument continued until the officer walked away.

Replay. OK. This exchange needs to be seen twice, for this is extremely hard for me to digest.

"This used to be America," said the protester.

"It ain't no more, OK?" answered Cheeks.

"Officer Cheeks, it appears from the badges on his uniform, is a member of the Fairfax County Public Schools' trained School Security Officer team. Neither the school nor the local police, however, would confirm Cheeks' status or authority until communications offices reopen on Monday."


The arrogance and fascist intolerance that Officer Cheeks so blatantly displays is unfortunately yet one more example of where we're headed in America, under the fascist Obama. The fact he states that this is no longer America, is unconscionable and just blows me away.

Wake up Call: This is still

The United States of America!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Letter Details Kennedy Offer to U.S.S.R. - Against Ronald Reagan

While I was driving home from class I just happened to be listening to Rush Limbaugh and heard that during the 1980's Ted Kennedy had written a letter to aid the Russians in their efforts to win the Cold War against Ronald Reagan and the United States. So, What does that make Ted Kennedy? Did he commit a treasonous act? Well, Ted wanted to help a foreign country(RUSSIA), at a time of War, in order to defeat the very country(USA) in which he lived. It wouldn't be much of a far leap to call what Ted Kennedy did, a treasonous act. And, he was allowed to stay a senator after this was revealed in Paul Kengor's book in the 1990's. In the least, I believe that Ted should have lost his job as a U.S. Senator for divulging secrets to the enemy. He should have been prosecuted as an enemy of the state. But, he's a Kennedy, so why not give him a break. The hell with that!! What he did was serious! The MSM failed to report the facts, yet again. They seem to be able to dig up dirty lies on Republicans, but when it comes to reporting facts and revealing the truth about Democrats regarding such an egregious act that Ted Kennedy committed, the MSM failed horribly to fulfill their duty as journalists. The MSM are obviously a bunch of boobs who have no sense of ethics, or integrity. The MSM have proven themselves to be morons and not true journalists who simply report the facts, instead of sifting through the facts to promote their liberal agenda.

Here is a letter detailing Sen. Ted Kennedy's offer to Comrade Y.V. Andropov, who is one of the Russians that Ronald Reagan and the United States were fighting against in the Cold War. This letter which details Senator Edward Kennedy’s offer to help the Soviet Union defeat Reagan’s efforts to build up the nuclear deterrent in Europe was unearthed by a Times of London reporter in the 1990s after the KGB files were opened.

It got little or no attention, however, until the publication of Paul Kengor’s book "The Crusader – Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism."

Special Importance
Committee on State Security of the USSR
14.05. 1983 No. 1029 Ch/OV

Regarding Senator Kennedy’s request to the General Secretary of the Communist Party Comrade Y.V. Andropov

Comrade Y.V. Andropov

On 9-10 May of this year, Senator Edward Kennedy’s close friend and trusted confidant J. Tunney was in Moscow. The senator charged Tunney to convey the following message, through confidential contacts, to the General Secretary of the Center Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Y. Andropov.

Senator Kennedy, like other rational people, is very troubled by the current state of Soviet-American relations. Events are developing such that this relationship coupled with the general state of global affairs will make the situation even more dangerous. The main reason for this is Reagan’s belligerence, and his firm commitment to deploy new American middle range nuclear weapons within Western Europe.

According to Kennedy, the current threat is due to the President’s refusal to engage any modification on his politics. He feels that his domestic standing has been strengthened because of the well publicized improvement of the economy: inflation has been greatly reduced, production levels are increasing as is overall business activity. For these reasons, interest rates will continue to decline. The White House has portrayed this in the media as the "success of Reaganomics."

Naturally, not everything in the province of economics has gone according to Reagan’s plan. A few well known economists and members of financial circles, particularly from the north-eastern states, foresee certain hidden tendencies that many bring about a new economic crisis in the USA. This could bring about the fall of the presidential campaign of 1984, which would benefit the Democratic party. Nevertheless, there are no secure assurances this will indeed develop.

The only real threats to Reagan are problems of war and peace and Soviet-American relations. These issues, according to the senator, will without a doubt become the most important of the election campaign. The movement advocating a freeze on nuclear arsenals of both countries continues to gain strength in the United States. The movement is also willing to accept preparations, particularly from Kennedy, for its continued growth. In political and influential circles of the country, including within Congress, the resistence to growing military expenditures is gaining strength.

However, according to Kennedy, the opposition to Reagan is still very weak. Reagan’s adversaries are divided and the presentations they make are not fully effective. Meanwhile, Reagan has the capabilities to effectively counter any propaganda. In order to neutralize criticism that the talks between the USA and the USSR are non-constructive, Reagan will grandiose, but subjectively propagandistic. At the same time, Soviet officials who speak about disarmament will be quoted out of context, silenced or groundlessly and whimsically discounted. Although arguments and statements by officials of the USSR do appear in the press, it is important to note the majority of Americans do not read serious newspapers or periodicals.

Kennedy believes that, given the current state of affairs, and in the interest of peace, it would be prudent and timely to undertake the following steps to counter the militaristic politics of Reagan and his campaign to psychologically burden the American people. In this regard, he offers the following proposals to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Y.V. Andropov:

1. Kennedy asks Y.V. Andropov to consider inviting the senator to Moscow for a personal meeting in July of this year. The main purpose of the meeting, according to the senator, would be to arm Soviet officials with explanations regarding problems of nuclear disarmament so they may be better prepared and more convincing during appearances in the USA. He would also like to inform you that he has planned a trip through Western Europe, where he anticipates meeting England’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and French President Mitterand in which he will exchange similar ideas regarding the same issues.

If his proposals would be accepted in principle, Kennedy would send his representative to Moscow to resolve questions regarding organizing such a visit.

Kennedy thinks the benefits of a meeting with Y.V.Andropov will be enhanced if he could also invite one of the well known Republican senators, for example, Mark Hatfield. Such a meeting will have a strong impact on American and political circles in the USA (In March of 1982, Hatfield and Kennedy proposed a project to freeze the nuclear arsenals of the USA and USSR and pblished a book on the theme as well.)

2. Kennedy believes that in order to influence Americans it would be important to organize in August-September of this year, televised interviews with Y.V. Andropov in the USA. A direct appeal by the General Secretary to the American people will, without a doubt, attact a great deal of attention and interest in the country. The senator is convinced this would receive the maximum resonance in so far as television is the most effective method of mass media and information.

