Thursday, February 23, 2012

Priest Gives Obama HHS Mandate The Finger?

This is great!

H/T Courageous Priest 


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

This is the kind of Priest that needs to be in leadership in Rome and fill what is left of Churches around the world and especially here in the U.S.!

Heck, I might even consider a return, change that, I would return to the Church if that were to occur.

cube said...

I've never understood why so many in the Catholic church vote for democrat candidates.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Now that's what I am talking about. Priests, the Catholic church and all churches need to start doing what this guy is doing.


Silverfiddle said...

That man is smart, and a clever presentation.

MathewK said...

Very well said.

It's time more and more people start speaking out, obama and the liberals are at best indifferent to the wishes of true Christians.

It's nice to see that more people are seeing the truth - that they are openly hostile to us and our beliefs.

Ron Russell said...

The priest is spot on. Progressives (the new word for liberals) not only believe contraception is a right---they think it should be free. But then all of us on the Right know that very little in life is free short of the air we breathe (one day they will find a way to tax that too)!