Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Thoughts on Mitt's 47% Comment; Am I A Part of the 47%?

In one way yes, in one way no. I do not believe in government dependency and I am not voting for Obama just so I can get "free stuff" so with regards to the first part of his comment, most of his comment, I am not on board.  I am voting for Mitt Romney because he believes in religious liberty, a more limited government and policies which will spur economic growth. But as far as the income taxes go .... okay just listen to the last third of what Romney says.

(if this isn't the full video of his remarks please do let me know. This is what I could find.)

As a lower middle-class citizen I have only had to pay federal income taxes at tax time once during my lifetime.  If you take a look at the main idea that Romney conveyed I totally agree with it.  If a person is government dependent and you have a politician who is going to enable that mode of thinking and even encourage it then the person is most likely going to support that politician.  But there are people in an in-between status who aren't on government assistance but are struggling to makes ends meet or to meet their bills month-to-month and that's the category that I'm in.  This can be due to lack of skills, lack of education, lack of opportunity, lack of education, lack of employment available, credit issues which sometimes jobs base their hiring, high rate of college tuition payment, or even because of health problems. All I am saying is that there is a good number of citizens out there who don't receive government assistance and who are struggling to meet their bills each month. We need to make the case to these people that high taxes is in fact going to hurt them, not help them. We need to explain to them sound fiscal economics and that the financial pie is not limited to a certain amount of growth but can grow by leaps and bounds. If the correct economic policies - the policies which were instituted during Reagan - are put into place each person can help to make their own destiny.

Every person has a chance to change their situation for the better. Citizens do not have to be stuck in a rut. Citizens do not have to be dependent on the government. We just need to show them a way out. My husband is in the midst of trying something new which I hope benefits us financially. I have dealt with so many health problems over the years that I've either had to work retail, fast food, or my low paying landscaping job. And when I was given the chance to work in a doctor's office by my ophthalmologist back in Maryland office politics or jealousy by the office ladies got involved.  I knew computers, copiers, fax machines but didn't know the insurance programs or some other medical office procedures but was willing to learn. The owner (the doctor) of the practice gave me a chance or tried to but others weren't so willing. He gave me a chance but the office ladies weren't happy that he went over their head and actually made a staff decision. He was willing to train me, even to send me away to take a class but the office ladies weren't willing to go along with his plan.  They lied and said that I wasn't learning the office procedures. I know that I was. A couple of the medical staff couldn't understand what the office staff's problem was, they said that I was doing just fine for only being there a month. So, after a month I was let go. Believe me I let my doctor know how I felt that I was wronged. I just had a hysterectomy because of having severe endometriosis and issues surrounding that disease. I have dealing with issues related to endo for over 16 years. But now I can begin anew and am planning on taking courses starting in the spring of 2013 to become a medical assistant. I love working with people and have been interested in the medical field for quite awhile. This will also help to better my finances.  I also have other ideas for hobbies or side jobs which will hopefully better my income as well.

I heard the percentage of people who are on food stamps, Medicaid or some type of government program is 33% (not sure where I heard this or whether the number is accurate).  So IMO that number would have been more appropriate for Mitt to refer to.

Is it true that citizens on government programs don't pay income taxes? While looking through information on Medicaid I didn't see any mention of them paying taxes on this so I'm guessing that those on Welfare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Disability don't pay federal income taxes. Those on Social Security may or may not pay federal income taxes on their income. It depends on the person's or couple's income. But for purposes of simplicity I'll just use the 33% number for those people on government assistance who don't pay federal income taxes.

This chart is from 2010:

Government Assistance Expands: 

More than one in three Americans lived in households that received Medicaid, food stamps or other means-based government assistance in mid-2010, according to a new report. 
And when Social Security, Medicare and unemployment benefits are included, nearly half of the nation lived in a household that received a government check, according to the analysis of third-quarter 2010 Census data done by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, a libertarian-leaning think tank. That's more than 148 million Americans. 
Those numbers are on their way up thanks to the Great Recession and its aftermath, which have pushed record numbers of people onto public assistance programs. In particular, the stubbornly high unemployment rate has left millions of Americans in dire straits.
In 2008, one-quarter of people lived in households receiving a government lifeline and about 45 percent a government check, according to the Census Bureau. 
The nation's safety net has become fodder for the 2012 election. Republican presidential candidates have accused President Obama and his party of turning America into an entitlement nation
The federal government sent a record $2 trillion to individuals in fiscal 2010, up nearly 75% from 10 years earlier.

