Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Joke, A Bad Joke Maybe? Blah Blah Blah Stop with Your PC Mentality & Get Over It

People are so PC today they are unable to get a joke, even it is a bad joke. It is impossible for the PC crowd to shrug off a bad joke. To the PC overly sensitive idiots: Get the heck over it!!  The people who are in a tizzy over this must be self-conscience or something.  Progressives are self-hating people so....  An old guy told an old joke.  So what. If the feminuts feel offended, oh well.  Take a hard look at yourself and think the next time before you sleep with some guy you barely know.  Nothing like opening yourself up to PTSDs STDs and other risks.  Nah, we're not screwed up with our priorities nowadays.....  Liberals are more worried about a bad joke than women having sex and their being the possibility that they will catch all those venereal diseases, AIDS, etc.  Get a grip folks.  If liberals had even a speck of self-control they wouldn't put themselves in bad positions.

This is the joke: “You know, back in my days, they’d use Bayer aspirin for contraceptives, The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.” 

It may not have been funny but it sure wasn't something to get outraged over. Unless you've got an agenda. And progressives always do. 

The Other McCain says We Forgive You, Foster Friess  and points out that the joke that libs have dubbed "controversial" was probably first used by Phyllis Diller.  This took place way back when, when women, specifically progressive women, had a sense of humor or could at least not get overly sensitive after hearing a bad joke.  

Foster Friess ended up apologizing to the uptight, politically correct, feminuts and the rest of the dummicrats. 

Hack Wilson has a fantastic post In Defense of Santorum.  Fuzzy Slippers has a marvelous post debunking the hystrionics and kookball claims from the Left that Santorum will engage in 'social engineering", On "Social Engineering" : Stop With The Crazy About Rick Santorum, Please


Silverfiddle said...

All those liberals who fainted away in shock and horror saw no problem with a president luring a barely-legal intern into performing sexual favors on him...

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

There were two mistakes made here ... Santorum distanced himself from it and Freiss apologized.

The Conservative Lady said...

Exactly right, Teresa. I remember that joke from way back when. The Libs will latch on to ANYTHING and spin it into a big deal.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

I really don't get the uproar about what Friess said; I've been hearing variations on that my whole life. And it's always said as a joke. You're right, the insane "PC" mentality (and yep, that's social engineering, too) is way out of control.

Thanks, too, for the link! Yay :)

MathewK said...

That was offensive? Wow, liberals are so thin skinned, whatever happened to their sense of humor?

Perhaps they're only interested in making fun of others but can't handle a bit of aspirin coming back at them. Get it? Aspirin, medicine, LOL..... yes i know it's just as crappy a joke.

".....hystrionics and kookball claims from the Left that Santorum will engage in 'social engineering'"

What's wrong with that, if he wins the election, isn't that a mandate from the people? Lefties liberal fascist president never got a mandate from the people for socialized medicine and he shoved it down their throats anyway. Besides they can't be squealing and ripping off their underwear over social engineering from the right when that's what they love doing themselves.

The other thing is that what's so horrible about Santorum or any Conservatives way of life. Fewer unborn babies getting killed, fewer women being taken advantage of by predatory liberal men, less drug abuse, less crime, women able to protect themselves with guns from predatory liberal men out to use them for sex, oh the horror!

By the way it's MK here, i've moved my blog and set up shop here -

Amusing Bunni said...

You can't say ANYTHING to these libtards. All conservatives should be warned, it's open season. I'd say boycott their dumb shows, but then they would control ALL the narrative.

Bunkerville said...

Ah, the spin is spinning along as predicted. Horrors of horrors. Months more of this nonsense.

Ron Russell said...

Progressives are the masters at Political Correctness! Have you ever noticed they never see it in themselves. Like your Santorum thingy in the side bar. I'm gives him a second look and will be voting in the Mississippi Primary.