Wednesday, June 29, 2011

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS -- 6-29-11 -- Styx/REO Speedwagon


American Perspective - Bachmann announces candidacy, fighting off Chris Wallace and Archie Bunker on Obama and liberal progressives....

America's Watchtower - Did Barack Obama violate Federal election laws by announcing a raffle while in the White House? 

Amusing Bunni's Musings - Boston Mobster Whitey Bulger Was Protected, Why Has He Now Been Caught?

It Don't Make Sense - Polly Want a Liver Transplant?   and Peter Falk - RIP

A Catholic View - Pro-lifers want cigarette-style warning labels for abortions

A Western Heart - Mark Steyn on Free Speech

Abigail and Dolley - Bridesmaids - The Movie  

Acts of the Apostasy - College Democrats of America Reveal Themselves 

Adrienne's Corner - The economy is in the toilet... and Next Up...

Allied Liberty News - Lower Gasoline Prices Predicted - Why? 

Always On Watch - More Outrageous Behavior from the TSA 

Atlas Shrug - UN Names North Korea Chair of Arms Control Agency 

Battle Beads Blog - Please Offer Reparation To The Sacred Heart

BBCW - Obama pushes a $600 billion tax hike 

Beer, Bicycles, and the VRWC - Tapping the Strategic Reserve 

Beer, Guns, and Baseball - What Would happen Without Welfare? 

Beers With Demo - Campaign Finance Reform: yet another in the long list of unintended consequences 

Blog de King Shamus - Why is the Government So Spendaholic?

Blowing San #1 - New York Catholics: BOHICA! 

Bluegrass Pundit - The Mainstream Media failed to cover Obama's Medal of Honor Gaffe but are all over Michelle Bachmann's John Wayne Gaffe 

Bread Upon the Waters - Panis Angelicus (Bread of Angels) - Oksana Lepska 

Can We Keep Our Republic? - Save the Planet 

Catholic Fire - Lila Rose Interviewed on Huckabee: New Campaign to Stand With Indiana Starts Now

Catholic Once Again - Head Coverings at Catholic Mass 

Catholibertarian - Was The Declaration of Independence Derived From Churchmen Continued?

Caught Him With A Corndog - Requiem for a sheep 

Christian Conservative - Congressional Poem 

Christian Fearing God-Man - Why I Can't Be a Libertarian 

Commentarama - Video Game Violence: What about the parents?!

Common Cents - Our Sister Site = The Internet Radio Network 

Conservatives On Fire - The Balkanization of the United States

Conservative Hideout 2.0 - Some Thoughts On Human History, and Progressives  and Is The Kentucky GOP Trying To Keep The Tea Party Out? 

Conservative Perspective - The Flash Mob Attack - How To Defend? Speak Their Language

Conservatives 4 Palin - The Iowa Republican: More Than a Movie Debut; Updated 

Creative Minority Report - Sex Change Surgery for 1-5 Year Old Girls 

Creeping Sharia - DOJ Sued For Documents Detailing Decision Not To Prosecute Islamist Extremist CAIR Founder 

Deacon For Life - Swedish Preschool Devoted to Producing Androgynous Children 

Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! - The Best catholic Books 

Don't Tread On Us - I'm The Extremist?  and Darwin's Fairy Tale: Part 1 

Eye Of Polyphemus - Social Values Still Matter 

Fleece Me - Progressives Really Are Ignorant and When You Stand For Nothing, You Fall For Obama 

Fuzzy Logic - How's that HopeandChange Working Out For Ya? 

Generational Dysfunction - Blagojevich goes down! 

Greg Mankiw's Blog - How To Waste $600 Million 

Guy Average - Dream Act: Obama Passes Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants by Executive Order 

Hack Wilson - Gender Neutral social experiments on children by liberals= child abuse - Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Chokes on Her Own Charges 

HotAirPundit - City of Eugene, Oregon says Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is Divisive

Hyphenated-American -- Obama's War  

Innominatus - Barry Big pile o'junk 

Jo-Joe Politico - A Penny Earned 

Just A Conservative Girl - Language Matters 

Just An Artist - The Ladies are Back in Action 

Left Coast Rebel - Q2E Ends, but feds plan to buy another $300 billion in government debt 

Left-footer - Ballade to Our Lady of Czestochowa - by Hilaire Belloc

Let The Truth Be Known - Part V - A & B - What We Must Do To Take Back and Save the United States and UK Khilafah Conference on 9th July 

Legal Insurrection - Does Dane County Sheriff have conflict in Prosser-Bradley Investigation? 

Lisa Graas - Cuomo's No Thomas More, But Dowd Is Jack Chick 

Logan's Warning - Muslims Fighting Anti-Sharia Legislation on Capitol Hill, While Muslims Teaching Sharia in America!

