Monday, February 4, 2013

Mini Eagle Freedom Links - Sub Par Politicians Edition

Since I am looking for work, dealing with my having a lack of hormones, the small gradual reintroduction of hormones, and the symptoms related to both I am going to be posting at least 15 links per day instead of posting the whole list of links all at once.

What did you think of the Super Bowl? It was interesting and a first in Super Bowl history to have two brothers coaching against one another. Plus, the Harbaugh brother who coaches the 49ers has a son who is an intern for the Baltimore Ravens so it was also Father versus Son. I was rooting for the Ravens. I thought they were going to blow their lead in the second half. But after falling asleep in the 3rd quarter the Ravens came back to life in the 4th. Congrats Ravens!

In the past week or so senators voted to confirm one sub par politician - and soon the senate will probably do the same with another mediocre nominee- into a top post in this administration. John Kerry is a disgrace. The way he has chosen our enemies over this country and our troops at least a couple of times is despicable. Then we have Hagel who declared at his hearings that Iran has 'elected, legitimate' government and then back peddled after he felt some heat over his outrageous comment. The leader of Iran is a tyrant, a brutal dictator and he stole the election in 2009. The word is that Hagel will be confirmed even though he has done a horrible job at the hearings.  Why is horrible the minimum criteria? Or, why do people give Hagel a pass by saying he made this or that mistake but he knows what he's talking about? If he knew what the heck he was talking about when discussing important topics, which he should comprehend satisfactorily, why didn't he display this to the Senate? Why are people assuming that he has knowledge on subjects which he either couldn't answer or had trouble answering? Hagel is unqualified for the job of Defense Secretary and shouldn't be confirmed. 

Here are some fantastic links by some great patriots. 

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Congrats to Raven fans. Praying for your health, T.

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Good group.

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