Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Out of Touch President

There have been quite a few events which have happened since my last post.  Our President got on his high horse at the prayer breakfast in defense of Islam while saying to Christians what comes around goes around - all those beheadings, crucifixions, shootings, and barbarous acts being committed by Muslim extremists in the Middle East, Africa, and in Europe are just events to brush off your sleeve.  No big deal.  Since over 1000 years ago Muslims were killed by Christians in the Crusades.  The president didn't even get the Crusades correct.  Christians were defending the Holy Land and Europe from Muslim domination and their takeover of Christian lands in Europe and elsewhere.  The prayer breakfast is meant to be a celebration of faith, all faiths coming together, not the advancement of ideological beliefs lashing out in a bizarre way against one religion.

In Paris, France persons who just happened to be Muslims targeted people of a satire magazine called Charlie Hebdo killing twelve for the publishing of an offensive Mohammed cartoon. Not long afterward, in Paris there was a hostage situation at a kosher deli. The four victims just happened to be Jewish and the hostage taker just happened to be Muslim. In Copenhagen persons who just happened to be Muslims targeted persons who just happened to be Jews outside of a synagogue and killed one, hurt two at a free speech event.

Around three weeks ago the parents of humanitarian aid worker Kayla Mueller received word from ISIS that their daughter had been killed.  Did the U.S. government's trade for Bowe Bergdahl make the heartbreaking reality of Kayla's death inevitable?  This week ISIS raided villages and is believed to have kidnapped hundreds of Christians.  In the middle of February 21 a video was released showing Egyptian Coptic Christians being beheaded by ISIS.

Our government refuses to identify these ISIS jihadists as Islamic extremists.  If so called proclaimed Christians were doing these same barbaric practices I doubt that this administration would struggle with labeling them Christian extremists.

The Obama administration is so out of touch and their failed national security policies are endangering we the people further on our homeland.  I believe this presidents connection to his past roots and present Muslim half-brother(s) is influencing Obama and that is greatly affecting his decision making on foreign affairs. Obama has a duty to protect and defend America against enemies and I am not seeing him do all that he could possibly do to protect Americans. President Obama has chosen ideology over his constitutional responsibilities to the American people. President Obama is out of touch.