Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Texas Defunded "The Murder Mill" and Now Obama Admin Has Pulled Medicaid Funding

Why is it that many liberal initiatives are unable to keep afloat on their own, without any government funding?


The Obama administration has just yanked $40,000,000 in Medicaid funding for Texas.  This was NOT Governor Perry's doing.  Even though it was Obama's decision to pull medicaid funding Planned Parenthood blames Gov. Perry for the medicaid defunding.  The feminuts have become unhinged, are having a temper tantrum and directing some misguided ire toward Governor Perry.  Obama believes in the tyranny of the State - that individual state legislatures have no right to make decisions on how they're going to allocate their own monies.  Obama and his cronies are crying Waaa Waaa Waaa.... and acting like crybabies just because Texas defunded "the murder mill", a.k.a. Planned Parenthood. So, now the Obama admin is screwing the poor?  Progressives are so beholden to their "unholy sacrament" which murders innocent unborn children that they are willing to throw the poor under the bus.  This is more proof that progressives only use the poor to advance their own agenda.  They really don't give a diddly-squat about the poor.  

Planned Parenthood makes no indication whatsoever that this decision was entirely of the Obama administration.
Texas decided to bar the Women’s Health Program funding from abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, in May of last year. Almost immediately, the Obama administration threatened to pull Medicaid from Texas if funding wasn’t reinstated for the abortion giant. Texas refused, and in turn, the Obama administration decided last week to yank the annual $40,000,000 Texas received for its Medicaid program, beginning in March. This also results in another $17,000,000 loss to Planned Parenthood of Texas.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Romney Supporters/Staff Caught Stealing Dozens of Santorum Signs

Shall we say Lefty tactic? Do we really want a candidate who is willing to use dirty, Leftist tactics to win?

H/T Daley Gator 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen as 'Dictator' Dumps Ashes of Kim Jong IL All Over Ryan Seacrest

H/T Breitbart 

Levin Says HHS Secretary Sebelius Should Be Impeached

I agree! The Republicans in the House need to start the impeachment proceedings ASAP.  This woman needs to be sent a message loud and clear that she is not allowed to violate our right to freedom of religion.

H/T Breitbart 

Audrey Hepburn Rule 5

In 1954 Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in the film Roman Holiday.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Priest Gives Obama HHS Mandate The Finger?

This is great!

H/T Courageous Priest 

Ron Paul's Deceitfulness

I am not a Ron Paul fan.  In fact this may surprise some conservatives but he is my least favorite of the last four presidential candidates in the GOP race.  He is the least trustworthy IMO.  He kept on changing his answers when it came to reporters questioning him on his letters.  And, yes, I do think that he lied through his teeth when he said he didn't know who wrote the racist parts of his letter.  Even if I give him the benefit of the doubt and he doesn't know who wrote the racist parts of his newsletters that goes beyond incompetence, to negligence IMO.  I do not want a president with that type of "hands off" approach. You wouldn’t trust a medical procedure to someone who took the easy route and got medical training from an online college, so why would you trust someone to run the country who either lies or is negligent? The extent to which someone involves and invests themselves, speaks volumes to how serious they are about the ultimate quality of their work.

 Like last night in the debate he said the problem with politics in Washington is that it does take a team effort.  He is an idealist who is unwilling to compromise and be a team player with fellow Republicans but when it comes to pushing his isolationist foreign policy agenda he is more than willing to work with Democrats.  Ron Paul is willing to be a part of the team when it comes to working with Democrats to promote his nightmare of an isolationist foreign policy agenda.  Paul thinks that a madman who has threatened to blow Israel off the face of the map has a "right" to have possession of a nuclear weapon.  That is just crazy talk. He is just another political opportunist who uses people for his own cause. I don't like his snobbish attitude in how he thinks that he is better than other politicians just because he talks about liberty, the constitution, and freedom.  Just because he gives speeches and interviews promoting liberty? Seriously?  He has a flawed view of both our federal government and the tenth amendment.  It seems to me that Ron Paul thinks that the Federal government has no role in the United States.  The tenth amendment does give states the right to develop different systems of education and different health care services but it does NOT give the states the right to do harm.  Some states do not have the right to legalize abortion while others ban abortion.  The Constitution says that every person has an unalienable right to life and his tenth amendment views violate the Constitution, the very Constitution he pretends to uphold.

