Saturday, July 16, 2011

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS 7-16-11 -- John Mellencamp/Jimi Hendrix/Jerry Garcia Edition


America's Watchtower - Allen West To Obama: Fear-mongering is Not a Solution, it is time to Admit Your Economic Policies Failed 

Amusing Bunni's Musings - Extra Cuteness for the Week

American Perspective - Replacing Beck with Beckel, et tu, Fox? 

ARRA News Service - The Path To Prosperity: Restoring America's Promise

Atlas Shrugs - Jihad in Sudan: Mass Graves Found

A Conservative Teacher - Exclusive: Senator spills on the latest on the debt limit

A Western Heart - In Obamaland, The Past is Irrelevant 

Acts Of Apostasy - Putting the Fun in Funerals 

Adrienne's Corner - Confused About McConnell's debt ceiling Proposal?...

Allied Liberty News - Freedom of Religion, Legislating Morality and the Constitution 

Always On Watch - Three Amigos

Anonymous Political Scientist - Dr. Drew Debates MSNBC's Ezra Klein on the Obama Stimulus Package 

Another Black Conservative - The debt ceiling debate -- Liars and Losers on Display

BBCW - Ron Paul Releases First 2012 Presidential Campaign Commercial 

Beers With Demo - Project Gunrunner/ Operation Fast and Furious Update

Biblical Conservatism - Dissecting the Liberal Talking Points:  The Rich Pay More Than Their "Fair Share"

Biblical Evidence For Catholicism - Michele Bachmann: Anti-Catholic?

Big Blue Wave - "I don't want the abortion, but I have to" 

Blog de King Shamus - Eric Holder - Loan Expert

Blowing San #1 - Global Warming, is there nothing it can't do?

Bluegrass Pundit - Chart of the Day: Federal Spending Versus Revenue and Obama smokes some Bad Weed; claims 80% of Americans want Tax Increases

Bonsai From The Right - Tea Party Freshman Decimates NBC News Anchor

Bread upon the Waters - Hey Dems, Want Some "Revenue"? How About Issuing Oil Leases? 

Catholic Once Again - My Ramblings About the Eucharist and Scripture: in which I mention pelicans, the big bang theory, and a certain science fiction hero 

Cmblake6's Weblog - 2 from CFP, quite interesting and definitely worth reading 

Commentarama - Businesses Flee California!!

Common Cents - Video Clip: Double Rainbow Viewed at Yosemite 

Conservative Hideout - And The Hypocrisy Just Keeps Coming: Lefty Media Downplayed Jeremiah Wright, But Michele Bachmann's Former Pastor is News  and And I thought It Was Only Cradle To Grave: NLRB goes after Dead as well

Conservative Perspective - Obama Storms Out

Conservatives On Fire - Teens_ Victims of the Minimum Wage?

Creeping Sharia - Muslim Brotherhood Shaping Up To Be Everything Obama Said It Wasn't 

Deacon For Life - Homosexual Adoption 

DeanO - The Condition of Our Nation 

Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! - Coffee Cup Browsing 

Don't Tread On Us - The Debt Ceiling Distraction 

Eye Of Polyphemus - Mean Joe Green Coke Commercial 

Fleece Me - Was John F. Kennedy Flat-out the absolute Worst U.S. President of the 20th Century?  and Over a Fifth of Navy Ships Aren't Ready To Fight

Fuzzy Logic - The Declaration of Independence 

Generational Dysfunction - America Held Hostage!

Greg Mankiw's Blog - Why there is no budget deal

Hack Wilson - Update From Iraq - Dem Gov. Dayton Caves in Budget Impasse

Hyphenated-American -- A Few Obvious Things

Innominatus - New Anti-Social Networking Site

Jo-Joe Politico - - President Obama, You are a Liar!

Just a Conservative Girl - Quote of the Day - Keith Ellison Edition 

Just An Artist - Quartzsite, Arizona 

Left Coast Rebel - Glenn Greenwald: US More Unpopular in the Arab World than Under Bush

Let The Truth Be Known - Bishop Gregori's Thoughts On Today's News

Legal Insurrection - House Republican Presser - Next Week is "Cut, Cap, and Balance" 

Libertarian Republican - The New Road To Serfdom Tackles Multiculturalism 

Lisa Graas - Ireland May Put Priests in Jail for Keeping Seal of Confession 

Lone Star Parson - Putin v Obama

Lonely Is The Nights - This Says It All!