The first sentence would indicate that my 33% number is right on the money.

Should Romney write off the 47%? No. I am not saying that these people should be his primary focus for getting votes but many of these people are really struggling and see Obama as not doing enough for them or having abandoned them.  This is a time when we need to reach out to these people, those people who are willing to listen, and explain to them conservative principles and give them some of the historical background of the United States. It is a high probability that these people haven't been taught the Constitution or the Founding of our country nor about the idea(s) that the United States of America was founded on.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

#Pa Vote for Tom Smith Make Him Our Next U.S. Senator, Vote Casey Out of Office

Tom Smith is the GOP candidate in Pennsylvania challenging Sen. Casey for his seat. Here is a video of a speech he gave in February. The man wants to get rid of the EPA. Woohoo!

This is a good interview. Tom Smith started a group called Indiana County Patriots. He was an active conservative before he decided to run for the senate and that is great news.

Here are a couple of his ads.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm Home from the Hospital

I am home from the hospital.  Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers.  They are much appreciated.  I am so blessed. I am also so blessed because all the doctors and nurses were awesome.  After I went to the back room to get ready for the surgery I had a comical experience.  Two residents attempted to put an IV in me.  I was dehydrated and my veins were pretty small so they had trouble but it was the way they went back and forth trying to figure out how to get the IV in my vein that made for comical relief.  Plus they kept apologizing and saying what a good sport I was for putting up with multiple needles.  They ended up having to call their boss so he could try and get the IV in one of my veins.  This actually made the time go by pretty quickly before surgery.  Their doc boss investigated the situation with my arms and found a vein.  He did very well and even without using the numbing needle it hardly hurt at all.  The docs trying my veins was no big deal to me. I’m used to it.
My doctor visited with me after I made it to my room as well as early this morning.  This morning he said that I looked really good.  It was definitely the will of God that this surgery took place.  From the little bit I know both my ovaries were severely damaged.  This confirmed my suspicions.  God is the greatest.  He knows best.  I am glad to be home.  I will be resting for I’m not sure how long but hopefully I will be by to visit everyone’s blogs soon. God Bless. 

I am home from the hospital.  Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers.  They are much appreciated.  I am so blessed. I am also so blessed because all the doctors and nurses were awesome.  After I went to the back room to get ready for the surgery I had a comical experience.  Two residents attempted to put an IV in me.  I was dehydrated and my veins were pretty small so they had trouble but it was the way they went back and forth trying to figure out how to get the IV in my vein that made for comical relief.  Plus they kept apologizing and saying what a good sport I was for putting up with multiple needles.  They ended up having to call their boss so he could try and get the IV in one of my veins.  This actually made the time go by pretty quickly before surgery.  Their doc boss investigated the situation with my arms and found a vein.  He did very well and even without using the numbing needle it hardly hurt at all.  The docs trying my veins was no big deal to me. I’m used to it.
My doctor visited with me after I made it to my room as well as early this morning.  This morning he said that I looked really good.  It was definitely the will of God that this surgery took place.  From the little bit I know both my ovaries were severely damaged.  This confirmed my suspicions.  God is the greatest.  He knows best.  I am glad to be home.  I will be resting for I’m not sure how long but hopefully I will be by to visit everyone’s blogs soon. God Bless.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Thoughts On ... Obama Campaign Redesigns American Flag, Foreign Policy Run By Dr. Phil?, and The Hobbit

Every time I've tried to write something on politics in the past few days I have had a brain freeze or something so I haven't written anything.  Maybe its a bit of nerves due to my having the hysterectomy on Monday.  Yes, its this Monday. For real. No practice run this time. LOL!  I was also going to write a links post but unfortunately I just don't have the time to do so before tomorrow.  So I have decided to cover some of what's been in the news lately.  