Ron Paul's recent television ad is deceitful in its implications which suggest that Rick Santorum supports Planned Parenthood.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Paul equates voting for a budget that has Title X funding in it with supporting Planned Parenthood.  That is fallacious.  Rick Santorum not only talks the pro-life talk but also walks the walk so when people falsely accuse him of otherwise or distort his record for political opportunism it irks me to no end.  Under the law it is a requirement for budgets to be passed. This happened under Bush.  Unfortunately we haven't seen a budget passed since April 29, 2009, not long after the Democrats took control of the House, Senate, and White House. Plus, the Democratically controlled Senate has blocked all efforts to pass a budget since the Republicans took control of the House.

In an article on Steven Ertelt makes it clear that Rick Santorum is a stalwart defender of the unborn and does not support Planned Parenthood.

From Life News:

On Monday, on the Sean Hannity program on Fox News, Santorum himself responded to the charge.
“Look, I’m not a big fan of Title X, that is Planned Parenthood. No, I want to defund Planned Parenthood,” he told Hannity.
Santorum also said in December that he strongly supports the most recent efforts in Congress to eliminate taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.
“[The abortion] is an inhumanity that should not occur in this country,” Santorum said, according to the Daily Iowan. “[Tax dollars] should not be used for things that are morally objectionable.”
“I can’t imagine any other organization with its roots as poisonous as the roots of Planned Parenthood getting federal funding of any kind,” Santorum said. “This is an organization that was founded on the eugenics movement, founded on racism — I mean, it’s horrific. It’s origins are horrific. And you can say, ‘well it’s not that anymore.’ It’s not far from where it was in my opinion.”
In fact, the record shows Santorum has a long line of votes to deny taxpayer funding for abortion and Planned Parenthood and frequently compiled 100% pro-life voting records from the National Right to Life Committee.

Life News has posted at least some of Santorum's pro-life votes while he served in the senate.

* July 2003 – Voted to support the Mexico City Policy de-funding Planned Parenthood.
* May 2003 – Voted against allowing abortions at tax-funded military base hospitals.
* June 2000 – Voted against allowing abortions at tax-funded military base hospitals.
* May 1999 – Voted against allowing abortions at tax-funded military base hospitals.
* June 1998 – Voted against allowing abortions at tax-funded military base hospitals.
* July 1997 – Voted against taxpayer funding of abortions in federal employee health insurance plans.
* July 1997 – Voted against allowing abortions at tax-funded military base hospitals.
* June 1997 – Voted against taxpayer funding of abortions in the S-CHIP program
* February 1997 – Voted against taxpayer fund of the pro-abortion UNFPA

On the other hand, is Ron Paul truly pro-life?  This is part of what is in his prolife profile
Ron Paul wants to be pro-life but is officially pro-choice state by state, and so contradicts himself and wrongly assumes that states' rights supersede human rights, concluding that a state like California has the right to permit abortion. But the right to life is God-given so there can be no 'right' to decriminalize child killing.  
There is more information here

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rick Santorum Rally at Steubenville, OH February 20, 2012

My husband and I attended a Rick Santorum rally yesterday in Steubenville, Ohio. Santorum was on fire! It was a great experience for the both of us.  Kevin recorded the speech along with the question and answer session.  If the videos get too shaky don't blame me, blame the guest blogger, Kevin. LOL!  Overall I think my hubby did a pretty darn good job recording the speech.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Songs of Praise