If the proposal is recognized as worthy, then Kennedy and his friends will bring about suitable steps to have representatives of the largest television companies in the USA contact Y.V. Andropov for an invitation to Moscow for the interview. Specifically, the president of the board of directors of ABC, Elton Raul and television columnists Walter Cronkite or Barbara Walters could visit Moscow. The senator underlined the importance that this initiative should be seen as coming from the American side.

Furthermore, with the same purpose in mind, a series of televised interviews in the USA with lower level Soviet officials, particularly from the military would be organized. They would also have an opportunity to appeal directly to the American people about the peaceful intentions of the USSR, with their own arguments about maintaining a true balance of power between the USSR and the USA in military term. This issue is quickly being distorted by Reagan’s administration.

Kennedy asked to convey that this appeal to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union is his effort to contribute a strong proposal that would root out the threat of nuclear war, and to improve Soviet-American relations, so that they define the safety of the world. Kennedy is very impressed with the activities of Y.V. Andropov and other Soviet leaders, who expressed their commitment to heal international affairs, and improve mutal understandings between peoples.

The senator underscored that he eagerly awaits a reply to his appeal, the answer to which may be delivered through Tunney.

Having conveyed Kennedy’s appeal to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Tunney also explained that Senator Kennedy has in the last few years actively made appearances to reduce the threat of war. Because he formally refused to partake in the election campaign of 1984, his speeches would be taken without prejudice as they are not tied to any campaign promises. Tunney remarked that the senator wants to run for president in 1988. At that time, he will be 56 and his personal problems, which could hinder his standing, will be resolved (Kennedy has just completed a divorce and plans to remarry in the near future). Taken together, Kennedy does not discount that during the 1984 campaign, the Democratic Party may officially turn to him to lead the fight against the Republicans and elect their candidate president. This would explain why he is convinced that none of the candidates today have a real chance at defeating Reagan.

We await instructions.

President of the committee
V. Chebrikov

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rep. Jim Moran's Town Hall gets Rowdy & He Asks Man for I.D.

Town Hall Attendees booed and heckled Howard Dean. I believe they are either shouting, No health care, or No Obamacare.

Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia asked a gentleman for his I.D.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Democrat Vandalizes Colorado Democratic Headquarters

According to, there were 11 windows that were shattered at The Democratic National Headquarters in Denver. In a twisted plot, this act of vandalism was not done by a person who is against Obamacare, but yet a person who helped in the 08 campaign for the Democratic Party.

Early Tuesday, Democratic Party chairwoman Pat Waak said the damage to her building in Denver's art district was a consequence of "an effort on the other side to stir up hate." Pat Waak has not apologized for her false accusation but has tempered her comment.

"Maurice Schwenkler, now in custody, and an at-large accomplice took a hammer to the picture windows displaying posters touting President Barack Obama and his health care reform efforts." Public records show that he has an arrest record and a history of helping a Democratic political candidate.

He is accused of doing an estimated $11,000 in damage and could face a felony conviction. Last year, on the last day of the 2008 Republican National Convention, he was charged with misdemeanor unlawful assembly in St. Paul, Minn. " Schwenkler was one of dozens of paid canvassers bankrolled by the Colorado Citizens' Coalition, a political 527 committee funded by labor groups and well-known, wealthy liberal donors."

"Balmer said he suspects the vandalism might
have been aimed at making the GOP look bad.

"This sounds like the type of Democratic tactic from the left fringe trying to make Republicans look mean-spirited," Balmer said. "In this case, it blew up in their face. He was caught red-handed."

This certainly seems fishy. I think that this guy was trying to make the grassroots people who are against Obamacare look bad. Well, that blew up in his face. He now looks like a moron.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Muslim Model Sentenced to Six Lashes for Drinking Beer

Under Sharia Law, Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol. The model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno was caught drinking beer in a raid at a hotel nightclub last year. Sometime next week she will receive six lashes with a rattan cane. She will become the first woman in Malaysia to receive this punishment. She admitted the offense in religious court. She did not appeal the decision either. After she is caned in public, she will be released from jail "as soon as possible." She was also fined for drinking an alcoholic beverage. The prosecutor said that this punishment was meant to educate and not to punish. Most offenders are fined, but can be given a three-year prison term and a caning.

Sharia laws need to be stopped. Ridiculous... Caning a person for just drinking an alcoholic beverage is utterly ridiculous. Since most offenders are fined I believe that this model could have just been fined and not caned. I believe that the prosecutor wants to set an example, and its really sickening.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Continuing My College Journey

Hello To All My fellow internet friends:

Today, was my first day of classes at Robert Morris University in Moon Township, PA. I went to the community college in Pittsburgh last semester and decided to continue my college journey this semester. I am taking three classes this semester. I am taking Principles in Macroeconomics and have no idea how this course is going to be, but its a requirement so I must take it. I am taking The Developing World which is a history course, and after attending the first class seems like it will be quite interesting. Tomorrow I will attend my first class of Comparative Contemporary Political Systems. This sounds like it could be an interesting course as well. I will be continuing with my sociology degree or as this college calls it Social Science degree. Since I have both a burning passion for politics and just absolutely love politics I have decided that my concentration is going to be in government.

I am very much looking forward to attending Robert Morris University this semester. I hope to find a job with more hours soon, also. So, I will probably not be posting quite as often as I have been lately.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Issa Report Reveals ACORN's Widespread Corruption

Congressman Darrell Issa, ranking member on the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has been investigating the corrupt group ACORN and recently released a report that asks the question:

Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As a
Criminal Enterprise?

The Executive Summary states that ACORN has repeatedly and deliberately engaged in systemic fraud. Both structurally and operationally, ACORN hides behind a paper wall of nonprofit corporate protections to conceal a criminal conspiracy on the part of its directors, to launder federal money in order to pursue a partisan political agenda and to manipulate the American electorate.