For some reason the Obama campaign doesn't think our American Flag is good enough for them. They see it as divisive.  Is this yet another "change" that Obama promised? Is this yet another sign of his "transforming" America?  Obama has shown contempt for the Constitution, our liberties and the citizens of the United States.  Now the Obama campaign has chosen to show contempt to the American Flag.  This is because Obama and his ilk don't believe in the Founders vision for the U.S. They believe in government, that government grants rights to the people and can tell you what you can & can't do.  The Founders of our great Republic believed in the individual and that individuals rights come from our Creator. They did not believe that government granted rights. This is why our Founders left Great Britain.  Our great Constitution outlines our rights that our granted by God - Right to Free Speech, Right To Bear Arms, Free Exercise Of Religion, Right To Peacefully Assemble et al.   With the Obama administration's assault on religious liberty with the institution of the HHS mandate which forces religious institutions to provide abortion pills, sterilizations, contraception and to violate their consciences it is self evident that Obama & Co doesn't believe in religious freedom.  

Here is the insidious flag: 

Obama wants the U.S. to be in his own image. This is sick and perverted IMO. The Obama campaign has hit a new low. I knew they disrespected America and all she stand for but this really takes the cake. What a demented bunch of individuals they must be to give their version of the American Flag. 

I prefer to keep Old Glory, our flag of honor. 

The title "Stars and Stripes Forever" is what drew me to this picture.  May this flag, our American Flag forever wave. 

The Obama Flag needs to be put in the dustbin of history along with all the other crap the Obama admin has instituted while in Office. 

Besides finding the picture of the flag on the Henderson State University site I also saw that the university had a tribute to our American Flag. 

I am old glory;
for more the 9 score years I have been the banner of hope and freedom for generation after generation of Americans. Born amid the first flames of America's fight for freedom, I am the symbol of a country that has grown from a little group of 13 colonies to a united nation of 50 sovereign states. Planted firmly on the high pinnacle of American Faith, my gently fluttering folds have proved an inspiration to untold millions. Men have followed me into battle with unwavering courage. They have looked upon me as a symbol of national unity. They have prayed that they and their fellow citizens might continue to enjoy the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, which have been granted to every American as the heritage of free men. So long as men love liberty more than life itself, so long as they treasure the priceless privileges bought with the blood of our forefathers; so long as the principles of truth, justice and charity for all remain deeply rooted in human hearts, I shall continue to be the enduring banner of the United States of America. 

I normally don't agree with Kirsten Powers but on this rare occasion I agree with her article which condemns the Obama administration's response to the attack on our embassy in Libya. 

In fact, what is "disgusting and reprehensible" is that there are people in the world who think they are justified in attacking and killing people because someone hurt their feelings or offended their sensibilities.  The US government should not act as a validator or enabler of this upside down worldview, which is exactly what the Obama administration has done repeatedly as they have responded to these abhorrent attacks against the United States.   
Worse, our leaders shouldn't let our enemies know that when they kill our people and attack our embassies that the US Government will act like a battered wife making excuses for her psychotic husband. Wake up: we weren't attacked because of a movie made by an American.  We were attacked because there are crazy religious fanatics who hate the United States. We didn't ask for it.
Apparently our foreign policy is now being run by Dr. Phil. Someone needs to explain to the White House that our Constitution protects freedom of religion from government interference, not the protection from people who say mean, critical  or offensive things about one's religion.  
Kirsten adds reasons why the Obama administration should be outraged at offensive religious treatment right here in the United States.  I recommend you read the entire article. I love the Dr. Phil comment. 

Her final message is: It’s time for the Obama administration to stop blaming the victim.  

I am in full agreement. 

Now the Obama administration shows it has no respect for freedom of speech. This is yet another attack on our constitutional rights.  

On a lighter note the trailer to the movie The Hobbit was just released. This is the prequel to the Lord Of The Rings. The LOTR is my favorite set of movies so I am really looking forward to seeing the film The Hobbit when it comes out in mid-December.  If you enjoyed watching the LOTR you are sure to also like The Hobbit.

