Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eagle Freedom Links -- 11-30-10


Opus#6 of American Perspective asks Is the End really near?

A Common Patriot ponders whether Obama, Clinton are coat-tailing Newt Gingrich.

Sig94 at Goomba News Network posts on Winston Churchill - Prophet.

Nickie of Goomba News Network posts on Gaza.

Christine of A Catholic View shows us about Theo-Psychology.

A Conservative Teacher questions whether Obama sold out allies for a bill of goods?

Rotti of A Patriotic Rottweiler posts how the TSA= Thousands Standing Around.

JR at A Western Heart posts on U.S. Homeland Security seizing internet sites without notice.

Acts of Apostasy asks whether Scientists have discovered a reverse-aging process?

Always Catholic posts on The First Sunday of Advent.

Allied Liberty has a special request for celebrating Ronald Reagan Day.

Always on Watch posts about hurt feelings & suspension on the new site.

America! Oh How We'll Miss You! shows us something about Islam you should know.

Another Black Conservative posts on Obama's announcement of a government employee pay freeze.

Barking Spider shows us the amazing Nigel Farage on To be or Not to be?

BBCW posts on the Feds sending a Huge bill to New Jersey for a canceled project.

Big Blue Wave posts a quotation on truth.

Blowing San #1 asks how soon before we see vigilante committees?

Bluegrass Pundit shows us Bill O'Reilly calling for execution of Wikileaker.

Bluepitbull posts on the NY Times and their balancing act.

Bread Upon the Waters posts on global warming being beneficial to human health.

LL of Can we keep our Republic posts on the Federal pay freeze.

Christian Conservative gives us an interview with General Boykin.

Common Cents shows us Krauthammer ripping liberals for being obsessed with Palin.

Chris from Conservative Perspective poses the question: Does Christianity really exist?

Conservative Girl With a Voice posts on PDS liberal rant's epic fail.

Conservative Scalawag posts on This Day in Tyranny.

Conservative Hideout posts that some statists who believe in global warming propose rationing.

Creative Minority Report posts on Planned Parenthood signs and truth in advertising.

CVSTOS FIDEI shows how Wikileaks reveals that US never expected Ratzinger elected Pope.

DeanO posts on state democrats defecting to GOP.

Diary of a right wing loving pussy cat points out mass murder in a gun free zone.

Jamie of Eye of Polyphemus posts on the passing of Irvin Kershner.

Snarky of Feed Your ADHD shows us the TSA theme song.

Fuzzy Slippers of Fuzzy Logic asks whether Sarah can get back that blank slate she had back in 2008?

Generation Dysfunction says its time to stop START.

Global Domination posts Palin's Thanksgiving message to "all 57 states".

Hack Wilson tells us why you should never rob an Italian Restaurant.

Innominatus posts on the psycho that was too close to home.

JimMcMahonChicago wonders why no salute for Staff Sergeant Giunta?

Jo-Joe Politico gives us the profile of a terrorist.

Just a Conservative Girl shows us Dennis Miller's Big speech.

Just An Artist gives us a funny conversation on fancy strawberries.

Left Coast Rebel informs us of an earthquake striking off the coast of Southampton, NY.

Let The Truth Be Known posts on Thanksgiving dinner, William Shatner & 2nd Amendment.

Lone Star Parson posts on Muslim genocide.

Maggie's Notebook shows us Bobby Jindal: Obama's Security a Treatise on Justice.

Mind Numbed Robot gives us Christina Aguilera for his rule 5 post.

Musings of a vast right winger posts that Kerry called on Israel to cede Golan Heights and East Jerusalem.

My Daily Trek posts a poll taken on the King James Bible.

My Thoughts on Freedom posts on The Repeal Amendment.

Obama Cartoons posts on the Pope and Condoms.

Quickwit asks Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Randy's Roundtable informs us that Mike Pence will decide on WH run after New Years.

Reaganite Republican posts on Wikileaks: Israel ready to strike Iran.

Ruby Slippers has posted W's interview on facebook.

Self Evident Truths posts on Evan Sayat and the indiscriminate Left.

Stop Marxism shows us Michael Berry at "America Strikes Back".

Cube of The Blog posts on Unrighteous Indignation.

The Born Again Americans asks and answers What can I do?

The Conservative Lady posts on the Smithsonian Christmas exhibit featuring Ant-covered Jesus and more...

The Current posts on Our Constitution and Ignorance of Intent.

The Malcontent posts on Obama's accomplishments and Wikileaks.

The Wisdom of Soloman asks Did Sarah Palin mis-Speak?

They Say/ We Say posts on a storm a brewing.

TOTUS says Hands off my junk.

Trestin Meacham posts on Protecting Hunting.

Virtual Mirage posts on South Korea - No more Mr. Nice Guy.

We the People... says they are purposely trying to bankrupt this nation.

Woman Honor Thyself posts on the Portland Bomb Plot.

Woodsterman shares with us the latest dose of Newsbusted.

YankeePhil posts on Howard Dean wanting to trash the first amendment.

Amusing Bunni posted Cute & Funny Kitteh Thanksgiving Videos. (BTW- Bunni's computer is in the shop and she will be back to blogging next week, so no need to worry)


Chris W said...

Teresa thanks for the linkage but I didn't post about repealing the 10th Amendment, it's about the Repeal Amendment which would give the states the mechanism to repeal federal laws.

BTW that is an awesome eagle picture with the flag.

John Carey said...

Thanks for the link Teresa.

Matt said...

Nicely done Teresa. Thanks for the link!

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

What a great idea. Imagine having our posts imported to a site like this daily - somewhere to go for a buffet of articles, ideas and information? Awesome...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Teresa. I'll tweet this.

Teresa said...


I misread. It's now corrected.

I thought the eagle pic looked pretty cool myself.

Teresa said...


I thought of this suggestion earlier but not until after I posted a comment on your blog. Why don't you repost some of your excellent articles while your preparing the new setup/new changes? That was just a thought. Have a good night!

Teresa said...

Thanks for the tweet, Trestin.

Randy-g said...

That's one big run down Teresa,thank you for the link.

Supi said...

Teresa - Thanks. Love the eagle.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Teresa, Thanks for the link and wish to remind all the question I posed was does Chrisianity really exsist in AMERICA.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks again wonderful Lady you honor me.

Unknown said...

Vielen Dank!

Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa, What a SUPER and well written round-up of the bestest eva blogs. I'm at the library and got on the public computer, at least my tax $$$ are good for something.

You are a GREAT friend, thanks for updating the info about me and my computer not being available. It's FREEZING out here, Thanks for posting and have a fun week everyone. Amusing Bunni

robot said...

Holy Moly Teresa! That's a whole lot of love there. Thanks a bazillion for your hard work and for including the 'bot in this great listing!

innominatus said...

Thanks for the link. Hope they pay you by the hour, 'cuz it looks like that list took a long time to make!

cube said...

I thought I heard my name... thanks for the link.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Wow, Teresa, that took a LOT of time to put together. Thank you so much for including me. :D

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Teresa, thanks so much for the link. Great round-up!

TS/WS said...

Yea, what everyone said. Thanks for the link.