I have been sick for the past few days so this about all I am able to muster up right now.  Somehow by the grace of God I was able to attend a Santorum rally in Steubenville, OH since I was feeling better this morning.  I only wish my feeling better could have lasted. Oh well.... Here are a couple worship songs I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Joke, A Bad Joke Maybe? Blah Blah Blah Stop with Your PC Mentality & Get Over It

People are so PC today they are unable to get a joke, even it is a bad joke. It is impossible for the PC crowd to shrug off a bad joke. To the PC overly sensitive idiots: Get the heck over it!!  The people who are in a tizzy over this must be self-conscience or something.  Progressives are self-hating people so....  An old guy told an old joke.  So what. If the feminuts feel offended, oh well.  Take a hard look at yourself and think the next time before you sleep with some guy you barely know.  Nothing like opening yourself up to PTSDs STDs and other risks.  Nah, we're not screwed up with our priorities nowadays.....  Liberals are more worried about a bad joke than women having sex and their being the possibility that they will catch all those venereal diseases, AIDS, etc.  Get a grip folks.  If liberals had even a speck of self-control they wouldn't put themselves in bad positions.

This is the joke: “You know, back in my days, they’d use Bayer aspirin for contraceptives, The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.” 

It may not have been funny but it sure wasn't something to get outraged over. Unless you've got an agenda. And progressives always do. 

The Other McCain says We Forgive You, Foster Friess  and points out that the joke that libs have dubbed "controversial" was probably first used by Phyllis Diller.  This took place way back when, when women, specifically progressive women, had a sense of humor or could at least not get overly sensitive after hearing a bad joke.  

Foster Friess ended up apologizing to the uptight, politically correct, feminuts and the rest of the dummicrats. 

Hack Wilson has a fantastic post In Defense of Santorum.  Fuzzy Slippers has a marvelous post debunking the hystrionics and kookball claims from the Left that Santorum will engage in 'social engineering", On "Social Engineering" : Stop With The Crazy About Rick Santorum, Please

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rule 5: Amanda Seyfried in Gone


American Power- Kate Upton

American Perspective - Madonna 

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Proof Positive – Jeanne Crain

Rule 5 Woodsterman Style : Oh, Captain!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Stark Contrast Between Rick Santorum and Barack Obama

In The Thinking voter's article The Thinking Voter debunks RedState's unfounded accusations that Rick Santorum and Barack Obama are two peas in a pod, that Santorum is a carbon copy of Obama. How delusional can one get? This accusation is absurd.

From The Thinking Voter:

I’ve noticed many folks have been comparing Rick Santorum to Barack Obama and other pro-life Democrats.

Such a comparison is worthy of “the weirdest claim made yet against Rick Santorum” award. They seem to have forgotten that there are no true pro-life Democrats for even Democrat “staunch pro-lifer” Bart (Mark) Stupak had agreed to put his pro-life stance aside in order to provide Obama with the final vote for Obamacare. Those who compare Santorum to Democrats like Obama have also obviously not watched this video in which Senator Santorum fought against federal funding for partial-birth abortion in 1998.

Social issues aside, let us see just how similar Santorum is to Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. We all agree that to beat Obama one must be able to draw a strong contrast between their record and Obama’s. Is Santorum able to do that?

Let’s check it out:

TARP - Government Bailouts

Rick Santorum had opposed TARP right from the start. He didn’t merely pay lip-service in opposition, but railed out against it several months later in ’09 at CPAC.

TARP had received support not only from then-candidate Obama but also by a majority of the GOP establishment including Newt and Mitt. Santorum also opposed Obama’s stimulus, the auto bailout, and the Fannie-Freddie bailout.

Needless to say, Obama is the King of the Bailouts.


Government Reform – Reducing Spending and Dependency on Government

In the 1990s, when he was only a freshman Senator, Rick Santorum was a leading author on the bill that completely overhauled the country’s welfare system.