Have a great week my blogging friends. I'm not sure how long it will be til I am well enough to blog again. Hopefully not too long. See ya all soon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fr. Barron Comments on Paul Ryan and Catholic Social Teaching

Note: Kevin and I have been MIA from blogging the past few days or so because we had family in town visiting.  I will make my blog rounds shortly.  God Bless.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama Admin Appeasement, Libyan Muslim Killings of Americans, and Justice

Why was this administration's initial reaction of the Libyan killings of four U.S. diplomats, one of whom was our ambassador, and another an ex-Navy Seal, to apologize for the hurt feelings of Muslims?  This is one more example of Obama's campaign of appeasement and apologies around the world.  The man has exuded weakness right from the start of his term in office. There is absolutely no reason for the Obama administration to apologize for Muslims killing four U.S. officials.  That is absurd. Beyond absurd. Beyond logic. And, why would they jump so fast to assume that a movie on Muhammed caused the attacks?  Oh boy the illogical nature of liberals these days.  With a smattering of dhimmitude cast alongside their absurd and illogical notions. New information has come to light which suggests that the attack on the consulate was timed to mark the 9/11 anniversary.

Here is the Obama administration's initial response to the bloodshed of Americans:

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

Very sad and pathetic. This statement couldn't be further from displaying confidence and leadership. Obama is doing a complete 180 and not following Ronald Reagan's example of peace through strength but rather is producing chaos in bedlam via appeasement, fear, and weakness. I prefer a person who understands the concept of national security threats as well as having the ability to recognize and call out our enemy. This is a sign of a true leader.  Here are some words from a true leader who knows when to condemn attacks on Americans instead of apologizing for freedom of speech.  

The Obama administration continued their statement of appeasement with this "as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions."  When has this administration stood up for another religion (besides Islam) and condemned those who have offended those believers?  The Catholic League points out that a movie which shows a woman masturbating on a crucifix was given an award at a Venice Film Festival. Wouldn't that be considered offensive to Catholics as well as other Christians?  Yet the administration has been quiet as a church mouse on this religiously offensive film.  Shall we say double standard? 

As I read some posts/articles on the killings of Americans in Libya I pondered on the the word justice for a few minutes. Then I thought to myself what constitutes justice?  Is it possible for revenge or avenging one's injustice to fall under the virtue of justice? Or is revenge a dirty, ugly concept which can never coincide with justice?  So I thought taking a look at a few of the great philosophers explanations on what constitutes justice was in order.  Dr. Nancy Stanlick has a concise summary of Plato, Aristotle, and St. Thomas Aquinas's philosophical definitions of justice:  

Plato on Justice:
    The concept is presented as a sort of harmony or balance of the elements both of the individual soul and the state.  Each part of the soul has its own particular and appropriate function, and the imbalance of the soul or the state is found in one part ruling over another where ruling is not the particular function or virtue of that part.
    The parts of the soul and the state are:
1.  Rational
2.  Spirited
3.  Appetitive

In both the state and the individual, justice is achieved with a harmony of these elements where the rational rules over the spirited which rules over the appetitive.  Justice is achieved in a sense by taking all the three virtues (wisdom, courage and temperance) and understanding their proper balance as constituting justice, which is the good of the individual being and the good of the state.

    Justice is thus a matter of knowledge (related to the notion in Plato's *Apology* understood as ethical determinism) such that knowing the good implies doing the good.  It is necessary for Plato that the ruling element of the soul be rationality, which is the highest faculty.  Further, in the political state, the wisest and best persons should rule, and so it is that those who are most fully acquainted with the real, and who can distinguish reality from appearances, are the best to rule.  In fact, they will be best to rule in part because it is what they least want to do.  But they will recognize their duty in ruling and will do well at it.

Aristotle on Justice:
    Justice is a virtue practiced toward other people, and it is the whole of virtue, not just part of it.  Just as the state is prior to the individual, so justice, being a virtue that is practiced toward others, is more related to the community than a particular virtue of some other name might be.
    The ways in which people associate with other constitute particular justice.  It is seen in distribution and in rectification.
    Distributed justice involves geometrical proportion.  If the unjust is unequal, then the just is equal.  What is equal is a mean, so justice is a mean and it always involves at least 4 terms:  2 people with 2 shares.  Shares are equal in the same ratio as the persons are equal.  If unequals recieve equal shares, or equals recieve unequal shares, it causes "quarrels and complaints.

