Friday, September 11, 2015

Who actually is Donald Trump?

Is Donald Trump the man good or bad for the Republican Party?  What qualities of his do you think would make Trump a good president? What qualities of his do you think are negative and are reasons why he should not be president?

Do you think we should separate his business dealings with shady progressive political figures from his running as a political figure for president of the US?

Donald Trump has flip flopped on a number of issues.  Do you think this is genuine?  Or him just saying it to get elected?

Do you agree with Penn Jilette that Donald Trump is a whackjob?

Do we, does America, need a Trumpinator like Ron Russell says?

We may need a person with brass balls who doesn't care what others think of him and isn't bought off by interest groups.

But I think someone can be brass ballsy without having a lack of self control and without using ad hominem attacks against his rivals.

It looks like Trump has consistently donated to Republicans since 2010.  This is a good sign.

I will continue to search into who actually is Donald Trump the man.

I do support some of Donald Trump's political positions especially how he is speaking out about immigration to our country.  I just am not sure I know enough about him to pull the lever for him to be president of the USA.