  1. has a total of 361 tax-exempt and non-exempt entities
  2. diverts taxpayer and tax-exempt monies into partisan political activities.
  3. Since 1994 upwards of $53 million in federal funds have been pumped into ACORN and
  4. under Obama administration's stimulus package ACORN is suppose to receive $8.5 billion in stimulus funds.
  5. This is our taxpayer money being given to the corrupt ACORN so they can filter the money for political purposes that would benefit the Democratic Party.
This report states that ACORN has:

First, ACORN has evaded taxes, obstructed justice, engaged in self dealing, and aided and abetted a cover-up of embezzlement by Dale Rathke, the brother of ACORN founder Wade Rathke.

Second, ACORN has committed investment fraud, deprived the public of its right to honest services, and engaged in a racketeering enterprise affecting interstate commerce.

Third, ACORN has committed a conspiracy to defraud the United States by using taxpayer funds for partisan political activities.

Fourth, ACORN has submitted false filings to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Labor, in addition to violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Fifth, ACORN falsified and concealed facts concerning an illegal transaction
between related parties in violation of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).

According to Issa's Report, ACORN refused to report Dale Rathke's embezzlement of $948,607.50 as an excess benefit transaction which appears to have violated the Internal Revenue Service. The cover-up that happened for eight years also constitutes obstruction of justice. ACORN incentives for workers to attain their voter registration have produced voter fraud.

ACORN forged both formal and informal connections with former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and President Barack Obama, among others. And, yes, there is evidence that President Obama's connections with ACORN reaches goes back a far piece and runs deep. ACORN and ACORN affiliates devised a scheme where each of these political figures campaigns received financial and personal resource contributions from ACORN and its affiliates which involved the use of taxpayer monies to support a partisan political agenda.
These actions are a clear violation of numerous tax and election laws.

ACORN has claimed success in “fighting key elements of the national Republican program", and in addition both ACORN and the SEIU took credit for the successful election of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, and called it "flawless."

ACORN and its Chicago-Style Politics crossed state lines where in this report
overt political goals were spelled out:
ACORN will target three competitive Ohio congressional districts
as well as a half dozen state rep seats nested within the districts.
Our electoral work will mobilize and educate voters [and] our
paid professional canvass will execute tightly managed Voter ID
and GOTV canvasses moving our core constituency of base and
swing voters to the polls to vote for the candidates who most
closely align with a progressive Working Families Agenda.

Committee investigators have tracked ACORN’s numerous failures to comply with federal laws that required the payment of excise taxes on excess benefits to Dale Rathke. SEIU Local 100 – under the direction of ACORN founder Wade Rathke – filed bogus reports with the Labor Department in order to conceal embezzlement. ACORN violated the overtime and record-keeping provisions of FLSA. All of these fraudulent acts would constitute a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001 by presenting false documents to the United States government.

Committee investigators have concluded that ACORN plundered employee benefits and
violated fiduciary responsibilities under ERISA by relieving corporate debts through prohibited loans to a related party. Moreover, ACORN affiliates lack independent control of their own assets and maintain shoddy accounting practices that serve to hide ACORN’s secret and illegal use of monies. ACORN conspired to conceal information concerning prohibited transactions from its board in violation of its corporate charter. ACORN’s termination of board members who sought to uncover its illegal activities perpetuates a cover-up at the expense of adherence to its own bylaws.

The evidence contained in this report proves that ACORN's stated purpose to promote grassroots civic participation has been perverted through fraudulent and illegal acts

Darrell Issa and the Committee's findings are in trying to figure out exactly which individuals own or control the organization which is necessary in order to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse of federal funds by ACORN. When ACORN commits bad acts it uses its lower to mid-level employees as scapegoats. ACORN failed to observe its corporate articles by loaning money without proper legal documentation, by ignoring its duties under the corporate bylaws, by misusing corporate funds, and by terminating its members without honoring the process setup in its Articles of Incorporation. ACORN has not complied with IRS filing requirements or ERISA.

ACORN’s inadequate management structure nurtured a breakdown of corporate integrity, encouraged improper political walls, fostered violations of the tax code, cultivated the illegal use of federal funds and supported an inadequate response to corporate embezzlement. ACORN accepts federal grant funds yet lacks any whistleblower policy, fails to comply with IRS laws and lacks an ongoing relationship with duly qualified legal counsel. Project Vote lacks hiring standards and routinely employs convicted felons.

ACORN Primary purpose is in lobbying. It has endorsed Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Representative Albert Wynn (D-MD), and Representative Donna Edwards (D-MD). ACORN keeps donor records from the Clinton, Kerry and Obama campaigns with the intent to engage in prohibited communications. ACORN receives federal funding yet engages in improper lobbying.

ACORN hires convicted felons and other suspect persons.
70 employees were convicted in 12 states of voter registration fraud

A PA judge Richard Zoller even stated that "somebody has got to go after ACORN

Congressional Report Alleges ACORN guilty of corruption, Widespread Fraud

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rep. Tom Price, a Physician- Responds To Obama & Democrats Regarding Obamacare

Rep. Tom Price of Georgia admonishes the Democrat government-takeover of health care. Support a real reform for health care. (July 16, 2009)

Republican Weekly Response-Tom Price of Georgia

Jon Voight Speaks Out Again

I must say Jon Voight is outstanding!!! He is a wonderful actor who just happens to be a great conservative voice in these tumultuous times. He is willing to speak up against Obama and the liberals. He stands up for everyone's freedom and says we must all stand up for the Constitution and not let out rights be trampled on by Obama and the Democrats. Voight tells it like it is and doesn't pull an punches. That is what I love most about him. Jon Voight has acted in such T.V. shows and movies as: Gunsmoke, Enemy of the State, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, National Treasure, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, An American Carol, 24: Redemption, Episodes of season 7 of 24, and many more. If you haven't seen An American Carol, That is an absolutely hilarious conservative movie that pokes fun at liberals. It had me laughing so hard that I almost fell out of my seat at the movie theater. I highly recommend that every conservative watch this movie. It is certainly a rare find.

I loved Jon Voight's speech at the GOP Senate Dinner so,
I have decided to re-post it.

In Jon Voight's latest article he raises the question: Is Obama Creating a Civil War in America?

Jon Voight will be joining Hannity at two Freedom Concerts this weekend. He will be honoring fallen soldiers and will present college scholarships to surviving children.

Voight says "We are witnessing a slow, steady takeover of our true freedoms. We are becoming a socialist nation, and whoever can't see this is probably hoping it isn't true. If we permit Mr. Obama to take over all our industries, if we permit him to raise our taxes to support unconstitutional causes, then we will be in default. This great America will become a paralyzed nation."