Yes, you read that right. As a Congressman, Santorum had started the fight for welfare reform in the House, and once in the Senate he combined forces with his old buddies, actually wrote the bill, and successfully fought the left and ensured its passage. To give credit when credit is due, Newt who was speaker of the House at the time, voted in support of the bill.

Santorum also voted for the Freedom to Farm Act in 1996 that started the process of ending direct farm subsidies. When Congress decided that it couldn’t live up to that promise, it voted to re-establish the subsidies in 2002 with the Farm Security Act, a bill that Santorum rightly opposed. Santorum voted for a balanced budget amendment and a line-item veto in 1995.

Santorum strongly believes in a bottom-up economy and in keeping government out of the private sector in most cases.

Obama obviously strongly opposes all reform to the federal government since, as we all know, he wants us all dependent on government for our health-care and every-day needs. He has successfully vastly increased the number of individuals collecting unemployment, Medicaid, and Food Stamps.

Okay, they clearly differ on role of government. All right, let’s try something else.

Health Care Mandates – Obamacare

Oops! Here’s a video from Rick Santorum in 1994 where he clearly and passionately spoke against government mandating individuals into buying health-care or anything else for that matter. This is a direct quote from Rick Santorum spoken in 1994 when health-care mandates were on the table;

“I think what the role of the federal government is to provide opportunity for everyone to get what they want, to live their dreams and not to dictate what everybody should have.”

Sounds like Obama to you? Not to me. Let’s also remember that in 1994 both Newt and Romney amongst many other Republicans had heavily supported and pushed for health-care mandates.

Still convinced he’s a carbon copy of Obama at least in some way? Let’s continue!


Glenn Beck Talks About Attacks on Faith and Religion

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 Year Old Girl Rescued After Kosovo Avalanche

She is adorable.An avalanche struck this little girl's house and killed everyone else that was in the house - 9 relatives, including her parents. Amazingly, she survived the whole ordeal. She is now recovering in the hospital and is in stable condition.

The first video shows the actual rescue. The second shows the conditions that the rescuers were facing while searching for the girl.

The little girl was found buried under 10 meters of snow (not quite 3 feet) after having been under the snow for about 10 hours. It is miraculous that she survived through all this.  It is also so sad because she lost her whole family in the avalanche. I pray that a loving family adopts her or possibly that some relative who didn't live with her takes her into their family and cares for her.

Monday, February 13, 2012

National Review Calls on Newt Gingrich to Drop Out and Endorse Santorum

I found out this bit of news from The American Catholic.  Like them, this surprised me since I had noticed a bunch of Pro-Romney pieces over at the National Review.  Today the National Review has taken a bold move and requested that Gingrich drop out of the race and endorse Rick Santorum.  With Santorum's rise in popularity and continued surge, and Gingrich's implosion I think this is a good idea.  

It isn’t yet a Romney–Santorum contest, but it could be headed that way. We hope so. Gingrich’s verbal and intellectual talents should make him a resource for any future Republican president. But it would be a grave mistake for the party to make someone with such poor judgment and persistent unpopularity its presidential nominee. It is not clear whether Gingrich remains in the race because he still believes he could become president next year or because he wants to avenge his wounded pride: an ambiguity that suggests the problem with him as a leader. When he led Santorum in the polls, he urged the Pennsylvanian to leave the race. On his own arguments the proper course for him now is to endorse Santorum and exit.

Santorum has been conducting himself rather impressively in his moments of triumph and avoiding characteristic temptations. He is doing his best to keep the press from dismissing him as merely a “social-issues candidate.” His recent remark that losing his Senate seat in 2006 taught him the importance of humility suggests an appealing self-awareness. And he has rightly identified the declining stability of middle-class families as a threat to the American experiment, even if his proposed solutions are poorly designed. But sensible policies, important as they are, are not the immediate challenge for his candidacy. Proving he can run a national campaign is.

