Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Patient with Drug Resistant Form of Tuberculosis Waited Seven Weeks to Seek Medical Help

A female patient with a drug resistant form of active Tuberculosis(TB) waited seven weeks to see a medical professional.  She traveled to Missouri and may have infected people.  She traveled to Tennessee and put people at risk of contracting TB.  If she had any of the symptoms of active TB, to name a few such as fever, coughing, hurting to breathe, and chest pains for a few weeks it doesn't make sense for the female patient to wait past three weeks to see a physician. An extra month of infecting people!!!  What the hell is wrong with people today?  The CDC now has to search for those people who may be infected.  Geesh!  People think please think before you act or don't act.  Think about the consequences for both others and yourself. She is now getting treatment at the National Institutes of Health near Washington D.C.