Voight even advises, BE OUTRAGED!!

"Do not let the Obama administration fool you with all their cunning Alinsky methods. And if you don't know what that method is, I implore you to get the book 'Rules for Radicals,' by Saul Alinsky. Mr. Obama is very well trained in these methods," he continues, citing a television campaign critical of the Republican Party and contentious town-hall meetings about health care reform.

"The real truth is that the Obama administration is professional at bullying, as we have witnessed with ACORN at work during the presidential campaign. It seems to me they are sending down their bullies to create fist fights among average American citizens who don't want a government-run health care plan forced upon them," Mr. Voight says. "So I ask again. Is President Obama creating a civil war in our own country?"

What a great warrior!!

I hope we conservatives follow his lead and listen to his advice.


Friday, August 21, 2009

The First Little Monk Webisode

8 Year Old Becomes Youngest Wing Walker in History

Eight Year Old Tiger Brewer makes a daring attempt to become the youngest wing walker in history. According to MSNBC, he is now the youngest wing walker in the world. He is carrying on his family wing walking tradition.

Wow!!! How Amazing!! What an adventurous kid!!!

Steven Crowder Infiltrates the Angry Mob

Steven Crowder infiltrates an angry mob at a health care town hall in Texas. Pelosi, Durbin, and Democrats have called town hall protesters an angry mob. The truth is that these town hall protesters are asking important questions and expressing emotions since Congress have been refusing to answer legitimate questions. Pelosi and Democrats consistently distort reality and this is yet another example of that.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel-Reason #1 Not to Support Obamacare

Here is the first of at least a few articles of me explaining why I am against Obamacare. Since the issue of "death panels" has been at the forefront recently, I will start there. While the section is called End of Life Counseling, Sarah Palin was correct in her assessment in describing them as "death panels."

First- There is a mandate in this bill that requires every five years that you absolutely MUST participate in Advanced Care Planning. What??? Govt should have no role in our lives whatsoever as to whether or not we have end of life counseling every five years or at all for that matter. This is yet another example of government trying to claim more control and power over our lives. And the result of this will be taking away even more of our freedom.


There are some items in this bill that would be good suggestions for citizens to take part in but should by no means be in this bill as a requirement. For the average citizen to have knowledge about such things as health care proxies, advanced directives, living wills and durable powers of attorney, and for them to be explained to you by a practitioner is a great idea, but this HAS NO PLACE BEING IN A HEALTH CARE BILL!

Ezekiel Emanuel M.D., P.H.D., the brother of Rahm Emanuel, is a leading opponent of euthanasia laws, sometimes called state-assisted suicide, and a proponent of a Guaranteed Healthcare Access Plan. Emanuel is acting as Special Adviser for Health Policy to Peter Orszag, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget. I believe he is the driving force behind Obamacare and the main architect of the bill as well.

One provision of the bill states that the practitioner gives a person a list of national and State-specific resources to assist consumers and their families with advance care planning, including the national toll-free hotline, the advance care planning clearinghouses, and State legal
service organizations.

In section 427 the bill talks about medical orders with regards to life sustaining treatment and how they are standardized all across the State. According to the bill certaiin agencies are involved in your decision making as well. Citizens are guided in their end of life decision making by a Coalition of Stake Holders which includes representatives from:
  1. emergency medical services,
  2. emergency department physicians or nurses,
  3. state long-term care association,
  4. state medical association,
  5. state surveyors,
  6. agency responsible for senior services,
  7. state department of health,
  8. state hospital association,
  9. home health association,
  10. state bar association,
  11. and state hospice association.
Just look above at the long list of government officials, as well as others who in this bill have a stake or a say in your end of life decisions. These would be quite a large number of people that would be a part of your decision making process if the end of life panels stay in the bill. I fear that these people would put mega amounts of pressure on doctors as well as citizens to favor and promote euthanasia.

Coalition of Stake Holders = DEATH PANEL

The fact that this is state run and that the government is involved in a person/patient's decision making is extremely scary to me. Who knows whether the government, in order to save money will be promoting euthanasia. One of the top advisers to the President backs the use of euthanasia so I don't believe it a far stretch by any means to think that these panels would promote euthanasia in order to save the government money, especially if the person is under the government- run health care.

On Chuck Norris's article called Dirty Secret No. 2 in Obamacare he reveals more details regarding Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel. And his bible for health care reform
is his book Healthcare, Guaranteed.
Chuck Norris says, "I find it far more than a coincidence how much Emanuel's book parallels Obamacare's philosophy, strategy and proposed legislation."

'First, Emanuel rejects any attempts at incremental change or reform to our health care system (Page 185).
Second, in the chapter "Opening the Door to Comprehensive Change," starting on Page 171 (which reads more like a political and mass-manipulating strategy than a health care manual), Emanuel drives home "a key political lesson: the need to rush the legislation through." (Seen this methodology being used lately?!)'

'Third, as Obama crusades around the country pitching Obamacare, he continues to avoid giving virtually any specific details of the program. That, too, is a strategy of Emanuel's: "Americans need to avoid the policy weeds. Focusing on details will only distract and create tangles and traps (Page 183).'

'Fourth, Emanuel describes a comprehensive government health care program that is run completely by a national health board and 12 regional health boards ("modeled on the Federal Reserve System" -- Page 83). Critics would say, "But that is not the national board as described in Obamacare or H.R. 3200." Not yet, anyway. Does anyone doubt that the duties and power of the national "Health Benefits Advisory Committee" will morph and grow over time? And what power will it wield when it is like the Federal Reserve?'

'Fifth, Emanuel believes in the "phasing out of Medicare (and) Medicaid (pages 88-89 and 94-95)." Could their eventual termination be the reason Obama's administration won't merely reform those programs to accommodate its universal health care desires?'

'Sixth, Emanuel believes in ending employer-based health care (pages 109-112).'

Seventh, Emanuel believes a universal health care program could be paid for by phasing out Medicare and Medicaid, adopting a value-added tax of at least 10 percent, etc., and then allowing Americans themselves to "pay extra with after-tax dollars" (Page 100) for additional medical benefits (beyond the government program).

Chuck Norris states that wherever the money comes from, we will eventually PAY.