Lone Star Parson - States' Rights 

Lonely Is The Nights - Redneck Logic 

Maggie's Notebook - Peoria Illinois: Gangs Chant We Need To kill All White People - Fifth Time!

Mind Numbed Robot - Obama's Legacy

Motivation Truth - Hannity Interviews Bristol Palin  

Musings of a Vast Right-Winger -  Concealed Carry Law "Restores Dose of Constitutionalism"  

My Daily Trek - Delta Airlines Partnership Highlights Discriminatory Saudi Arabian Travel Policy 

Nonsensible Shoes - This is about 2012 - Part 3 

NoOneOfAnyImport - We Know That His Name and Legacy Will Forever

Obama Cartoons - Obama Ears 

Orthometer - Bad Vicar

Pathetically Incorrect - Same As It Ever Was... Only The Date Has Changed  

Political Realities - Ron Paul For President in 2012?

Proof Positive - Themes Like Old Times  and No class bum busted for 'pretending' to be soldier for first-class upgrade 

Pundit & Pundette - Sexual Identity: Another Hill To Die On 

QUICKWIT - Taxes.... Politics.... Religion.....

Randy's Roundtable - Obamamerica 

Rational Nation USA - Property Rights vs. Progressive Statism 

Reaganite Republican - Reaganite's Sunday Funnies and Geert Wilders: Innocent of 'Hate Crimes' Charges in the Netherlands 

Right Klik - Obama's Crank Yankers Call To Harass Your Doc 

Robbing America - The Recession That Wasn't 

Saber Point - "Climate Change" Madness Skewered by Brit James Delingpole 

Sancte Pater - Federal Judge: Life Begins At Conception 

Self Evident Truths - New York Gay Marriage Cartoon 

Sentry Journal - Exposing Evil: Abortion and Hope Floats? 

Servant and Steward - Israeli ambassador gives into pressure 

Standing On My Head - The Encounter With Christ 

Stop Marxism - Still Impossible To Debate About Islam 

Talk Wisdom - Fox News Purposely Sabotaging Palin 

The Audacity Of Logic - Obama's Release of Oil Reserves Just makes Our Energy Problems Worse, Not Better 

The Blog - Man Of La Marx 

The Born Again Americans - Curtain Needs to Close on "Davis Bacon Act" 

The Catholic Knight - War Within The Vatican 

The Camp Of The Saints - Thorn Flakes

The Conservative Lady - It Still Matters...Just As Much As Ever 

The Country Thinker - Why The Supreme Court Said "NO" To Judicial Cap-and-Trade 

The Daley Gator - N.J. Governor Christie Signs Bill Forcing Public Workers To Pay Their Fair Share For Health Insurance, Pensions

The Right Guy - 135 Years Ago Today

The Humble Libertarian - Supreme Court Upholds Free Speech in California and Arizona First Amendment Decisions 

The Last Tradition - Glenn Beck and His Wife Can't Watch a Movie in Bryant Park Without Being Harassed by Idiot Liberals 

The Libertarian Patriot - DeMint, Lee, Paul, Offer Bill To Begin Restoring Sound Money

The Naked Ontologist - An Encounter With Sedevacantism - Part 1: Mugged by Joe Cool

The Observatorium - Getting Soft

The Other McCain - Video: Hey, the Economy Sucks 

The Oracular Opinion - Patriotism is Alive! Hoo-Rah!

The Scottcarp Dream - Becks Exact Warning Dangerous Left Coalitions; Farrakhan, Cynthia McKinney

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia - The Basis of Morality 

Warning Signs - Liberals Exit Stage Left

We The People... - Once Again... Allen West

What Does The Prayer Really Say? - Dissent Into Hell - Fr. Z Rants

 Why I Am Catholic - How Star Trek Should Have Ended 

Woman Honor Thyself - Same Sex Marriage Legalized in NY


Randy-g said...

Two of my favorite bands in my youth...Seems a long time ago, wait, it was!
Thanks Teresa for the link.

innominatus said...

I am a TOTAL SUCKER for that march beat used towards the end of Lady. So it has been one of my faves for years. Roll with the Changes is my favorite REO song, too. So I just gotta say you have excellent taste!

The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for the link, Teresa. Hope you're feeling well today.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. As for REO, I'm a big fan.

Matt said...

Great post Teresa. You're giving me a run for my money. Thanks for the dual linkage, and the great tunes!

John Carey said...

Thanks for the link Teresa. It is very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the multiple links, and the good tunes. =)

Zilla said...

Great songs & great links! Thanks for including me in your superb post, Teresa!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks again for your hard work Teresa.

Teresa said...

You are so sweet TCL. I am doing better but still not up to snuff, or back to normal. My worry is now how much longer I will be able to work in landscaping. I'm gonna have to start looking for a semi-sit down job now. With God's help something will turn up.

Teresa said...


Don't mean to be giving you a run for your money. I've actually found some of the newer additions of great bloggers from your site. Thanks.