    Rectificatory justice is found voluntarily and involuntarily.  In the voluntary sense, it is in selling, buying, interest and lending.  In the involuntary sense, it is found in theft, adultery, killing and assault, among other things.  Rectificatory justice involves arithmetical proportion.  The unjust action involves an unfair gain which the judge in an affair attempts to equalize.  So rectificatory justice is the mean between loss and gain.
    The function of a judge in a case is to restore equality that is lost in some sort of unfair transaction or occurrence.
The most imortant point of inquiry is political justice in particular.  Political justice is a shared life for the satisfaction of needs as persons free and equal arithmetically or proportionately.  To be free is to be an end in oneself.  Justice only exists where mutual relations are controlled by law and law is found only among those liable to injustice.  This is why it is not a person who rules, but the law - because a person is likely to rule for his own advantage, not for justice - and justice is meant to be to the advantage of all.

St. Thomas Aquinas on Justice
    Continues in some sense the work of Aristotle in many ways, but combines with it the notion of an ultimate God as the highest object of happiness.  Aquinas does not deny that Aristotle was right in claiming that the highest good was happiness, but where Aristotle saw it as being possible to achieve happiness in this life, Aquinas held that true happiness will only be achieved in another life.  Of course, Aristotle didn't hold with the notion of there being another life.
    For Aquinas, justice is the highest of all moral virtues.  It is concerned with external actions and is found in the will for dealing with every aspect of our dealings with other people.
Justice is a constant will to render to each person his right.  This refers to our relations with others and it is consistent with Aristotle's notion that a virtuous action must be done voluntarily, from a stable character, for the right reasons, and in the mean.
 Justice is a relation to another implying equality.  A thing cannot be equal to itself, but must be equal to something else.  So justice requires community of others.  Justice is only found in one person toward another.
 Justice is a virtue that makes the human being and the human act good.  Acts are good when they are rational and justice regulates actions, so it makes our actions good.
Justice does not direct cognitive power because justice is not a matter of knowing.  It is instead a matter of doing, and doing is from appetite, so justice has to do with the will.
Justice directs us to the common good, and so it is a general virtue.
Justice is not about the passions, but about action.
 Justice is foremost among all the virtues because it concerns others and it is rational.

What do you think is a just punishment for the Muslims who killed four U.S. diplomats?  Life in prison? The death penalty?  

This is in the "You're Not Going To Believe This" Category

You know how I was supposed to have surgery on Sept. 10. Well, in a freak circumstance my hysterectomy didn't happen.  My surgery date had been rescheduled for the 24th but neither the scheduling nurse nor my doctor informed me of the change.  I put much more of the onus on the nurse who schedules surgeries since that is her job. This means that on Sunday I had only clear liquids and did the bowel prep, and the enema on Monday before I had to be at the hospital at 6am.  This means I have to do this again with some minor adjustments - no enema due to bleeding but one additional day of only clear liquids.

Monday I was really bummed out and a little miffed.  I would have been back to blogging sooner if those were my only issues but Monday evening I became pretty ill with major stomach issues and a sinus and/or a migraine headache. It wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I started to feel half-alive again.

On Monday the nurse scheduler called me and apologized. My doc had taken a vacation day on Monday which was unusual for him. Immediately after getting into his office he found out about the surgery scheduling fiasco and called me to apologize.

Since I was MIA for the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks I am posting a video below in remembrance of all those who lost their lives that tragic day.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fighting Back Against The Radicals

As I was riding to work one day this week I heard a clip of Bill Clinton's speech where he says that the Republican Party is controlled by the Far Right-Wing extremists thus referring to the Tea Party.  Democrats haven't put out one solution for how to fix medicare so it can be saved for future generations. They believe in the status quo - in allowing medicare to go bankrupt. Is that really caring about future seniors? Citizens of the United States?  Heck no. Harry Reid's Democrat controlled Senate has NOT passed one single budget in over three years.  The Democrat Party consists of no solution obstructionists.  Democrats in Congress believe in doing