'Eighth, enough has been written lately about Emanuel's end-of-life counsel and consultation, including withholding his advice from The Hastings Center Report (in 1996) that medical care should be withheld from those "who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens. ... An obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia." '

So, with the knowledge of this information about Ezekiel Emanuel, and with him being the Special Adviser for Health Policy to the White House,
I do believe that the End Of Life Counseling would essentially be "Death Panels."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

G-20 Protesters Permits Denied

Two Groups have been
denied Protest Permits
at the G-20 in Pittsburgh, Pa

And This is going to happen in my hometown

Code Pink

This is Lunacy!!! These Pro
testers are NUTS!!!!
And I believe the sign calling for the
death of U.S. troops could
be construed as treasonous!!

The second group is yet another left-wing group called Women's International League for Peace and Freedom is against the use of military force in both Iraq and Afghanistan

These two groups of protesters are angry at the fact that
there requests for permits were denied.

The Protesters are behind these issues:
  1. Climate Change
  2. Religion
  3. War
  4. Disease
  5. Jobs

Last night, they assembled at East Liberty Presbyterian Church to talk strategy. These two groups wanted to demonstrate near the
David L. Lawrence Convention Center and Point State Park.

While listening on the radio this morning, I heard that these two groups were planning on protesting even though they had been denied permits. The one place that it sounded like they were planning on showing up that might cause a problem is Point State Park since that is where the police headquarters for the G-20 Summit will be located. The Secret Service will be at that location as well.

Could this be a recipe for Chaos? It certainly sounds like it to me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Three More Advertisers Abandon Glenn Beck

Alright, I am irked more than ever now!! I just found out through, that three more advertisers have dropped support for Glenn Beck's show.

And, The advertisers are - Wal-Mart, CVS, and Best Buy.

Alright, I am calling on the BLACK LISTING of these three Companies!!!! If permissible, I am going to leave fliers outside these three companies stores and tell the truth about Glenn Beck. What the hell, Maybe I'll be a rebel and do this regardless of whether permissible or not. Letting ordinary Americans know the truth about these companies and Glenn Beck is very important. I hope you would consider doing the same. Reveal the truth that Obama does have racist tendencies and his comments regarding the Cambridge Police prove just that. He relied on race, and favored one race, the black race while admitting he didn't know all of the facts.

The group, ColorOfChange, an African-American online political organization has targeted Beck’s advertisers since his calling Obama a “racist,”. I think we need to hit this organization hard. I mean really fight back with massive amounts of emails, letters etc. to their office expressing our outrage towards this pro-black and anti-white organization. I think we also need to STOP BUYING from any company or organization that supports Color of Change. I am calling for an all out revolt on this group. We must stand by Glenn Beck especially while he goes through these turbulent times. Beck has a right to his free speech. We, conservatives have a right to patronize, or not patronize who we want. I am encouraging everyone not to patronize any of the Color Of Change's advertisers on the basis that these Pro-Black organizations are promoting racism and a racist life-style-Meaning they are for giving blacks an advantage over every other race.

'Rucker added that the organization's problems with Beck run deeper than just his “racist” comments. Beck, in his opinion, is regularly stoking the “fears of white America” and “pushing fiction as if it's news analysis.” '

Glenn Beck is NOT A RACIST!!!!! He is for ALL AMERICANS!!!
He was merely describing the racist tendencies of our President. Beck has observed Obama's covert, or hidden pro-black racist tendencies transform into overt racist tendencies, that honestly is hard to miss now. Obama was very good at hiding this fact from ordinary American(people who don't pay attention to politics, unlike us well informed Americans), but now his racist tendencies have become overt in nature.

EXCUUUUUSE ME !!!! But President Obama is and was the person playing race politics. And, he did so in a very bad way. Obama made "racist" comments. For some reason it seems to me that a decent amount of black people just love to make themselves out to be victims. And, that just SICKENS ME!!!!! Some African-Americans have promoted this victimization complex, where whatever they do that is wrong, or if anything bad happens to them and it happens to involve a different race, then they try to make themselves out to be the victim. Us Conservatives of all races have gotten past this racial identity politics. How many of the blacks living today experienced SLAVERY? Probably a very, very few or even NONE. So, I say get the HELL off this victimization complex and start actually promoting equality for all Americans.

According to the Constitution, ALL MEN(People) ARE CREATED EQUAL


In my book, we are all on the same playing field. The hand that you are dealt in life is exactly that, and what you do with that or how you deal with that is all up to you. Everyone has a decision on whether to work hard and become successful, or not. And, well if African-Americans keep believing in this sense of entitlement mentality and in being victims when they are not, they will never grow as Americans to the best of their ability. As, conservatives we challenge every person, regardless of race, to do their very best to succeed in life, and to give it their all.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Send in The Clowns

Robert Gibbs is the biggest Clown of them all. He is a joke of a Press Secretary.

Yes, Thank goodness for the fair and balanced reporters of Fox News. They report the pure facts and don't distort the facts. Fox News has very good journalists who are true journalists with integrity and ethics. From Major Garrett to Bret Baier, to Chris Wallace. The bunch of clowns in MSM need to be sent back to school to learn a sense of ethics in being unbiased in their reporting. So.. SICK... of LIBERAL BIAS...

This is a re-posting. A Hat Tip goes out to A Patriotic Nurse for this wonderful find.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Response to Liberal Blogger Project Savior

A few weeks ago, I commented on one of Eye of Polyphemus posts called Bill Maher's Mistakes About American Thinking and ended up engaging in a discussion with a liberal blogger named Project Savior.

Project Savior's Comment:
Ok, I have to ask.
In what part of the interview you posted does Maher say anything against Christians?
But as far as the dumb Americans comment how about these examples:

Climate Change Deniers

I'm just saying.

My comment consisted of:

Great posting!!

Maher is trying to have it both ways. Although, I agree that anyone that voted for Obama must be either stupid or have been completely oblivious during the presidential election.

Project Savior,
Did you think people that protested against the Iraq War were dumb?

Or Libs that protest outside of military funerals?

First, Obama could lay the birthers' concerns all to rest by releasing his long-form birth certificate to the public. He has NOT done so. Even Lou Dobbs says that should happen. Believe me I know from my own personal experience with bureaucrats that a certificate of live birth is not the same as a birth certificate.