Maggie's Notebook - Cut Cap Balance: Reason For Optimism? Jim DeMint Puts Onus On Prez

Mind Numbed Robot - Friday Nite Frolic - Justin Townes Earl "They Killed John Henry" Live at Paste

Motivation Truth - Governor Palin Appears on Hannity and Confirms My 2012 Prediction 

Musings Of A Vast Right-Winger -- House Committee Passes Amendment To Defund Illegal Obama Firearms Sales Reporting Requirement

My Daily Trek - U.S. Withholding $800 Million in Aid to Pakistan  and Funny Cats 

Nonsensible Shoes - White House Offers The Addict's Defense

Obama Cartoons - Plug The Leak/Don't Raise The Ceiling 

Pathetically Incorrect - It's Funny When Truth Is Part Of The Humor

Pedaling Fast - WorDless WednesDay

Phoebe's Detention Room - "Fast And Furious" Goes To Central America? 

Political Realities - Operation Castaway -- The ATF in Florida 

Proof Positive - Words Of Dope Hope From Barack Obama

Pundit & Pundette - Krauthammer Calls Obama's Bluff 

QUICKWIT - Laura Ingraham To Matt Lauer: If The Republicans Hadn't Taken The House We Wouldn't Even Be Having This Discussion About Spending Cuts 

Randy's Rountable - One Paragraph Destroys Obama's Argument

Rational Nation USA - Cut, Cap, and Balance... A Sensible Solution 

Reaganite Republican - Love Me A Good Obama Joke 

RightKlik - Hitting The Debt Limit Does Not Equal The End Of The World

Robbing America - Forced To Subsidize Our Own Demise 

Saberpoint - Buzz Aldrin Decks Moon-Landing Denier and Conspiracy Kook

Sentry Journal - Video: Change Direction 2 and They've Won 

Sancte Pater - Atheists Unbless Texas

Self Evident Truths - Andrew Klavan: Michele Bachmann makes a Gaffe!!! 

Standing On My Head - Weigel On American Totalitarianism 

Stop Marxism - Racial Mob Violence - MSM is Silent

Tea And Politics - US: Govt's Order To Shutdown Millions of Christian Websites Shocks World

That Mr. G Guy's Blog - Sean Hannity Pwned Juan Williams Oops!!! (Via Phoebe's Detention Room)

The Audacity of Logic - Obama Owns The Debt-Ceiling Fiasco

The Bitter Americans - Another Great Top 10 List From Human Events

The Blog - Don't Call My Bluff?

The Catholic Key Blog - Illinois Lied About Civil Unions Law - A Lesson For Other States

The Catholic Knight - Romney Refuses To Sign Pledge Opposing Gay Marriage

The Daley Gator - The Marxist Moron of the Day is the State of California 

The Camp of the Saints - Dick O'Bama: Chicken Little Or The Goose That Laid The Golden Turd?

The Conservative Lady - Video Update 7/16: Operation Fast & Furious... A Vehicle for Gun Control 

The Country Thinker - Redneckanomics: The Economics of Food Deserts 

The Last Tradition - Obama White House Caught Red-Handed for Slash and Burn Mission Against Fox News 

The Libertarian Patriot - Gary Johnson Slams DOJ, Defends Gun Rights 

The Malcontent - There are None so Blind as Those Who Refuse To See

The Observatorium - Short Shrift 

The Other McCain - Wrecking-Ball Right Reaches Robert Reich, Frank Schaeffer 

The Right Guy - The Undefeated: Sarah Palin 

The Sarah Palin Blog - Sarah Palin Can Win If She Runs

The Scottcarp Dream - The Missing Tweets From The Obama Twitter Townhall

The Wyblog - Right To Work? Not In New Jersey!

Theblogprof - Video: Obama Admits Democrats' Do-Nothing Plan Will Bankrupt Medicare

TOTUS - Government Job 

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia - If God Is Your Co-Pilot - Switch Seats 

Virtual Mirage - ObamaNomics 

Warning Signs - Unemployment, NASA Style 

Weasel Zippers - Flashback: Obama Says Raising Taxes Not About Revenue But About Fairness 

We The People... - Project Gunwalker Part XXI

WDTPRS? - Chinese Bishops Seized in Advance of Another illicit Consecration

Wisdom Of Dave - No More Money To Spend... Not Even For Obama's Peas

Wolf Files - Another Barack Obama Tale Debunked 

Woman Honor Thyself - Diamonds 

Woodsterman - Boycott in Arizona is Working 

Zilla Of The Resistance - Obama, the Taliban, and the Muslim Brotherhood Vs. America, Israel, and Freedom  and An Update About Me and My Blogs...


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It is so much fun to see my name up in lights. Thank you Teresa!

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Thank you for the link, that is one heck of a list you have going on here!

Teresa said...

It's my pleasure, Odie and Steve.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Thanks you for the link. Hope you are having a great weekend!

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Thanks for the link Teresa. We appreciate the love. Have a great Sunday.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Thanks for the link Teresa and loved the jams!!!!!

Princess Natasha said...

As they say, If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, you’ll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
I love Mellencamp's music

Anonymous said...

Hey Teresa, thank you very much for linking to my piece. Glad you liked, mi amiga.