The Democrat Party bows to the Muslim Brotherhood's extremist beliefs of intolerance.  Democrats removed acknowledgment that Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel from their platform. They even removed God from their platform. Until they heard the outcry.... then political opportunism came into play.  That's okay we know that the God vote was all smoke and mirrors. The Democrat Party is the Godless Party. God doesn't believe in "freedom of choice" to kill one's offspring.  God doesn't approve of homosexual behavior. Just look in the Bible.  God doesn't believe in tyranny. God doesn't believe in government slavery dependency. God doesn't believe in forcing people to violate their consciences. God is not for euthanasia. While God doesn't believe in any of these things The Democratic Party DOES.
The Democratic Party is:

They are not apart of the solution. They are the problem. Let's throw 'em all out! Vote 'em all out! Purify America from the radical Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party philosophy ascribes to Saul Alinsky's:

Which honors Satan. How evil! 

Liberals/ Democrats want you to believe that they want to compromise with Conservatives/Republicans but when it comes down to it the proof it in their actions.  When both the Senate and House were controlled by Democrats they didn't want to hear any suggestions on how to make health care more affordable and increase accessibility. The Democrats passed a purely partisan top down government controlled health care legislation. They want government to control your lives.  Progressives think they know better than the average American. They don't believe that people should be able to make decisions. They don't believe in choice. They are intolerant. The Democrat Party is:

The Democrat Party believes in trickle up poverty.  Under this administration the unemployment rate has increased. The workforce has decreased to the lowest levels in 30 years. The number of citizens on food stamps has increased to new record breaking levels - to 46.7 million in June (food stamp charts here). Guess which year is the only year that there was a decline in the number of people on food stamps? Gee... Did it just so happen that this success in lowering the number of people on food stamps occurred under President Bush's term?  Yes, his policies were working to help the poor. Under Obama welfare funding has skyrocketed while the number of people on welfare has stayed the same.  Whenever something doesn't work liberals just throw money and more money at the problem. That is their solution to pretty much everything. Throwing away our money without getting at the root cause of the problem is not a real solution. Liberal policies have failed so many Americans.  Progressive policies with government intervention in the private sector is what caused the financial fiasco.  Obama's policies is what is causing the slowest recovery since the Great Depression.  If you want another four years of economic malaise, another four years of excessive regulations which are strangling businesses, another four years of liberty-hating unconstitutional policies which include dictatorial executive orders which bypass Congress and the will of the people, and if you don't believe that people have a right to believe in the religious tenets of their faith then vote for Obama.  If you are for prosperity, economic growth, more jobs, liberty, freedom to make your own choices, less regulations, making use of all of our energy resources, rolling back government control over are lives, reducing the deficit/debt, saving medicare, and if you believe that every person has the right to religious freedom then 


Conservatives, Libertarians, and Republicans are for choice, ethically sound and morally licit choice. We believe in the right to choose whether you want to buy health insurance or not. We believe in school choice - in school vouchers so you can choose which school gives your child the best opportunity to succeed.  We believe in giving seniors more than one option - not just medicare under government control. We believe that seniors should have the ability to choose from the company which gives them the best price and the best coverage.  The free-market system does this, NOT government. Paul Ryan's voucher plan give seniors the opportunity to make the best choices for themselves.

Conservatives, Republicans, and Libertarians believe in following our Founders vision for America.  We believe in following our Constitution. We believe that these rights are granted by our Creator. Obama and the Democrats want to transform the United States into a European socialist style state where everyone lives in equal misery.  Those in the Democratic Party are so

that they believe that it would be good to ban corporate profits.

If progressives were rational thinkers they would realize that the number of people unemployed would skyrocket. Even if citizens were employed under the no profits plan would there even be a paycheck waiting for them? If so their paycheck would be peanuts compared to now.  Or do they want government controlled businesses? Government to control the pay? Sounds like socialism/Communism to me.  Its been tried before and has always failed.  But we have a new set of socialists in town who live in a fantasy land ignoring history, willing to repeat the mistakes of the past and wreak havoc on our lives while attempting a farcical charade.