By the way if they were really tea-baggers you would probably be cheering all the homosexuals on for their freedom of expression.
Just go ahead and believe everything you hear and go along with the status quo regarding with regard to evolution and climate change even though the facts support the opposite position.
The Tea Party attendees are protesting this outrageous govt. spending that is going on in Washington.

Well, after a few days, on August 1, Project Savior responded to my question/comment with a posting on the Project Savior website.

First, he is highly mistaken that Fred Phelp's group is conservative or in any way Christian. These are kooks and very much outside of the mainstream.

In fact Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church is a Registered Democrat-NOT A REPUBLICAN
And to me, in today's day and age for the most part I consider Liberal and Democrat are synonymous with one another.

1) Phelps has run in various Kansas Democratic Party primaries five times, but has never won.

2)Phelps supported Al Gore in the 1988 Democratic Party primary election.
3)In 1989, his eldest son, Fred Jr., hosted a fundraiser for Gore's Senate campaign at his home.
Later on Phelps ended up opposing Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton due to their support for gay rights.

Fred Phelps, registered Democrat, organizer of Democratic activities and fund-raiser for Al Gore and Bill Clinton, also criticized the invasion of Iraq, sent a warm letter to Saddam Hussein full of compliments for his regime while asking for (and receiving) permission to send protesters against the coming Iraq invasion, and he claimed that the U.S. deserved September 11th (and that London deserved the recent bombings). In 2003, before the fall of Saddam Hussein during the Iraq War, Phelps wrote Hussein a letter praising his regime for being, in his opinion, "the only Muslim state that allows the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to be freely and openly preached on the streets."

Fred Phelps is both a nut and a Kook - A Left-Wing Kook

In Project Savior's deranged mind, he equates actors and actresses being cast in movies that have guns in them, as being pro-gun. Using his example - he thinks actresses/actors playing roles in The Matrix means that these actors/actresses are pro-gun because they played in the movie, The Matrix.

So to Project Savior Fantasy = Reality

Here is a list of actors/actresses that are Anti-Gun per Gun Owners of America,

Krista Allen - Actress
Suzy Amis - Actress
Richard Dean Anderson - Actor

David Arquette - Actor
Ed Asner - Actor

Alec Baldwin - Actor
Bob Barker - TV Personality

Drew Barrymore - Actress
Kevin Bacon - Actor

Lauren Bacall - Actress*
William Baldwin - Actor
Candice Bergen - Actress

Richard Belzer - Actor
Peter Bogdonovich - Director

Peter Bonerz - Actor
Albert Brooks - Actor
Beau Bridges - Actor

Benjamin Bratt - Actor
Bonnie Bruckheimer - Movie Producer
Christie Brinkley - Model
James Brolin - Actor
James Brooks - TV Producer

Mel Brooks - Actor/Director
Betty Buckley - Actress
Ellen Burstyn - Actress

Steve Buscemi - Actor
David Canary - Actor
Kate Capshaw - Actress

Kim Cattrall - Actress
Josh Charles - Actor
Robert Chartloff - Producer

Stockard Channing - Actress
Jill Clayburgh - Actress
George Clooney - Actor

Jackie Cooper - Actor/Director*
Jennifer Connelly - Actress
Kevin Costner - Actor
Sean Connery - Actor
Hume Cronyn - Actor*

Billy Crystal- Actor
Julie Cypher - Director
Bill D'Elia Arlene Dahl - Actress
Linda Dano - Actress

Matt Damon - Actor
Pam Dawber - Actress
Patrika Darbo - Actress
Stuart Damon - Actor
Ellen Degeneres - Actress

Rebecca DeMornay - Actress
Danny DeVito - Actor
Michael Douglas - Actor
Phil Donahue - Talk Show Host
Richard Donner - Director
Fran Drescher - Actress

Richard Dreyfus - Actor
David Duchovny - Actor
Sandy Duncan - Actress
Christine Ebersole - Actress

Nora Ephron - Director
Mia Farrow - Actress
Mike Farrell - Actor

Carrie Fisher - Actress
Sally Field - Actress
Fannie Flagg - Actress

Jane Fonda - Actress
Andy Garcia - Actor

Art Garfunkel - Singer
Estelle Getty - Actress

Richard Gere - Actor
Kathie Lee Gifford - TV personality

Paul Glaser - TV director
Elliott Gould - Actor
Louis Gossett, Jr. - Actor
Michael Gross - Actor

Nancy Lee Grahn - Actress
Spalding Gray - Actor
Deidra Hall - Actress
Ethan Hawke - Actor
Mariette Hartley - Actress

Mark Harmon - Actor
Anne Heche - Actress
Howard Hessman - Actor

Marilu Henner - Actress
Hal Holbrook - Actor* Helen Hunt - Actress

Grace-Lynne Ingle - Actress
John Ingle - Actor
Lainie Kazan - Actress
Richard Karn - Actor

Jeffrey Katzenberg - Producer
Diane Keaton - Actress
Kevin Kline - Actor
Michael E. Knight - Actor
Lisa Kudrow - Actress
Wally Kurth - Actor
Christine Lahti - Actress
Denis Leary - Actor
John Leguizamo - Actor

Spike Lee - Director
Hal Linden - Actor
Lisa Linde - Actress Rob Lowe - Actor

Camryn Manheim - Actress
Howie Mandel - Actor

Kyle MacLachlan - Actor
Marla Maples - Actress
Marsha Mason - Actress*

Mary Tyler Moore - Actress
Mike Myers - Actor
Paul Newman - Actor
Jack Nicholson - Actor

Leonard Nimoy - Actor
Jennifer O Neill - Actress
Julia Ormond - Actress
Sarah Jessica Parker - Actress

Mandy Patinkin - Actor
Gregory Peck - Actor* Rhea Perlman- Actress
Michelle Pfieffer - Actress
Sydney Pollack - Director
Aidan Quinn - Actor
Colin Quinn - Actor
Dennis Quaid - Actor

Elizabeth Bracco Quinn - Actress Debbie Reynolds - Actress
Paul Reiser - Actor
Peter Reckell - Actor

Rob Reiner - Actor/Director
Robert Redford - Actor/Director Cathy Rigby - Actress
Julia Roberts - Actress
Marc Rosen - TV Producer

Tim Robbins - Actor
Tim Roth - Actor
Renee Russo - Actress
Meg Ryan - Actress

Susan Sarandon - Actress
Jerry Seinfeld - Actor
Kyra Sedgwick - Actress
Martin Sheen - Actor

Louise Sorel - Actress
Mira Sorvino - Actress

Rena Sofer - Actress
Sylvester Stallone- Actor
Meryl Streep - Actress
Patrick Stewart - Actor
Sharon Stone - Actress
Trudie Styler - Actress
Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Actor

Marlo Thomas - Actress*
Uma Thurman - Actress
Dick Van Dyke - Actor
Eli Wallach - Actor*

Sigourney Weaver - Actress
Victor Webster - Actor

James Whitmore - Actor*
Kelli Williams - Actress
Henry Winkler - Actor
Joanne Woodward - Actress*

Catherine Zeta-Jones - Actress
Ahmet Zappa -Actor

Diva Zappa -Actress

And, Project Savior says Hollywood is
not Anti-gun, or Pro-gun - NOT TRUE!!