Santorum is now leading Romney in the polls in Michigan.  This is good news. Gingrich seems to have a lot of antipathy for Romney so I have a feeling if Santorum continues his surge and Gingrich continues to do poorly than Gingrich will drop out and endorse Santorum.  

From The Guardian
Pew Research Center poll taken this week puts support for Santorum among Republican voters at 30%, two percentage points ahead of Romney. A month ago, Romney held a 31% to 14% lead over Santorum.
Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on Monday showed that Santorum has taken a significant lead in the Michigan primary in a fortnight. Santorum is at 39%, 15 percentage points ahead of Romney. The numbers are a stinging blow to Romney because he was born in Michigan and his father was governor of the state.

Planned Parenthood: Hooking Kids on Sex

H/T Cinhosa 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Trashes U.S. Constitution; Says It's Not a Good Model for Other Countries...

Justice Ginsburg thinks that Egypt represents a genuine democracy. Huh? She also said that she doesn't think the U.S. Constitution would be a good model for other countries seeking to form a new constitution today. She lauds the constitution in South Africa, though.  Which constitution do you think that she follows as a supreme court justice? She is a progressive so knows....  At around the eight minute mark or so on the video you can hear Ginsburg trashing our constitution.  Maybe she should step down from her position as a supreme court justice, where she is supposed to uphold and defend the constitution that she holds it in such low regard.

Here is a pop quiz on the constitution:

MIni Eagle Freedom Links -- Air Supply Edition -- 2-12-12

The past few weeks I have felt sooo tired. It is probably due to some medicine I'm taking. That is the main reason I haven't done a Eagle Freedom Links post or the mini version lately.  Plus, I'm on the hunt for a better job.

Zilla of Zilla Of The Resistance has moved her blog to a new site so please be sure and visit her new blog soon and often. 

About a week or so ago we had the HHS decision mandating that all non-profit organizations provide contraception, sterilization procedures and abortion inducing pills even though that violates the conscience and religious liberty of citizens.  Another sign that Obama is an anti-constitutional tyrant who is imposing his beliefs (or lack thereof) on the American people. He is morally bankrupt IMO.  We must fight together against this unjust mandate.

Some questions: Who is your choice to be the GOP nominee out of those presently running?  If you could pick who would have been your choice for GOP nominee, excluding those presently running? What are the characteristics you look for in a President?  Do you have any prayer requests? If so, please do mention and myself as well as the rest of the conservative bloggers will keep your prayer intentions in our thoughts and prayers. 

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Music Legend Whitney Houston Dead at the Age of 48

There is no known cause of death at this point in time.  It is known that Whitney Houston did suffer from drug addiction.  This is sad news, indeed.  Here are her Ten Most Memorable Songs.

Friday, February 10, 2012

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished -- Screw You Fake Catholics At Vox Nova

Warning: Please excuse the language but I am on fire and ticked off. 

Being nice just comes back to bite you in the a$$ when you deal with progressives. Even progressive Catholics. They claim to be Catholic Firsters but...... they SUCK at it really bad when they start sh*t in a discussion on Vox Nova after I was kind enough to repost Mark Gordon's post on Catholibertarian. It is impossible for them to disagree without accusing you of being a Republican first, not a Catholic first. It is impossible for them to have civil disagreements. I will never.... again... try to be nice to people who can't be nice and have a civil conversation in return.  Yes, I returned fire after dealing with their crap filled with lies. Screw their claim of moral superiority. The only thing there morally superior to is dirt. I am fed up. I trashed the post that I had reposted.  The garbage belonged in the trash.  Any blog who defends the Obamacare nun, Sr. Keehan, is no friend to Catholicism.  She went against the bishops authority and lied about Obamacare not having abortion coverage. Obamacare does have abortion coverage.  All of those who claim to be Catholic on Vox Nova, especially Mark Gordon, need serious prayers for their conversions of heart. SCREW YOU VOX NOVA YOU BUNCH OF IMMORAL SCUMBUCKETS!!!!