Progressives want to dismantle America and transform it into a socialist democracy.  We America loving citizens will not let that happen. We will fight to save our republic from falling down the deep, dark abyss of tyranny.  We will take a stand and rise up before these progressives dishonor America and unravel all that our Founding Fathers worked so hard to bring us. Conservatives/Libertarians/Republicans will continue to spread the truth about America's history and her greatness. We will teach the uneducated that America

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mini Eagle Freedom Links - Hysterectomy Sept. 10, Republican Catholic Minded Politicians, Movie Recommendations


Since April of this year my endometriosis pain has increased to the point of being excruciating. Last October I had surgery to remove my endo and was really hoping it would give me relief for a longer period than it did. So with few options left I made a very important decision, to have a hysterectomy.  I will be having my surgery on Sept. 10 and will be spending at least one night in the hospital so after Sunday I'm not sure how long I will be out of commission from blogging and visiting blogs.  If you don't see a link for your blog here you will probably see it in my first Mini Eagle Freedom Links Posting this week.

Michael Voris points out how divided the Catholic Church is now - Paul Ryan Catholics versus Joe Biden Catholycs. He mentions how Republicans as far as morality goes are Catholic minded whereas the older generation of Catholics are not so Catholic minded, but in fact dissenting on certain doctrinal issues, therefore working to undermine the Church. Therefore that means Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden types of Catholics are NOT faithful Catholics.

Here are some movies I recommend you see:

I just saw the Act of Valor movie. This an excellent movie which shows our U.S. Navy Seals bravery and sacrifice for our country.

I first saw China Cry as a child with my mother. For some reason this movie had come to my mind recently. Then I saw it at a Christian store and just had to grab it up. I just saw it again a couple weeks ago. This is an extremely powerful and inspirational movie.

Joyful Noise is a very enjoyable movie to watch.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Undercover Video: Prize Horses Tortured?

As a horse lover seeing the utter exploitation and abuse of such beautiful animals highly infuriates me. This type of mistreatment of horses and all animals cannot be tolerated.  Let us all stand up against the maltreatment of animals.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player  From The Huffington Post: 
Graphic undercover video shot by investigators from the Humane Society of the United States and obtained by ABC News has revealed shocking alleged torture of horses under the supervision of renowned Tennessee Walking Horse trainer Jackie McConnell.
According to ABC News, the alleged abuse was intended to force the horses to produce the "high-stepping gait" on which they are evaluated in competition.
In the video, McConnell presides over the stable hands as they allegedly use electric cattle prods to force the horses to lift their feet in a special way.
McConnell also supervises as hands allegedly apply corrosive chemicals to the animals' ankles, allegedly so the mixture will eat into their skin and prompt them to lift their legs high.
"That creates intense pain and then the ankles are wrapped with large metal chains so the horses flinch, or raise their feet even higher," the Human Society's Keith Dane told ABC News.
In light of the footage, McConnell was indicted by a federal grand jury and is expected to plead guilty to the charges.
"On average, 24 horses die each week at racetracks across America. Many are inexpensive horses racing with little regulatory protection in pursuit of bigger and bigger prizes. These deaths often go unexamined, the bodies shipped to rendering plants and landfills rather than to pathologists who might have discovered why the horses broke down."

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mini Eagle Freedom Links - RNC Convention and Dominoes Extravaganza Edition

I feel like the RNC Convention brought some fire to the campaign.  Hopefully Romney/Ryan will continue to build on this momentum and enthusiasm.  I really enjoyed listening to the speeches. IMO the speeches throughout the week were outstanding. Having heard the stories from some of Mitt's Mormon friends made me feel like I know him a bit more. This gives me some insight into his character. And I am impressed. I will post a few of the speeches below.  I am planning to post one more links post later on in the week so please don't fret if I didn't post a link to your blog yet.  Everyone have a blessed week. 

Mia Love

Rick Santorum

Marco Rubio

Mitt Romney

Sinners Domino Production used 31,405 dominoes in a "Journey Around The World" quest in which they won two Guinness titles. Watching the spectacular action of all those dominoes toppling is amazing. 

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Da Tech Guy -- Tina Brown And The Crisis Of Profit 

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Clint Eastwood RNC Speech

Clint Eastwood assails the empty suit with an empty chair. His performance was outstanding.