Just take a look at the list and see the numerous number of Hollywood actors/actresses who play roles in movies that include guns but are in fact ANTI-GUN!!!!!!

Project Savior Living in a Fantasy Land

Chuck Norris reveals Dirty Secret in Obamacare

Chuck describes Dirty Secret #1 in his most recent article on Obamacare. . . .

...which is the Government
coming into homes and
usurping parental rights
over child care and development!

Congress continues their sneaky, deceitful ways. Since Congress could not get it passed in the Education Begins at Home Act last year, they have snuck the Support for Quality Home Visitation Program in the health bill. This is government intrusion at the highest levels. This starts even before the child is born-how outrageous is that!!!

PURPOSE.—The purpose of this section is to improve the well-being, health, and development of children by enabling the establishment and expansion of high quality programs providing voluntary home visitation for families with young children and families expecting children.

While this section of the bill states that this is a voluntary program, the government will be targeting communities with a high proportion of low-income families. I believe that this will lead to coercion by the government and its officials to force this as well as its propaganda on low-income parents.

The government under this program is supposed to:
"Employ well-trained and competent staff, maintain high quality supervision, provide for ongoing training and professional development, and show strong organizational capacity to implement such a program..."

When the hell has there ever been a competent, well-trained Government Official especially in today's day and age? What a joke!!

In this section of the bill it is stated that there will be "activities designed to help parents become full partners in the education of their children"!

Full Partners with who? Oh! Hell no!!
Not the Government!!!

Chuck Norris states,
Are we to assume the state's mediators would understand every parent's social or religious core values on parenting? Or would they teach some secular-progressive and religiously neutered version of parental values and wisdom? And if they were to consult and coach those who expect babies, would they ever decide circumstances to be not beneficial for the children and encourage abortions?

One government rebuttal is that this program would be "voluntary." Is that right? Does that imply that this agency would just sit back passively until some parent needing parenting skills said, "I don't think I'll call my parents, priest or friends or read a plethora of books, but I'll go down to the local government offices"? To the contrary, the bill points to specific targeted groups and problems, on Page 840: The state "shall identify and prioritize serving communities that are in high need of such services, especially communities with a high proportion of low-income families.

Are we further to conclude by those words that low-income families know less about parenting? Are middle- and upper-class parents really better parents? Less neglectful of their children? Less needful of parental help and training? Is this "prioritized" training not a biased, discriminatory and even prejudicial stereotype and generalization that has no place in federal government, law or practice?

Bottom line: Is all this what you want or expect in a universal health care bill being rushed through Congress? Do you want government agents coming into your home and telling you how to parent your children? When did government health care turn into government child care?

This is yet another example of how our government wants to control our lives as well as future generations. This is one more reason Obamacare must be stopped!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

As Americans, I believe that we must follow Ronald Reagan's example in how he fought for every person's freedom and against any form of socialism, period. We must fight against socialized medicine because it will encroach on ALL of our freedoms. NO OBAMACARE!!!! It will destroy our freedom. What a great speech by President Ronald Reagan.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Conservative/Liberal Divorce Agreement

This Law Student said it very well:

Dear American liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists, Marxists and Obama supporters, etal:

We have stuck together since the late 1950's, but the whole of this latest election process has made me realize that I want a divorce. I know we tolerated each other for many years for the sake of future generations, but sadly, this relationship has run its course. Our two ideological sides of America cannot and will not ever agree on what is right so let's just end it on friendly terms. We can smile and chalk it up to irreconcilable differences and go our own way.

Here is a model separation agreement:

We equitably divide up the country into two equal landmasses. That will be the difficult part, but I am sure we can come to a friendly agreement. In the spirit of cooperation, you can have California , NYC and Lower NY State, Eastern PA, DC, South FL and Miami , Chicago , Detroit , and all of New England for starters. After that it should be relatively easy to divvy up the rest.

You can set taxes just as high as you want---take it all in fact! We'll probably keep ours real low to encourage individual enterprise. You are welcome to keep all the liberal judges, ACORN, ACT UP, the NAACP, and the ACLU.

Since you hate guns and war, we'll be happy to keep our firearms, the NRA, and all of the military. You can keep Oprah, Michael Moore, and Rosie O'Donnell.

We'll keep capitalism, corporations, pharmaceutical companies, Wal-Mart, and Wall Street. You can have your beloved green ecofriendly nonsense schemes, the homeless, homeboys, hippies, and illegal aliens.

We'll keep the hot Alaskan hockey moms, non Ivy League graduates, and rednecks. You can keep Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Boxer, Waters, the Clintons, and all of the Kennedy tribe. You can also have ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Hollywood .

You can make nice with Al Queida, the Taliban, Hamas , Iran , North Korea , Hugo Chavez and all the other organizations, countries, and people who want to annihilate you. You can also have all the peaceniks, and war protesters. We'll retain the right to invade and hammer any country, organization or individual that threatens us.

When our allies are under assault, we'll help provide them security. You can have the U.N.

You are also welcome to Islam, Scientology, Humanism, and Shirley McClain. We'll probably stick mostly with the same old Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Knowing your concerns about human impacts on the environment, in your part of the country you can overcome the problem of excess population by outlawing heterosexual marriages. We'll just go on letting men and women marry indiscriminately.We'll keep the pigs, chickens, goats and cattle since you don't like meat anyway. You can have ALL the tofu, seaweed, algae, lentils, and soy messes you adore.

We'll keep the SUVs, pickup trucks, and oversized luxury cars. You can take every Subaru station wagon, Prius, and hybrid vehicle you can find-and your recumbent bicycles.

You will be able to give everyone in your part of the country healthcare, if you can find any practicing doctors who want to live there .

We'll keep the Star Spangled Banner. I'm sure you'll be happy to substitute Imagine, I'd Like to Te ach the World to Sing, Kumbaya, or We Are the World.
And since it often so offends you, we'll keep the flag. We'll practice "trickle down" economics, and you can give socialism and trickle up poverty your best shot.
But remember: We will no longer be contributing toward paying your bills.
If you will agree to this draft settlement please pass it along to other like minded liberals, and let's get started on an amicable divorce ASAP!!!!!!!!!

In the spirit of friendly parting, I'll bet you 50 offshore drilling rigs which one of us will need whose help in 5 years.

P.S. Almost forgot, please take Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand, Susan Sarandon & Jane Fonda

Mike Sola Gets Threatened By Union Thugs for Obamacare

Mike Sola: Obama supporters threatening his family
Fox News Channel | 8/10/09

Mike Sola, who spoke out at Rep. Dingell's town hall meeting in defense of his son who is sick with cerebral palsy, is being threatened with injury or death by Obama supporters. After speaking out against Dingell at the town hall, and after Dingell LIED about an "amendment" that would protect his son, persons unknown have been coming onto his property at night and terrorizing Sola and his wife and calling for the death of Sola's son. Sola said that if he catched them, he will kill them, even if it means his going to prison.

These Obama gangsters know no bounds. Sola is "unAmerican," according to Pelosi because of his protest. Things continue to heat-up.

He is not unAmerican. Anyone who speaks out against tyranny is a Patriot. Obama's union thugs should be ashamed of themselves. This is outrageous!!! Taking advantage of a handicapped guy and an older gentleman. These hooligan's MUST BE STOPPED!!! Obama's thugs need to be arrested and thrown in jail immediately.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The National Guard is Recruiting for Internment Cops

In an article by WorldnetDaily, it has been revealed that on the U.S. Army website that the National Guard is recruiting for internment/resettlement specialist. This is alarming!! This is raising concerns that there is some truth in those theories about domestic detention camps, a roundup of dissidents and a crackdown on "threatening" conservatives.

The Ads at the site as well as others including the cite the need for:

"Internment/Resettlement (I/R) Specialists in the Army are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility. I/R Specialists provide rehabilitative, health, welfare, and security to U.S. military prisoners within a confinement or correctional facility; conduct inspections; prepare written reports; and coordinate activities of prisoners/internees and staff personnel.

The "extremism" report coincided with a report out of California that the Department of Defense was describing protesters as "low-level terrorists."

The new ad says successful candidates will "provide external security to … detention/internment facilities" and "provide counseling and guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program."

Officials at the state and federal National Guard levels told WND they were unaware of the program, although one officer speculated it could be intended for soldiers trained in the U.S. and dispatched overseas to "detention facilities." From the national level, WND was told, officials were unaware of any such "internment facilities" at which there could be jobs to be available.

Alarmed by the ads, he said it, the idea "just absolutely blew my mind."

Citing a promise that successful applicants would be trained in "search and restrain procedures," he said, "That's code for violating the 14th Amendment."

Likewise, he said, "use of firearms" is "code for depriving somebody of their life.'

An editorial at raised some overall concerns:

Let's look at some of the evidence we have of the U.S. government's intentions to establish the infrastructure that could be used to house large numbers of political dissidents, so-called terrorists and other individuals the U.S. government wants locked up.

HR 645 the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act is a proposed bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that would authorize FEMA to build no less than six National Emergency Centers throughout the U.S. on closed or open military facilities. These facilities are to be designed to house large numbers of people. Why would emergency centers need to be built on closed or open military facilities unless there was a need to keep people from coming in and out of them?

KBR was granted a government contract a few years ago to build facilities to house illegal immigrants. Now with illegal immigration becoming less of a problem with the U.S. economy in the toilet, these facilities can now be used for other purposes.

"This is just another step in the U.S. government's long term plan to build the infrastructure that could be used to contain wide spread popular revolt. Combine this with the swine flu fear mongering and the potential for a mass swine flu vaccination operation and it is easy to see what might happen. Refuse to take their poisonous vaccine and you might risk being locked up as being a hazard to public safety. With the economy in the toilet and more and more people not trusting either political party or the corporate media, the 'powers that be' realize that they need to continue building their martial law apparatus. These Army National Guard job listings are just another piece to that puzzle proving what we already know is being built," the editorial claimed.

The jobs also were listed at, and

Richard Thompson of the Thomas More Law Center, said one of the things that sparked the organization's curiosity was a reference by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano in the original report to not only government resources but also non-governmental resources.

Thompson said the information he has "creates even more concern that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is unconstitutionally targeting Americans merely because of their conservative beliefs."

The earlier DHS report was "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment." WND has posted the report online for readers to see.

The report targeted individuals who:

  • Oppose abortion

  • Oppose same-sex marriage

  • Oppose restrictions on firearms

  • Oppose lax immigration laws

  • Oppose the policies of President Obama regarding immigration, citizenship, and the expansion of social programs

  • Oppose continuation of free trade agreements

  • Are suspect of foreign regimes

  • Fear Communist regimes

  • Oppose a "one world" government

  • Bemoan the decline of U.S. stature in the world

  • Are upset with loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs to China and India, and more
Whereas there was an apology for classifying military Vets as right wing extremists, there still have been no apologies for any of these citizens.

Thompson said the original "extremism" report was "the tip of the iceberg. … Conservative Americans should be very outraged."

The Thomas More Law Center filed its lawsuit against Napolitano and the DHS on behalf of nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage, Gregg Cunningham of the pro-life organization Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Inc. and Iraqi War Marine veteran Kevin Murray.

It alleges the federal agency violated the First and Fifth Amendment constitutional rights of the three plaintiffs by targeting them for disfavored treatment and chilling their free speech, expressive association, and equal protection rights. The lawsuit further claims that DHS encouraged law enforcement officers throughout the nation to target and report citizens to federal officials as suspicious rightwing extremists and potential terrorists because of their political beliefs.